Chinese Dream and American Reality

Hugh Fox Chinese DreamTo achieve the Chinese Dream by copying the US then….

China must!

1) China must add another political party, and say it’s a democracy even though both parties represent the same special interests.

2) China must give everybody guns.

3) China must create lots of lawyers so everybody can sue each other over the most trivial issues.

4) China must go from having the largest currency reserves to having the largest national debt.

5) China must convert train tracks to freeways.

6)  China must abolish free healthcare.

7)  China must abolish national maternity leave.

8)  China must abolish nationally mandated paid vacation.

9) The Chinese must increase their calorie intake and body fat by 50%.

10) The Chinese must see bicycles as toys for children and not vehicles for adults.

11) The Chinese must have two cars per household instead of mass transportation.  The Chinese must give up small cars for trucks and giant cars that have low fuel efficiency.

12) The Chinese must have everyone live in big houses and not apartments.  The houses must have huge lawns that require tons of water even in the middle of a desert!

13) The Chinese must heat or cool the whole house not just the rooms being used!

14) China must incarcerate 2% of the population (34 million people!).

15) China must expand their military to challenge any country that doesn’t align with Chinese corporate interests while ignoring education and infrastructure at home.

16) The Chinese must spend less time in school.

17) The Chinese must increase the cost of their higher education system so their college students graduate with crushing debt.

18) The Chinese must pick one religion over all others and give this religion special protections and privileges at the expense of all other religions.

19) The Chinese must close down their national government from time to time in order to squabble about political issues.

20) The Chinese must make public educational funding more unequal so that education cannot allow smart but poor students to use education to rise economically.

China and the US are both great countries and both have strengths and weakness.  However, the US is not China’s big brother and the US should accept that China has the right and wisdom to handle its own problems its own way.

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