Godzilla Sunburst

Godzilla Hugh Fox Collage resize

Gamma ray slivers hotter than the sun slither into reptilian DNA

Godzilla roars into fractured chasms of a fusion psyche

A billion millipede eyes crawl through wire, space and time in cybernetic unison

The noise of their innumerable clanging feet scampers with a wispy cunning IA/AI into the null set

A mango tinged Chanel No. 5 scent mixes with petrol fumes enthralling before poisoning
Statue Hugh Fox Collage resize

Beyond the titans, beyond leviathan, a crooked giant shambles towards the abyss smiling wildly before the final leap

Caves built upon other caves create a gravestone across the blue marble that circles around the star which in turn circles other stars in lonely indifference

Neko Collage resize

Pop goes the culture

Stoic maneuvers are for squares

Serious talks in musky coffee houses with woeful long hairs, how passé..

With a feline gesture I wave adieu

Hugh Fox III - Carnival

You can also download my autobiography of my struggle with a bipolar condition on  Am I Kitsune on my Google Drive.

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