Harvey Comics vs. Marvel Comics


What would happen if the heroes of the Harvey Comics universe meet their equivalents in the Marvel universe?  That is the goal of this article.  The challenge is finding the Harvey Comic equivalent character in the very different Marvel universe.  Also, the Harvey Comic character deserves to meet the most famous equivalent character.  Marvel characters that had their own title are considered more important than characters that did not have their own title.  If more than one character type had their own title then the character that had more impact on the history of the Marvel universe is picked as the “adversary” for the Harvey character.

1) Archibald the Talking Wishing Well vs. Cosmic Cube

As I stated in Harvey Comics vs. DC, I have a soft spot for objects with sentience and even wrote a book on the subject called Household Fables.  Archibald the Talking Wishing Well is a sentient magical object and deserves to fight another sentient magical object.  Hot Stuff’s trident is also sentient and capable of doing magic.

The following Marvel inanimate objects possess sentience: Cosmic Cube, Krimonn the Power Prism, Resurrection Stone, the Bottle Imp, and the Sword in the Star.  The cosmic cube is one of the most important objects in the Marvel universe and far, far, far more important than the other objects listed.  The Cosmic Cube evolves to sentience and becomes Kubik.  Kubik travels to the Harvey universe and is quite amused.  Kubik wanders the enchanted forest and comes upon Archibald the Talking Wishing Well.  The two actually have a lot in common.  Both provide wishes.  Kubik can provide wishes on a global scale and Archibald can only create objects and not even change events.  Kubik decides to grant Archibald a wish!  Archibald asks to be human for a day.

Kubik and Archibald travel to Spooky Town and scare the ghosts.  They wander to Deviland and get a lava bath, courtesy of invulnerability provided by Kubik.   Kubik and Archibald watch the none stop fights between ogres in Ogreville.  Goblin Gulch is more a forest than a town and there isn’t much to see so they leave quickly.  Archibald visits Wendy at Witch Way.  Archibald starts to turn back into a wishing well.  Kubik says goodbye and leaves Archibald where he found him.  Being human makes Archibald reflect on how horrible his existence really is.  A strange carriage made of metal with a cannon attached to the top clanks towards Archibald.

2) Baby Huey vs. Howard the Duck

The anthropomorphic animals of Marvel include Howard the Duck, Spider Ham, Super Rabbit and Top Dog. Spider Ham is a parody of Spider-Man.  I deal with this subject in more detail at:


Baby Huey is an anthropomorphic duck.  Howard the Duck is Marvel’s foremost anthropomorphic duck well their only anthropomorphic duck unless you count the inhabitants of Howard’s world who are of the same species.  Thog the Overmaster had previously kidnapped Howard the Duck from his own dimension and brought to the Marvel human dimension.  Thog the Overmaster is not pleased at all the success Howard the Duck has had and is jealous of Howard’s relationship since Thog has never been able to attract hot chicks.  Thog decides the ultimate torture is to dump Howard into a dimension of sentient ducks that are basically idiots.  Howard is dumped in Duckville were he meets Baby Huey.  Howard shares his cynical existential philosophy with the inhabitants of Duckville and one by one they commit suicide until Howard is alone, so very alone….

3) Casper vs. Homer the Happy Ghost

Marvel only has two real ongoing ghostcharacters: Dead Girl, Homer the Happy Ghost.  There is a bad guy named Ghost that can turn himself and objects invisible or intangible but he does this trick with a battle suit and is basically a techy rather than supernatural being.  Homer the Happy Ghost on the other hand was created by Marvel, then Atlas, in direct response to Casper.  Homer actually lasted 22 issues in the fifties and there was an attempt to revive the character in the seventies.  The second run only lasted 4 issues.

Homer is basically Casper with an ectoplasmic cow lick.  Homer even has a ghost buddy with a derby just like Spooky, Casper’s friend, called Dugan.  Zelda was the Homer good little witch version of Wendy.  Homer was happy not friendly like Casper.  The Homer universe did include Melvin the mixed up ghost, a total idiot, and perhaps Melvin was supposed to give Homer the pathos that the Ghostly Trio provided in the Casper stories.  Homer escapes from Marvel comic book limbo and ends up in Harvey comic book limbo.  Casper and Homer become best of friends and have a happy relationship.  Casper remembers his horse Nightmare that disappeared now and then but Homer soon causes him to forget about Nightmare.

4) Hot Stuff the Little Devil vs. Daimon Hellstrom

Hot Stuff is called a devil but does not go around tempting weak mortals but generally causing the primitive chaotic havoc one associates with demons in Dungeons and Dragons. This is important when dealing with the Marvel universe since this universe does differentiate between demons and devils unlike the DC universe but is not as consistent as Dungeons and Dragons.  Actually I think the naming system of Dungeons and Dragons was copied by Marvel minus any of the logic used by Dungeons and Dragons!  Take that Marvel!  The following list includes all devils and demons in the Marvel universe combined: Abraxas (comics), Adversary (comics), Allatou, Amatsu-Mikaboshi (comics), Asmodeus (Marvel Comics), Azazel (Marvel Comics), Baphomet (comics), Belasco (comics), Blackheart, Blackout (comics), Crimson King, Dagoth, Daimon Hellstrom, Damballah (comics), Demogoblin, Dragon of the Moon, Dragoom, Dreamqueen, Gargoyle (comics), Ghost Rider (Danny Ketch)      , Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Glob (comics), Golem (comics), Haazareth Three, Helleyes, Hood (comics), Ikthalon, Inferno (demon), Kazann, KhLΘG, Kirigi, Lilith (Marvel Comics), Ludi (comics), Magik (comics), Marduk Kurios, Mephisto (comics), Nameless One (Marvel Comics), N’astirh, N’Garai, Ningal (comics), Null (comics), Olivier (comics), Randall Flagg, Roxanne Simpson, Satana (Marvel Comics), Satannish, Saturnine (comics), Seth (Marvel Comics), Shuma-Gorath, Six-Fingered Hand (comics), Skinner (comics), Sligguth, Spider-X, Stone (Marvel Comics), Suma-ket, Surtur (Marvel Comics), S’ym, Thog, Trauma (comics), Undying Ones, Vengeance (comics), Visimajoris, Y’Garon, Zarathos, and Zom

Only two demons/devils have graduated to their own title in the Marvel universe: Ghost Rider and Daimon Hellstrom.  The problem is that Ghost Rider doesn’t look very devil like and looks like, well, Ghost Rider.  Daimon Hellstrom even has a trident like Hot Stuff!  Hot Stuff has run away from Etrigan the Demon in the DC universe and gotten lost.  Hot Stuff meets Daimon Hellstrom in the Marvel section of hell which is actually a lot nicer than the DC section of hell.  Daimon is the son of Satannish and should be pretty evil due to his heritage but actually is a softy that is always helping the good guys.  Hot Stuff is crying and his asbestos diaper is soiled.Hellstrom teleports the poor child back to Deviland.

5) Nightmare the Galloping Ghost (Casper’s horse) vs. Dreamstalker

There are quite a few flying horses in the Marvel universe that can fly into the skies and battle Nightmare including: Aragorn, Brightwind, Dreamstalker, Sleipnir, Strider, Valinor.  However, only one horse has a “dream” theme and that is Dreamstalker the steed of Nightmare who in the Marvel universe is the ruler of the dimension of nightmares.   Nightmare has a terrible dream, which is kind or ironic if you think about it, in this nightmare, Nightmare runs into Dreamstalker.  Dreamstalker turns into what Nightmare wants more than anything else and that’s Comet the Super-Horse.  When Nightmare awakes, she is in the mood to wake up Comet who is sleeping next to her.

6) Richie Rich vs. Tony Stark

Royal Roy was a blatant rip off of Richie Rich published by Marvel under their Star Comics imprint and was sued by Harvey Comics for copyright infringement.  Royal Roy and later the entire Star imprint failed in the market place and were cancelled and the lawsuit was cancelled.  Royal Roy passes the type test but is a very obscure Marvel character.  Tony Stark is the alter ego of Iron Man and is a billionaire industrialist in his own right.  Tony Stark pays the bills of the Avengers including their mansion.  Tony Stark is also an alcoholic who has struggled with the demon in the bottle on and off during his career.  Tony Stark is just a lot more interesting than Royal Roy.

Tony is attending a party at the mansion of Richie Rich.  Tony is on his 20th martini.  Tony sees Richie and gives him a long lecture about how with great power comes great responsibility and ditto for great wealth.  Richie doesn’t really understand what Tony is going on about but is upset and Richie starts to cry for the first time in his life.  Tony is escorted of the grounds of the mansion.  The next morning, Tony feels about as guilty as he ever has.

7) Sad Sack vs. Sgt. Fury

I have written about comic book war heroes before at:


Marvel war heroes include Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos, Captain Savage and his Leathernecks, the characters in the The ‘Nam series, and the Phantom Eagle.  Sgt. Fury is by far the alpha male of the Marvel war heroes.  Sad Sack did not actually get killed by a sniper when part of Sgt. Rock’s Easy Company but just played possum.  Sad Sack is unlike a Marvel toon and is kind of made out of some sort of indestructible rubber and even that description doesn’t really work.  If anything Sad Sack is tougher than any sort of rubber and kind of invulnerable.

Sad Sack has never been in combat before and is in the midst of a total nervous breakdown when he runs into Sgt. Fury.  Sgt. Fury has a sense of humor, unlike Sgt. Rock and just finds Sad Sack hilarious!  Sad Sack finds himself the butt of any number of pranks by the Howling Commandos but it’s all good natured fun, well until someone gets hurt but luckily Sad Sack is the sort of toon who can recover from just about any injury.

8) Stumbo the Giant vs. Henry Pym (Giant-Man)

Giants of myth are a big part of the Marvel landscape compared with the DC universe and include: Frost Giants of Jotunheim (Fafner II, Fasolt, Laufey, Utgard-Loki), Ice Giants of Jotunheim (Ymir), Mountain Giants of Jotunheim (Knorda), Rime Giants of Jotunheim (Bergelmir , Glump , Kai-Ra), Storm Giants of Jotunheim (Brimer, Ghan , Grondar, Hrungnir, Kagger, Nedra, Ogre, Skagg, Skoll), and Giants of Olympus (Agrius , Alcyoneus , Callias, Enceladus, Eurymedon, Eurytus, Gration, Mimas, Pallas, Polybotes, Porphyrion, Zeno).  However, none of these mythic giants has ever gotten his/her own title and on the whole are pretty interchangeable!  Mostly the giants of myth in Marvel provide hammer and mace fodder for Thor and Hercules and have zero characterization.  Ymir is probably most important of these giants.  Loki is technically a half-giant but is of normal size and would not be a good match against Stumbo is a real giant.

Henry Pym as Giant-Man on the other hand has been on the front cover of over a dozen issues of Tales to Astonish and shared the comic book with the Hulk.  Giant-Man was also a regular on the cover of the Avengers.  When you think giants in Marvel, you think Giant-Man!  Heck his name has giant in it!  Giant-Man stumbles into Tiny Town while searching for Ultron across the multiverse.  Giant-Man realizes that Stumbo has some sort of mental deficiency and talks to him in a very slow, steady voice that calms Stumbo greatly.  Giant-Man’s Ultron detector finds the dimension Ultron is hiding in.  Giant-Man teleports to that dimension.  Giant-Man and Stumbo part on good terms.

9) Wendy the Good Little Witch vs. Scarlet Witch

Marvel has many witches including:  Amanda Sefton, Agatha Harkness, Arcanna, Black Widow (Claire Voyant), Calypso (comics), Clea, Crimson Curse, Jaine Cutter, Enchantress (Marvel Comics), Jennifer Kale,Karnilla, Morgan le Fay (Marvel Comics), Lilith (Marvel Comics), Lorelei (Asgardian), Magik (comics), Nico Minoru, Pixie (X-Men), Satana (Marvel Comics), Scarlet Witch, Selene (comics), Spiral (comics), Margali Szardos, Talisman (comics), Topaz (Marvel Comics), Umar (Marvel Comics), and Witchfire (Marvel Comics).

However, only the Scarlet Witch has had her own series.  The Scarlet Witch was also ranked 97th in Wizard‘s “200 Greatest Comic Book Characters of All Time” list.  Wendy has left Zatanna with her make over (Harvey Comics vs. DC Comics).  Wendy loves how she looks but wonders if she can get more make up tips from other sexy witches in other dimensions.  Wendy spies the Scarlet Witch with her crystal ball and decides she loves what she has done with red, Wendy’s favorite color. Wendy arrives in front of the Scarlett Witch.  The Scarlet Witch begins combing Wendy’s hair.  Wendy doesn’t mind having her hair combed and has Casper do that all the time well until Homer started hanging around.  Homer doesn’t make Wendy happy at all.  Then the Scarlet Witch starts calling her “daughter”.  Ok, Wendy can even accept the daughter stuff.  However, the Scarlett Witch goes through her gigantic closet and tosses out outfits left and right like so much garbage.

Finally, the Scarlett Witch yells, “No more wooden hangers ever!”

Wendy decides the Scarlett With is nuts or as they say in Witchland, one straw short of flying broom, and quickly teleports out of the Marvel universe.

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