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Comic Book Review: The Stalker

This is a review of the brand new comic book The Stalker.  The writer is Bradley Potts, a newcomer and the seasoned artist, Trevor Von EEden (http://www.trevorvoneeden.com/).  Von Eeden has done art for various DC titles including Black Lightning, Batman, Green Arrow, and Black Canary.  The Stalker is published by Gateway Comics(http://www.gatewaycomicsonline.com/).

The Stalker is a story of vengeance but with an interesting twist.  The Stalker is female and has been the sidekick of the Defender for years.  Her mother had been the Stalker with the Defender before being murdered.  In this first issue the new Stalker decides that in order to avenge the death of her mother, she must break out on her own.  Generally comic books do not spend a lot of time on back story in the first issue but Potts does. This makes the characters more multidimensional and interesting than is usual for comic books.  The Stalker inhabits a complex universe.

The art has some unique features.  There are a high number of panels per page and I am sure this is a deliberate effect from an experienced artist like Von Eeden.  This dense panel format gives the reader a sense of walking through a labyrinth and this effect matches the narrative of the story nicely.  The use of borderline monochromatic coloring in certain pages and certain collections of panels adds to the visual drama of the comic book.

The Stalker 2

There is an almost Tarantinoesque quality to the street scenes.  The action scenes are dramatic.  The Stalker is portrayed visually as having a balletic fighting style that is in contrast to the more brutal fighting style of the men in this universe.  This is a gritty street level universe that Batman and Black Canary would understand and Von Eeden’s prior work with those titles shows.  Overall, The Stalker is a good read and I looked forward to the next issue of the plot arc Donning the Mask that has started with issue #1.

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