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Why do cats travel?

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Dog and Fish

A puppy living on a boat in Koh Samet gets very excited by fish dumped on the hull and in their death throes.

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Dr. Hugh Fox III Discusses Global Warming

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Animoto Videos

The videos above were made with Animoto!

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JibJab Videos






The videos above were made using JibJab.

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Spider Monkey vs Halloween Prop Arm

The spider monkey flips out when it sees fake plastic Halloween arm. This proves monkeys are much smarter than dogs. A dog would have smelled the arm and decided it wasn’t real. The monkey also relies on visual cues on top of olfactory cues.

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Why do Cats Join the National Rifle Association?

Did you know that 10 percent of all National Rifle Association (NRA) members are cats?  Did you know that the fastest growing demographic group of the NRA consists of cats?  Why are so many cats joining the NRA?

I decided to ask them!

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Confucius in Thailand 2012

Using the Amulet of the Dragon Lord around his neck, Confucius has traveled from ancient China to Thailand in 2012!

Confucius in Thailand Photos

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Confucius in Thailand 2012

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Guinea Pig Birthday Party 2

After the Chinchilla Birthday Party , the Guinea Pig Birthday Party, and their Christmas Party, my guinea pigs wanted a second birthday party!  What my guinea pigs want they get!  Has it really been a year since the last birthday party?

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Why do cats love my blog?

Did you know that nine out of ten cats prefer this blog to all other blogs?  Why?  I decided to ask them!


Numerology and Virtual Reality

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