Daily Archives: October 19, 2011

Zen Satori

No small!

No big!

No mind!

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Zen Kensho

First expansion then….

Immensities within immensities

Eternities within eternities

Beautiful but wrong

In satori the truth

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Virgin Mary

Heavenly Mother

Thank you for loving us despite our sins

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Third Eye

When his third eye opened

He saw thoughts as bluish fractals

Feelings were rippling circles of orange

God’s plan, a web-like, whitish vapor everywhere

Most say he’s mad

A very few are not so sure

WereVerse Universe Baby!


Cold wind

Warm heart

Giant mountain

Small steps

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Li Bai

Warm wine in a full belly

Yellow moon mirrored in the Yellow River

Sinking in the mirror he drowned

Death like life a struggle with illusion and truth


WereVerse Universe Baby!



Love thy neighbor

The world is not a neighborhood

Maybe we should build a neighborhood!

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Happy City

Honk, honk on the road to the happy city!

So bright, so bright in the happy city!

When I grow up I will go to live in the happy city!

Will you come with me to the happy city?

Let’s all go together in a big pink car to the happy city!

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Green Man

He heard the thud that broke his head.

His gold was taken.

His clothes were taken.

In a cloak of dirt he sank ever deeper.

Something in him would not stop as he dreamed green dreams.

His skin became leaves.

His bones became wood.

When he awoke, the man wanted to walk to the town for vengeance.

The green in him wanted roots instead of legs.

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Golden Bridge

Some are born on a golden bridge and their destination does not matter.

WereVerse Universe Baby!