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Rebody by Cliver Warner: The Inside Story

“Murdered in 2009. Revived in 2373 as a disembodied head. Grafted to a vacuum cleaner and enslaved as a domestic robot. In 2373, the rat union controls the  taxis, the Riverwalk has long been entombed, enhanced animals run the town, and huge bots armed with death rays roam the city. It’s a hell of a time to be ReBodied. ”

The above quote is a description of the science fiction novel Rebody by
Clive Warner. The main character in this science fiction novel happens to be
Hugh Fox which also happens to be my name! Coincidence? I think not.

This is the inside story!

About 14 years ago, Clive was a friend of mine and I was able to convince him and a living room of his friends from Mexico in Monterrey, Mexico, that I had signed up to have my head chopped off my body and frozen for the paltry prize of ten thousand dollars.  This procedure was suspended animation on the cheap.  Presumably in the future my body could be cloned or fitted unto a robot body.  I launched into a sales pitch.  I explained to the assembled group that If I
could convince five more people to sign up then we would all get a group
discount of 3,000 USD and each one of us would only have to pay 7,000 USD
instead of the usual price of 10,000 USD.  I also pointed out that no Mexican had signed up for this procedure and there was every chance one of them would be the very first Mexican to have their head chopped off and frozen thus setting a Mexican record of sorts.  I pointed out having the whole body frozen was
around 30,000 dollars and therefore too expensive for myself and probably
everyone in the room.  The whole spiel was a hoax but I really had everyone going until coming clean.  Clive liked the concept so much that he wrote
a book.  Please buy Clive’s book!  His book is my only hope for immortality
since the Rebody corporation went out of business due to the current economic
meltdown, pun intended.

Rebody can be bought at:

WereVerse Universe Baby!


Animated Galaxy Spiral Icon Skull

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Animated Galaxy Spiral Skull

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Animated Icon Skull

The above gif was made using the online gif maker “Make a Gif” at:

WereVerse Universe Baby!

The God Formula

After countless Big Bang cycles, one universe evolves into a universe with advanced beings that create God and then God makes sure to create conditions in this universe so that there will be evolution and therefore a God in the next Big Bang cycle.

U + E → G → U + E

In this formula “G” stands for God, “U” stands for the universe and “E” stands for evolution.

The evolution of the “advanced beings” who create God is described at:

The God created transcends time so therefore the God created in the future in fact is omnichronal and therefore exists in our past as well.   Our potential to be one of the advanced beings of the universe that will create God causes God to nudge our evolution on occasion.

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Zen Satori

No small!

No big!

No mind!

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Zen Kensho

First expansion then….

Immensities within immensities

Eternities within eternities

Beautiful but wrong

In satori the truth

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Virgin Mary

Heavenly Mother

Thank you for loving us despite our sins

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Third Eye

When his third eye opened

He saw thoughts as bluish fractals

Feelings were rippling circles of orange

God’s plan, a web-like, whitish vapor everywhere

Most say he’s mad

A very few are not so sure

WereVerse Universe Baby!


Cold wind

Warm heart

Giant mountain

Small steps

WereVerse Universe Baby!