Chinese Develop New Species: Panda Dog

The Transgenic Animal Center  (TAC) at the National Institute of Biological Science in Beijing has spliced panda genetic material with the genetic material of a dog in order to create a new species: The Panda Dog.  Transgenic Panda Dogs have been produced by fertilizing normal panda eggs with dog sperm cells that have incorporated foreign DNA to act as biological bridge between the two species. The use of foreign DNA for bridging purposes is a new Chinese technique that may be the key to many more transgenic species in the future.  The foreign DNA used must be tweaked for success between different species but in general the same foreign DNA is used and is the first instance of a true universal transgenic DNA type.  This procedure is called bridged sperm-mediated gene transfer (BSMGT).  A spokesperson for TAC thinks the Panda Dog may be the pet of the future.   The same Chinese lab is also working on a lion dog, tiger dog and zebra dog but these new species will not be available for awhile.

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  1. lol the dogs are painted

  2. well that’s alot of work when the type of dog i see there is called chow chow i own a chow chow and if i wanted i would just paint it like a panda and say it is a panda dog.

  3. Its just a trend in eastern countries right now, they use pet safe dye and dye to dogs to look like pandas and tigers. The other pics are most likely photoshops.

  4. real or not the info is good for my project

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