Guinea Pig Birthday Party

I was inspired by the Chinchilla Birthday Party I attended in Nagoya

and decided to spring for a costume party for my pet guinea pigs on their birthday.  As anyone who owns guinea pigs can tell you, guinea pigs love to dress up.  My white guinea pig is named  Sugar and my brown guinea pig is named Chocolate.  They do not yet have email or  a Facebook account or even a cell phone.  Sugar is constantly bugging me to buy them a lap top, a cell phone and even a TV but I don’t think guinea pigs need such things.  What do you think?  There will be a poll at the end of this post.  If a majority thinks they should get electronic toys then I will buy the toys for them.  Sugar is a Gemini.  Chocolate is a Leo.  Below is a picture of their best friend Andy.  Andy’s owner is from England and a coworker.

The dogs invited themselves!  The guinea pigs told me the dogs like to chase them but the dogs deny this accusation.

Many humans do not realize being a guinea pig can be very stressful and unfortunately some guinea pigs snap under the stress.  Larry, pictured below, thinks he is a bunny but is seeing a guinea pig psychiatrist and his prognosis is good.  You can help guinea pigs with mental disorders around the world by donating funds to the Guinea Pig Mental Health Fund.

The dogs will not allow Sally to join their so called super team.  I did lecture the dogs and pointed out they were being speciest.  Not letting Sally into their club because she isn’t a dog was wrong.  The dogs told me that they are not being speciest but would not let Sally join because she is a girl which is even worse in my opinion.

Sally is not the only animal that is unhappy with the dogs.  The chihuahua below applied to the club as Bear Dog but the other dogs suggested he apply as Ant Dog due to his size.

I would worry about the cat but of course in the real world cats can’t cast spells.  Silly cat tricks are for kids!

I had a Christmas party for my guinea pigs later!

WereVerse Universe Baby!

4 responses to “Guinea Pig Birthday Party

  1. I had no idea about the secret lives of guinea pigs. Andy’s dinosaur-cum-guinea pig is terribly cute.

  2. Well, they do say that animal lovers are a little wacko to begin with – but you are a very strange fella, Dr. Fox.
    Nevertheless, Happy B-Day to the G-Pigs.

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