My Android Girlfriend

My Android Girlfriend

Hugh Fox & Android Girlfriend

1914 was my girlfriend in Japan last year. 1914 is an android. She was born/created in Nagoya, Japan by the Toyota Android Corporation or TAC for short. She mostly does construction work in Nagoya. She can lift approximately three tons. She is approximately twice my height and I feel rather small when standing next to her. TAC felt a female android would be less threatening to construction crews that are largely male. Despite her formidable appearance, she is very nice and quite feminine. Some people question if a relationship between a human and an android, much less a construction android, is a good idea. Many pubs and restaurants in Nagoya refuse to serve androids and I would say Nagoya is more liberal in this area, because of the robotics industry, than other parts of Japan.  Androids are of course still illegal in the US so dating an android in the US openly is impossible.

My Android Girlfriend’s Sister

Japan’s New Superdroid

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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  1. Imagine a fight with her… One slap and you’re flying 1000 kms for free!

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