The Eye of Providence/Measure

Eye of Providence Measure

Eye of Providence Measure

Some say measure came before the eye
Some say the eye came before measure
Some say the eye is measure
The triangle measure of the hard
The eye measure of the soft

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2 responses to “The Eye of Providence/Measure

  1. dove says:

    the measure was there before human; then the human was created and eyes were opened; then the eyes were able to see more and more with the time and experience evolving; the things were there were slowly found, the meaning were figured out.

    dove says, the eyes can measure any shapes, how deep or how accurate is another perspective of capability – various in any dimension world. Right now, human discovered 4 dimensions, in fact, there are more dimensions to be discovered.

    dove says, the eyes, the windows of the souls have more healing power YET to be discovered!

    • Wow! Great comment! Measure of course came first. I was thinking of measure in the sense of Logos. The Greeks themselves start with chaos in their mythology despite logos being prominent in Pythagorrean thought. For me the eye is the ultimate symbol of awareness. I am also one of those rare people the read Hegel Science of Logic and didnt think it was total nonsense.

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