The Eye of Providence/Broken Souls

Eye of Providence Broken Souls

Eye of Providence Broken Souls

Souls are strong but they can break.

When broken they wander between the two worlds.

They are more to be pitied than feared.

The Eye has the power to heal all including broken souls.

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6 responses to “The Eye of Providence/Broken Souls

  1. Hi, Fox,

    Well done analysis and nice paint!
    Important reminder – the broken souls also can be reborn or be healed into a complete healthy one

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    • The poem does mention the ability of the Eye of Providence to heal broken souls. In a symbolic sense I am refering to the ability of a higher power to heal such a terrible wound. I am a Buddhist, that also believes in God, and generally buy into a boot strap view of spiritually. God helps those who help themselves but in extreme cases asking for help from a higher power is necessary.

  2. Wow absolutely extraordinary drawing!
    I find it soo interesting how I often draw almost the exact same kind of art as you did here.
    I can definetly relate to the theme.

    Keep it up dear.
    Drawing is healing!

    • Thanks for the compliments! Are your drawing online somewhere and if so where? The Eye of Providence is one of my favorite symbols and obviously I am not alone.

  3. I had a totally different vision of the artpiece.
    the eye of providence consists of these “impressive” , controlling, bad people and under the eye lies a big mass of passive people that do not wish freedom or question the control.

    • Wow! The Eye of Providence is of course on the US dollar bill and is associated with Freemasons that had influence in the colonies to an extent most people are not aware of. The comic book 100 Bullets expands on this idea of a controlling agency that exists in the US from the beginning.

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