Who is Sir Fox?

Sir Fox

Sir Fox

Does anyone out there know the history of Sir Fox?  I bought a ton of Sir Fox type merchandise at an outlet mall in San Marcos, Texas in  the nineties and then never saw the stuff again.  I like the ying-yang, union of opposites,  aspect of a fox dressed like a fox hunter.  Below is a Sir Fox lamp picture I found on the web.  Is this a design concept that keeps being rediscovered or what?


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  1. Hello … Interesting!
    I have a lovely original picture hanging on the wall in my study of a fox dressed as a fox hunter.
    He is posing on a chair and smoking a cigar.On the wall behind him are pictures of his family all dressed in their finery.
    I think this stuff probably comes partly from an anti-blood-sports idea.Look at the book ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ by Roald Dahl or any book in the Reynard tradition.
    He is nature’s gentleman thief and certainly a bit of a bounder.. but with a kind heart.
    Also the idea that man’s assumed supremecy over nature can very easily be bounded upon and easily superceded by it.Nature will ultimately end up in Man’s clothing.


    • Your Sir Fox picture sounds very interesting. I have not seen anything of the sort you describe. I think your explanation has a lot of merit.

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