Why Can’t Doyle Fruit Modernize!


I am American who has been living in Japan for over six months.  Last night I saw a can of Doyle pineapple and it brought up good memories and I bought it.  When I tried to open the can I realized I would need a can opener!  I eat canned stuff all the time and have managed to survive without a can opener in Japan because all, and I do mean all, Japanese canned goods  can be popped open without a can opener.  I can assure the people at Doyle that the Japanese price convenience highly and their archaic technology will affect their sales in Japan dramatically.  I finally opened up the can with my Swiss Army knife but will not do this again.  So do I buy a can opener or just skip buying Doyle canned goods?  Hard choices and probably I will go the path of least resistance and just skip buying Doyle canned goods.

After I wrote this post I received this email from the Doyle company.

Dear Mr. Fox,

Thank you for contacting us about Dole Pineapple.  While the easy open feature is available in our smaller 8 and
16 ounce cans, it is less common in the 20 ounce cans in the Japanese market and we apologize for the
inconvenience you experienced.

We appreciate your interest in Dole Food Company and are glad to provide the information you requested.  We hope it is useful. It’s been a pleasure to help you!


Consumer Response Staff
Dole Consumer Services

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