Daejeon Expo Park

Daejeon has a very unique topography.  There are several giant rivers that run through the city and generally the city has walk ways and bike ways on either side of the rivers.  This creates giant patches of green that criss cross the city for miles and miles.  Like most cities in South Korea and unlike Seoul, Daejeon has  shopping areas surrounded by miles and miles of rows and rows of apartment complexes.  The shopping centers are not special and just serve the daily needs of the persons in the surrounding area.  Kind of like giant convenience stores.  The rivers and river walks are set below the street level.  You take stairs to go down to the river so you have this very strange experience of being surrounded by green but looking up concrete towers on either side.  At one point of the river walk there were reeds as tall as me to my right and tons of dragon flies around me.  The river walk itself was totally clear of plants and debris and an easy walk.  There were tons of wild flowers.  I saw giant storks. There were birds in formation flying over head.  The river itself was probably at least 500 feet wide and the expanse of green on either side was at least a couple of thousand feet but just above the concrete aparment complexes looking down at the river with disdain.  There was an extreme contrast between the river walk and the surrounding concrete apartment complexes.

I walked all the way to the Daejeon Expo Park.  In the picture above you can make out a giant yellow ballon and that is one of the exhibitions of the park.  From where I started walking the yellow ballon was a speck that was barely visible.  I had often seen the Expo Park from the bridge near my house but realized it would be quite hike.  The weather was cooler tonight than usual so I went for it and glad I did.

I am writing this post from Han’s Diner at the entrance of the Expo Park!  I guess I will get a taxi home.

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  3. The river walk sounds nice…My wife and I are heading to Daejeon this August, we used to live on Jeju and that was a pretty place.

    Are there any other places you would recommend in Daejeon?

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