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The Only Place to Find a 19-Inch Computer Bag in Korea!

Good news for all those people who bought a 19-inch notebook computer  in Korea but couldn’t find a computer bag.  In response to the ruckus caused by my prior post (NO 19-INCH COMPUTER BAGS IN KOREA) the following store in South Korea now carries 19-inch computer bags:

Hyojin System

I Park Mall – next to Yongsan Station

7th Floor – next to the I Park Mall bookstore

Mobile 016-223-4398

Seoul, South Korea

As you can see in the photo above, my Samsung Sens 25 19-Inch Desktop Replacement system fits snug as a bug!


The bag itself is manufactured by Manhattan and says “Fits most Widescreen Notebook Computers” on the label but as you can see from the above picture, the bag can handle a 19-Inch notebook computer without any problem.  The official name of the bag is Big Apple Notebook Computer Briefcase and the product number is 433723.  The bag includes pen loops, ID/business card holder, digital device storage and file pockets.  There is an adjustable storage strap.  The bag is 100% polyester.  The exterior dimensions are 36 x 46 x 11 cm (14 x 18.25 x 4.25 in).  The bag has adjustable interior dimensions.  The bag sells for 49,000 won which is around 50 bucks.  50 bucks is a good price for any computer bag much less one that is basically the only game in town.

According to the manager this computer bag is his best seller!

Congrats to Hyogin Systems for responding to the needs of the consumer.

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