Bye Bye Korea!

Hugh B. Fox III Daejeon

I had a very pleasant dinner with the students of my TESOL class.  This is pretty much the last class I will teach in Korea before going to Japan.  The dinner was at an expat pub called the Santa Claus pub in Daejeon and I had a really good burrito with some Guiness.  I will miss Korea and who knows?  Maybe I will be back someday.  More photos of this happy event can be found at:

WereVerse Universe Baby!

2 responses to “Bye Bye Korea!

  1. I had fun too because of you. This TESOL training course has been the most touch and memoriable in my life. I hope you’ll come back to Korea someday. Good luck, Dr. Fox !!

  2. I had a wonderful time as well! Thank you for the kind comments.

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