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DC vs. Marvel: Abstract Entities

DC vs Marvel-Abstract Entities

This essay will explore the nature of abstract entities, their relative place in the hierarchy of cosmic entities and then compare and contrast abstract entities in more detail in the DC and Marvel universes. Certain entities are the anthropomorphic equivalent of what is known in philosophy as an abstract object. In the DC and Marvel universe these types of beings are generally referred to as cosmic entities. All abstract entities are cosmic entities but not all cosmic entities are abstract entities. For example, the Celestials (Marvel) have permanent bodies and are cosmic entities but not abstract entities. How do you know if you are dealing with a cosmic entity or an abstract entity? There are three big tests.

1) If the entity has to shape shift in order to have a different appearance to fit different audiences then you are probably dealing with a cosmic entity that is not an abstract entity. If the entity appears to be different to different beings automatically with no effort on the part of the entity then the entity is probably an abstract entity. Mere mortals cannot perceive the abstract entity directly so they create a concrete perception on their own as a perceptual filter.

Dream appears as a Martian version of Dream in The Sandman-Preludes and Nocturnes V1 (Vertigo).

Abstract Entities 1-The Sandman-Preludes and Nocturnes V1 (2010) (Vertigo)

Dream then appears as a cat to a cat in The Sandman-Dream Country V3 (Vertigo).

Abstract Entities 2-The Sandman-Dream Country V3 (2010) (Vertigo)

2) If the entity has a clear function that supersedes their personal whims and identity then you are probably dealing with an abstract entity. Being an abstract entity in both the Marvel and DC universes seems to be accompanied by a certain level of dehumanization. In The Wake, when the original Dream dies and Daniel Hall, a mortal becomes the new Dream, the new Dream no longer has the same feelings for his mother.

Abstract Entities 3-The Sandman - The Wake V10 (2012) - Page 87 Abstract Entities 3-The Sandman - The Wake V10 (2012) - Page 88

Thanos (Marvel) decides to keep a physical body despite having infinite power due to the Infinity Gauntlet. Mephisto (Marvel) reflects that this is a fatal flaw that will ultimately be the undoing of Thanos. Why does Thanos do this?

Abstract Entities 4.1-Silver Surfer V3 #45 - Page 32

If you take on a role in the universe then perhaps the being becomes amoral and more duty bound and perhaps this is the reason Thanos does not ascend to the status of being an abstract entity. If Thanos for example becomes death then Thanos cannot become the lover of death which is his main goal in life! Conversely, Death is incapable of sharing her role with Thanos because of her status as an abstract being. Abstract entities may sacrifice a certain degree of free will even as they become more powerful.  Do abstract entities lose their subjective nature and become more objectified? Thanos may not understand this trade off consciously but senses this trade off at an unconscious level. Anyway, this sort of trade off would make cosmic entities much more interesting! You get more power over external reality and greater durability at the expense of your free will.

3) The entity may appear god like but the entities power level is absolutely independent of worship and actually many abstract entities are totally unknown to any being that is not a cosmic entity. This is especially true of the Seven Friendless (Marvel).  Bast, the Egyptian Goddess, suffers due to a lack of worship.

The Sandman - Brief Lives V7 (2011) - Page 156

Furthermore gods may begin in dream.

DC Abstract Entities-Dream-The Sandman-Fables and Reflections V6 (Vertigo)


Type of Universe

The DC universe is Abrahamic. The highest being operates via aspects of his being and through angels as agents. Many of the angels have Judeo-Christian names.

Highest Being

The Presence is the highest being in the DC universe and operates not only through abstract entities but also uses aspects of his being and angels to manifest his will.

DC Abstract Entities-Presence-Lucifer #68 - Page 12 DC Abstract Entities-Presence-Lucifer #68 - Page 15 DC Abstract Entities-Presence-Lucifer #68 - Page 16

Aspects of the Highest Being

The aspects of the Presence are at the top of the cosmic hierarchy in the DC Universe. The aspects follow certain laws and if even very powerful cosmic entities try to violate the laws associated with the aspects then disaster will follow. Are aspects of the highest being abstract entities? The highest being in the DC universe seems to be beyond human understanding and beyond concepts of abstract versus concrete objects. The highest being in the DC universe might even be the source of abstract versus concrete objects. The Presence is mysterious and not easily classified. The Presence may ultimately be noumenon as opposed to phenomena and by definition unknowable. The Presence takes on a familiar form in order to explain itself.

The hand is one way the presence communicates and leaves a cryptic message “To know everything is to know how much is not known” which could be interpreted as saying that total knowledge of phenomena means we understand that noumenon is beyond our knowledge!

DC Abstract Entities-Hand-New Gods V3 #19 - Page 20

The immortal and powerful Krona creates a machine that can peer through time and sees the Hand of Creation but tries to see what happens before the Hand appears then evil is unleashed upon the universe. This story seems to be a cosmic version of the Adam and Eve story. The apple represents knowledge that is not meant for mortals. The Hand of creation represents knowledge that is not even meant for immortals.

DC Abstract Entities-Hand-Green Lantern-The Secret Origin of the Guardians V2 #40 (DC)

The Source is the source of all creation and all being in the DC universe. Jack Kirby made the Source very mysterious. Jim Starling, does what he always does with cosmic entities, and reduced the very interesting Source into yet another predictable and boring slug fest cartoon character in Death of the New Gods.

DC Abstract Entities-Source-Death of the New Gods V2007 #5 (of 8) - Mistakes (2008_3_1) - Page 20 DC Abstract Entities-Source-Death of the New Gods V2007 #8 (of 8) - The End (2008_6_1) - Page 5

The Source is guarded by the Source Wall.

The first version of the wall is less a wall than planetoids with giants bound to the planetoids.

DC Abstract Entities-Source Wall-New Gods V1 #5

The latest version of the Source Wall looks more like a wall.

DC Abstract Entities-Source Wall-Death of the New Gods V2007 #2 (of 8) - Celestial Genocide

The wall is very inappropriately turned into yet another slug fest device in Green Lantern Annual V5 #3. Black Hand controls the dead and uses his power to control the dead embedded in the Source Wall.

DC Abstract Entities-The Source Wall-Annual Green Lantern V5 #3 (2015) - Page 5

DC Abstract Entities-The Source Wall-Annual Green Lantern V5 #3 (2015) - Page 6

The Voice is divine will and the progenitor of the Word. The Voice is never heard but the Word is very active in Swamp Thing V2 #168-170.

DC Abstract Entities-Word-Swamp Thing V2 #167 - Page 18 DC Abstract Entities-Word-Swamp Thing V2 #167 - Page 20 DC Abstract Entities-Word-Swamp Thing V2 #168 - Page 8 DC Abstract Entities-Word-Swamp Thing V2 #168 - Page 10 DC Abstract Entities-Word-Swamp Thing V2 #168 - Page 18 DC Abstract Entities-Word-Swamp Thing V2 #170 - Page 11


The angels clearly have bodies. They have a singular appearance and do not change their appearance for different audiences which is one of the hall marks of an abstract entity.

DC Abstract Entities–Angels-Books of Magic V1 #1 (Vertigo)

Dumas is an angel that never talks and might be an aspect of silence.

DC Abstract Entities–Angels-Dumas-The Sandman -Season Of Mists V4 (2011) - Page 100

Gabriel is the lord of the cherubim and seraphim.

Garaquael is in charge of spirits.

Lucifer is a fallen angel and the adversary.

Michael Demiurgos controls the demiurge.

Raguel is the vengeance of God.

Raphael oversees humanity.

The Saint of Killers is an angel of death willed by God.

Spectre is an angel of vengeance.

The Furies in the DC universe specialize in vengeance on those who have killed family members.

Abstract Entities

The Endless are the only cosmic entities in the DC universe that are clearly abstract entities. Everything in the DC universe is below aspects of the highest being including the Endless. The Endless do seem to be more powerful than gods. Gods fade as their nations and worshippers fade and the Endless are well endless. The Endless are clearly less powerful than at least one angel. Dream is clearly fearful of Lucifer. Lucifer is by far the most powerful of all the angels so being less powerful than Lucifer does not mean the Endless are less powerful than all angels.

DC Abstract Entities-Lucifer and Dream-The Sandman-Season Of Mists V4 (2011) (Vertigo)

1) Destiny is the embodiment of predestination. Do abstract entities lose their subjective nature and become more objectified as their power level increasesDestiny (Vertigo) does not appear to have much in the way of free will and is generally considered to be the oldest and therefore the most powerful of the Endless.

DC Abstract Entities-Destiny-The Sandman-Season Of Mists V4 (2011) DC Abstract Entities-Destiny-The Sandman-The Kindly Ones V9 (Vertigo)

2) Death is the embodiment of the end of life. Death is a psychopomp, guide to souls, unlike her Marvel counterpart. Death generally dresses like in black casual clothes and wears a silver ankh on a chain around her neck, and has a marking similar to the eye of Horus around her right eye.

Death explains what a lifetime is to someone who has managed to live fifteen thousand years!

DC Abstract Entities-Death-The Sandman-Brief Lives V7 (Vertigo)

Death explains her role to Element Girl in The Sandman – Dream Country V3 (Vertigo).

DC Abstract Entities-Death-The Sandman-Dream Country V3 (Vertigo)

3) Dream is the embodiment of dreaming.

DC Abstract Entities-Dream-The Sandman-Season Of Mists V4 (Vertigo)Dream is tired of his role but his function is so much a part of who he is that he must engineer his destruction through an unconscious series of events.

DC Abstract Entities–Dream-The Sandman-The Kindly Ones V9 (2012) - Page 327 DC Abstract Entities–Dream-The Sandman-The Kindly Ones V9 (2012) - Page 328 DC Abstract Entities–Dream-The Sandman-The Kindly Ones V9 (2012) - Page 329

Dream explains to Desire that abstract entities are a principle of causality rather than manipulators of causality! Becoming part of the very firmament of the universe means a price must be paid.

DC Abstract Entities-Dream and Desire-The Sandman-The Doll's House V2 (Vertigo)

Abel (Vertigo) provides a short but incisive explanation of the secret of how immortality works for an abstract entity.

DC Abstract Entities-Abel-The Sandman-The Wake V10 (Vertigo)Lucifer (Vertigo) explains free will to Delirium (Vertigo) the nature of free will for abstract entities and the choices seem bleak.

DC Abstract Entities-Dream and Lucifer-the-sandman-the-kindly-ones-v9-vertigo1

4) Destruction is the embodiment of destruction and creation.

Destruction (Vertigo) walks away from his role in the universe and he tries to explain why he walked away to his brother Dream (Vertigo).

DC Abstract Entities-Destruction-The Sandman-Brief Lives V7 (Vertigo)

Destruction states, “Are not gross Bodies and Light convertible?” This is Newton’s version of what will eventually become the principle of Mass–energy equivalence (E = mc2) that will eventually lead to atomic weapons and a whole lot of destruction!

DC Abstract Entities-Destruction-The Sandman-Brief Lives V7 (2011) - Page 109 DC Abstract Entities-Destruction-The Sandman-Brief Lives V7 (2011) - Page 110

 5) Desire is the embodiment of emotion including love and hate.

DC Abstract Entities-Desire-The Sandman-Season Of Mists V4 (2011)

Desire explains her antipathy towards dream and her/his role to a moral supplicant in Endless Nights (Vertigo).

DC Abstract Entities–Desire-Sandman-Endless Nights 1 (Vertigo) DC Abstract Entities–Desire-Sandman-Endless Nights 2 (Vertigo)

6) Despair is the embodiment of the emotion of despair.

DC Abstract Entities-Despair-The Sandman-Season Of Mists V4 (2011)

7) Delirium is the embodiment of madness. Delirium was Delight until she was transformed.

DC Abstract Entities-Delirium-The Sandman-Season Of Mists V4 (Vertigo)

Delirium was once Delight!

DC Abstract Entities-Delirium-The Sandman-Brief Lives V7 (Vertigo)

In The Sandman: Overture #5, (8) Time is revealed as the father of dream. The equivalent of Time in the Marvel universe is Eternity. (9) Night is the mother of Dream. (10) Dusk is a distant sister that serves under Night.

DC Abstract Entities-Time-The Sandman - Overture #4 (2015) - Page 5 DC Abstract Entities-Time-The Sandman - Overture #4 (2015) - Page 6

What is the first circle in relation to the other cosmic entities reviewed in this article? Delirium swears by the first circle in Brief Lives.

DC Abstract Entities-First Circle-The Sandman - Brief Lives V7 (2011) - Page 56

The Glory of the First Circle commends Dream in the name of the first circle in The Sandman – Overture #6.

DC Abstract Entities-First Circle-Gabriel-The Sandman - Overture #6 (of 6) (2015) - Page 20


Type of Universe

The Marvel universe is essentially a dharmic universe i.e. there is a highest being but the highest being works through abstract entities that represent laws and principles of the universe rather than through direct agents. In Buddhism dharma means cosmic law and order. The Marvel universe has a clock maker but once the clock was made the clock maker decided to leave the clock alone.

 Highest Being

The highest being in the Marvel Universe is the One-Above-All not to be confused with the One-Above-All (Celestial). The One-Above-All does not use an army of angels or aspects of his being as his agents and solely relies on the Living Tribunal as his agent. There does not seem to be very much communication between the One-Above-All and the Living Tribunal. The Living Tribunal generally acts autonomously.  Thanos and Warlock have a rare extended conversation with the One-Above-All in Thanos-The Infinity Finale.


Aspects of the Highest Being

There is no Marvel equivalent to the aspects of the highest being that exists in the DC universe. This is because the Marvel universe is a dharmic universe which operates via laws rather than through the direct will of the highest being.


 There are angels in the Marvel universe but they have nowhere near the importance of angels in the DC universe. The role of angels in the hierarchy of the Marvel universe is irrelevant given the dharmic structure of the Marvel universe.

Abstract Entities

1) Anomaly creates bodies for abstract entities.

Anomaly first appears in Quasar V1 #20 and Anomaly is killed and replaced.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Anomaly-Quasar V1 #20 - Page 2 Marvel Abstract Entities-Anomaly-Quasar V1 #20 - Page 3The new Anomaly makes a deal with Oblivion in Quasar V1 #21.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Anomaly-Quasar V1 #21 - Page 2 Marvel Abstract Entities-Anomaly-Quasar V1 #21 - Page 3

2) Death is the embodiment of the end of life. Death also exists in the DC universe and has similar powers but is much more likeable. Death in the Marvel universe looks fearsome but takes on different appearances and even different genders with different persons.

Death first appears in Captain Marvel V1 #26.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Death-Captain Marvel V1 #26 - Page 16 Marvel Abstract Entities-Death-Captain Marvel V1 #26 - Page 19

3) Empathy is the embodiment of the emotion of empathy.

4) Enmity is the embodiment of conflict.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Enmity-She-Hulk - Cosmic Collision #1 - Page 34 Marvel Abstract Entities-Enmity-She-Hulk - Cosmic Collision #1 - Page 35 Marvel Abstract Entities-Enmity-She-Hulk - Cosmic Collision #1 - Page 36 Marvel Abstract Entities-Enmity-She-Hulk - Cosmic Collision #1 - Page 37 Marvel Abstract Entities-Enmity-She-Hulk - Cosmic Collision #1 - Page 38 Marvel Abstract Entities-Enmity-She-Hulk - Cosmic Collision #1 - Page 39

5) Entropy is the embodiment of destruction.

Entropy first appears in Captain Marvel V4 #4 (2003).

Marvel Abstract Entities-Entropy-Captain Marvel V4 #4 (2003) - Page 14

Entropy explains what he is in Captain Marvel V4 #5 (2003). Entropy has some serious daddy issues.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Entropy-Captain Marvel V4 #5 (2003) - Page 17 Marvel Abstract Entities-Entropy-Captain Marvel V4 #5 (2003) - Page 18 Marvel Abstract Entities-Entropy-Captain Marvel V4 #5 (2003) - Page 19 Marvel Abstract Entities-Entropy-Captain Marvel V4 #5 (2003) - Page 20 Marvel Abstract Entities-Entropy-Captain Marvel V4 #5 (2003) - Page 21 Marvel Abstract Entities-Entropy-Captain Marvel V4 #5 (2003) - Page 22 Marvel Abstract Entities-Entropy-Captain Marvel V4 #5 (2003) - Page 23

6) Eon nurtures sentient life. Eon first appears in Captain Marvel V1 #28.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Eon-Captain Marvel V1 #28 - Page 4 Marvel Abstract Entities-Eon-Captain Marvel V1 #28 - Page 21

7) Is Epiphany the embodiment of madness? Epiphany first appears in Captain Marvel V4 #5.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Epiphany-Captain Marvel V4 #5 (2003) - Page 6 Marvel Abstract Entities-Epiphany-Captain Marvel V4 #5 (2003) - Page 7 Marvel Abstract Entities-Epiphany-Captain Marvel V4 #5 (2003) - Page 8

8) Epoch nurtures sentient life. Epoch first appears in Quasar V1 #27.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Epoch -Quasar V1 #27 - Page 21

9) Eternity is the embodiment of time of the universe.

Eternity’s first appearance is in Strange Tales V1 #138.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Eternity-Strange Tales #138 (1965) - Page 16 Marvel Abstract Entities-Eternity-Strange Tales #138 (1965) - Page 1710) Eulogy is in charge of endings. Eulogy first appears in Captain Marvel V4 #25 (2004). Eulogy seems to narrowly be in charge of comic book character endings. In the DC universe characters go to Limbo but Eulogy guides characters to a mysterious glowing door instead.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Eulogy-Captain Marvel V4 #25 (2004) - Page 12 Marvel Abstract Entities-Eulogy-Captain Marvel V4 #25 (2004) - Page 13 Marvel Abstract Entities-Eulogy-Captain Marvel V4 #25 (2004) - Page 14

11) Expediency is in charge of quick solutions. Expediency first appears in Captain Marvel V4 #25 (2004).

Marvel Abstract Entities-Expediency-Captain Marvel V4 #25 (2004) - Page 17

12) In-Betweener is the embodiment of duality. The In-Betweener first appears in Warlock V1 #9.

Marvel Abstract Entities-In-Betweener-Warlock V1 #9 - Page 13

13) Infinity is the embodiment of space in the universe.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Infinity-Quasar V1 #24 - Page 17

14) Is Kronos the defender of the universe?

Kronos first appears in The Invincible Iron Man #55.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Kronos-The Invincible Iron Man #55 - Page 14

15) The Living Tribunal maintains the cosmic balance at a multiverse level. The Living Tribunal first appears in Strange Tales #157 (1967).

Marvel Abstract Entities-Living Tribunal-Strange Tales #157 (1967) - Page 23

16) Lord Chaos is the embodiment of chaos. DC has the Lords of Chaos and Order but they seem to be gods rather than abstract entities. Lord Chaos and Master Order both appear for the first time in Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2 (1977).

Marvel Abstract Entities-Lord Chaos & Master Order-Annual Marvel Two-in-One #2 - Page 11

Lord Chaos and Master Order attempt to convince Galactus with argument and then force to once again take on his role as the devourer of worlds and renounce his new role as a life bringer. Galactus ultimately wins (Ultimates #6, 2016). Galactus is part of the cosmic hierarchy but not an abstract entity. Galactus resembles Shiva the Destroyer in Hinduism. Both are destroyers but Shiva’s roles are much more complex and even contradictory. Shiva is part of a triad called the Trimurti that also includes Brahmin and Vishnu. Galactus is part of a triad as well that includes Eternity and Death. The Hindu dharmic universe has a superficial resemblance to the Marvel dharmic universe.

17) Master Order is the embodiment of order.

18) Mirage is the embodiment of nothingness. Mirage first appears in Iceman V1 #3.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Mirage-Iceman V1 #3 - Page 19

19) Mistress Love is the embodiment of love. Mistress Love first appears as a man that the Enchantress falls in love with in Defenders V1 #107. Mistress Love is identified in the next issue, Defenders V1 #108.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Mistress Love-Defenders V1 #107 - Page 18 Marvel Abstract Entities-Mistress Love-Defenders V1 #108 - Page 9

20) Numinus is the embodiment of numinosity i.e. causes small changes to create awe in the universe in the person affected. Numinus first appears in Power Pack V1 #51.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Numinus-Power Pack V1 #51 - Page 15 Marvel Abstract Entities-Numinus-Power Pack V1 #51 - Page 16

21) Oblivion is the embodiment of nothingness. Oblivion has a brief cameo in Iceman V1 #1 but his first important appearance is in Iceman V1 #3.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Oblivion-Iceman V1 #3 - Page 10

22) Sire Hate is also known as Master Hate and is the embodiment of hate. Sire Hate first appears in Infinity Gauntlet #3.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Sire Hate-Infinity Gauntlet #3

23) Unbeing is the embodiment of un-creation. Unbeing first appears in Quasar V1 #18.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Unbeing-Quasar V1 #18 - Page 28Jim Starlin is the foremost creator of the over the top cosmic entity conflict and in marked contrast with Neil Gaiman’s emphasis on internal as opposed to external conflict. The Infinity Saga includes the Infinity Gauntlet #1-6, Infinity War #1-6, Infinity Crusade #1-6, Warlock and the Infinity Watch (1992) #7-10 & #18-22, Warlock Chronicles (1993) #1-5, and Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #108-111 and uses the fist a cuff approach when dealing with cosmic entities.

Marvel Abstract Entities-Infinity Gauntlet #4 (Marvel) Marvel Abstract Entities-Infinity Gauntlet #5 (of 6) - Page 17 Marvel Abstract Entities-Infinity Gauntlet #5 (of 6) - Page 18 Marvel Abstract Entities-Infinity Gauntlet #5 (of 6) - Page 19

Since this article was posted, Marvel has added some layers to their cosmic hierarchy including the Proemial Gods (Marvel) introduced in Annihilation – Heralds of Galactus #2. This suggests that in some ways Galactus is like the New Gods in DC i.e. an inheritor of the universe from older Gods. I would also add that the Proemial Gods appear to be exhibit more physicality and capriciousness as opposed to their successors Galactus, Eternity and Death.

marvel-abstract-entities-annihilation-heralds-of-galactus-2-20 marvel-abstract-entities-annihilation-heralds-of-galactus-2-21 marvel-abstract-entities-annihilation-heralds-of-galactus-2-22 marvel-abstract-entities-annihilation-heralds-of-galactus-2-23 marvel-abstract-entities-annihilation-heralds-of-galactus-2-25

In Ultimates 2 #2, Lord Chaos and Master Order destroy the Living Tribunal!

marvel-abstract-entities-ultimates-2-2-20 marvel-abstract-entities-ultimates-2-2-21

In Ultimate 2 #3, Lord Chaos and Master use the In-Betweener to unite and become Logos (Marvel). Logos (Greek) is an important concept in Greek philosophy. Logos (Christianity) in Christianity is the title of Jesus Christ! Logos (Marvel) is surrounded by angelic wings suggesting visually that the dharmic Marvel universe is becoming more Abrahamic!

marvel-abstract-entities-ultimates-2-3-8 marvel-abstract-entities-ultimates-2-3-20 marvel-abstract-entities-ultimates-2-3-21

Comic Book Proposal: The Mad Immortals

Jim Starlin, to his credit, wrote the first modern cosmic entity story titled …The Birth of Death which was first published in Star Reach #1 in B&W in 1974. The story was reprinted and colorized by Eclipse in Star Reach Classics #1. I read the original story in a head shop while I was still in high school and the story just blew me away! I explore the impact of comic books on my life in my essay titled Hugh Fox III Comic Book Autobiography. In the interests of comic book history I present the Eclipse reprint version below.

Abstract Entities-Jim Starling-The Birth of Death-Star Reach Classics #1 (1984) - Page 3 Abstract Entities-Jim Starling-The Birth of Death-Star Reach Classics #1 (1984) - Page 4 Abstract Entities-Jim Starling-The Birth of Death-Star Reach Classics #1 (1984) - Page 5 Abstract Entities-Jim Starling-The Birth of Death-Star Reach Classics #1 (1984) - Page 6 Abstract Entities-Jim Starling-The Birth of Death-Star Reach Classics #1 (1984) - Page 7 Abstract Entities-Jim Starling-The Birth of Death-Star Reach Classics #1 (1984) - Page 8 Abstract Entities-Jim Starling-The Birth of Death-Star Reach Classics #1 (1984) - Page 9 Abstract Entities-Jim Starling-The Birth of Death-Star Reach Classics #1 (1984) - Page 10 Abstract Entities-Jim Starling-The Birth of Death-Star Reach Classics #1 (1984) - Page 11 Abstract Entities-Jim Starling-The Birth of Death-Star Reach Classics #1 (1984) - Page 12 Abstract Entities-Jim Starling-The Birth of Death-Star Reach Classics #1 (1984) - Page 13 Abstract Entities-Jim Starling-The Birth of Death-Star Reach Classics #1 (1984) - Page 14 Abstract Entities-Jim Starling-The Birth of Death-Star Reach Classics #1 (1984) - Page 15 Abstract Entities-Jim Starling-The Birth of Death-Star Reach Classics #1 (1984) - Page 16 Abstract Entities-Jim Starling-The Birth of Death-Star Reach Classics #1 (1984) - Page 17

There are some visual similarities between the characters in the Starlin story and He-Man characters. Death does resemble Skeletor visually. The unnamed muscular opponent of Death resembles He-Man visually. He-Man was designed by Mark Taylor in 1976 which is two years after …The Birth of Death was published. Maybe Mark Taylor saw the story by Jim Starlin and got some ideas or maybe not.

In the story, Death manages to kill all the mad immortals except seven of them! There are also seven Endless! Maybe the seven mad immortals are the DC antimatter universe version of the Endless! I really think Jim Starlin and Neal Gaiman should team up on the story of the Seven Mad Immortals! Brian Michael Bendis in the comic book Alias (Marvel) goes back and forth from a more realistic art style to a more cartoonish art style. The standard superhero story with an emphasis on superhero fist a cuffs is presented in the more cartoonish style. The personal story of how mind control effected the heroine Jessica Jones internally is drawn in a more realistic manner. Scott McCloud explains how these two different art styles effect the reader at the cognitive level in Understanding Comics –The Invisible Art.

Abstract Entities-Comic Book Counterpoint

Jim Starlin could write a story about the fights of the seven Mad Immortals and draw it in his fairly realistic manner. Neil Gaiman provides a counterpoint story from an internal POV of the Seven Mad Immortals in a more anime style. The comic book switches back and forth between the two story lines and thus the first comic book using counterpoint is created! The following is my list of the Endless of the anti-matter universe. All of the Mad Immortals have enhanced durability due to their abstract entity status. The Mad Immortals see themselves as champions of life not mad but have decided to appropriate the name Death has given them. The Anti-Matter universe is asleep and dreaming unlike other universes. The Mad Immortals have learned how to manipulate this state of affairs to their own advantage.

1) Amnesia has the power of memory manipulation on a planetary scale. Amnesia routinely erases memories so Death has no trail to follow. Amnesia can insert memories to create a false trail but generally erases memories. Amnesia can also scan the memories of any being.

2) Ghost has the power to make himself and the other Mad Immortals totally imperceptible to all except Death who can see through this power but only if right next to the person using this power.

3) Logos has super intelligence and is the leader of the group. Logos can also merge the Mad Immortals into a single being that is omniscient and combines all the powers of the Mad Immortals but only for a short period of time.

4) Machine can turn others into robots that serve the Mad Immortals on a planetary scale.

5) Mirror can make duplicates of himself or others. The duplicates of others retain all abilities and powers but have to obey Mirror. Mirror can make thousands of copies. Mirror can also make duplicates of objects and creates copies of money and resources such as weapons as needed.

6) Phobia can cause fear on a planetary scale and uses this to power distract Death.

7) Twilight has the power of metafictional transportation. Ghost can transport herself and others into fictional realms that Death cannot enter. Ghost can only enter stories that have a critical mass of followers and therefore can make the story manifest in the imagination of the universe. Normally even abstract entities cannot enter the imagination of a universe but a sleeping universe is more vulnerable to such transport than a universe that is awake. Ghost can also banish Death to a metafictional realm for a time if Death is within her line of sight. Death can leave a fictional realm once Death has finished the story. However, if Death does not finish a story successfully that is according to the logic of the story then Death may be trapped in a story forever.

The Mad Immortals want to awaken the universe to create a being akin to Eternity in the Marvel universe and therefore radically diminish the power of Death in the antimatter universe. Death must destroy the Mad Immortals before their plan can be accomplished.


There are far fewer abstract entities in the DC universe than the Marvel universe. The abstract entities in the DC universe are less likely to be involved in fist fights than the abstract entities in the Marvel universe due largely to the influence of Neil Gaiman. The main conflict of the DC abstract entities is between their sense of duty and their desire to be free rather than conflict with other cosmic entities. Abstract entities occupy a more central role in a dharmic, Marvel universe than an Abrahamic, DC universe. Abstract entities of the DC universe largely appear in The Sandman series. Abstract entities in the Marvel universe appear prominently in the Infinity Saga which is the brainchild of Jim Starlin and engage in more external as opposed to internal conflict.

Neil Gaiman decided to give all the Endless names starting with “D” after Daniel the Biblical prophet. The letter D is the most negative letter in the alphabet. The letter D corresponds to the number 4, and the planet Saturn or Pluto, and the principles of matter and death. The Chinese consider 4 to be the most unfortunate number and avoid it at all costs because it sounds like “death” when pronounced in Cantonese, and actually helps bring it about. It is perhaps our version of the unlucky 13 which adds up to 4(1+3) in numerology. The Endless do seem to be much more tragic than their Marvel counterparts.

I think less is more when it comes to cosmic entities in general and abstract entities in particular. I remember my first Galactus story way back when in Fantastic Four #48 and how special this story was. Galactus has been overused and so have cosmic entities in general in the Marvel universe. Also, having Galactus get defeated over and over again makes him much less awe inspiring. I mean Galactus is even defeated by Squirrel Girl in Squirrel Girl V1 #4.

No, not really and actually the Squirrel Girl story might be my favorite Galactus story ever!

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DC vs. Marvel: Weapons

In this installment of DC vs. Marvel, I compare the weapons of the DC universe with the weapons of the Marvel universe.  The weapons are broken into three power levels.  Each universe will have a winner declared in each category and the universe that wins in the most categories is the overall winner.  The weapons will be judged in the areas of aesthetic, conceptual and/or utilitarian design.  In other words, which universe has the coolest weapon in each category?  This is not a “which weapon is more powerful” contest.

The weapons in the top power category are called (1) Cosmic Weapons. These are the really powerful weapons of the DC or Marvel universe.  A person with this sort of weapon can take on a team of superheroes such as the Justice League or the Avengers or perhaps even shake the foundations of the universe.  A good example on the high end of a cosmic weapon would be the Infinity Gauntlet of the Marvel universe.  With the Infinity Gauntlet you can take on an army of superheroes and more.  Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to challenge the combined might of Galactus, the Stranger, the titan Epoch, Love and Hate, two Celestials, Master Order, Lord Chaos, Kronos, Death and Epoch.  An upper end Cosmic Weapon can alter reality.  The range of the weapon can vary from global, at least, to galactic.  A cosmic weapon is even difficult to conceptualize using pseudo science.  This is part of the attraction of a cosmic weapon.

A good example of a weapon on the low end of this category would be the Sun Eater used in the DC Universe.  The Sun Eater can give the Legion of Superheroes a hard time but it will take forever to eat enough suns to change the foundations of the universe.  I wouldn’t try to take on even Galactus alone with a Sun Eater.  Galactus might eat the Sun Eater!

The next power level would be (2) Super Weapons. These weapons enable the wielder to take on a heavy duty superhero such as Superman on the upper end of the power scale.  Green Lantern’s ring would be a good example of a super weapon on the upper end.  You might be able to defeat Superman with a Green Lantern ring, probably not, but you would have a chance at least.  On the low end, Captain Cold’s cold gun can let a super villain take on a hero like the Flash.  I would strongly urge any potential super villains out there not to try to take on Superman with something like a cold gun.  A Super Weapon cannot be constructed in the real world but can be conceptualized with pseudo science.

The last level is what I call (3) Street Weapons because they are the type of weapons you see used on the streets.  Often they are normal weapons that have been enhanced with some tinkering. On a good day, you might be able to take on a half a dozen street crooks with one of these weapons but you probably need some special martial arts skill to do this.  A good example of this type of weapon would be Daredevil’s Billy Club or Batman’s Batarang.  A street weapon could be constructed in the real world but probably would have to be adapted considerably due to real life technical constraints.


1.1) Cosmic Weapons – DC

Some of the cosmic weapons in the DC universe include the

Anti-Life Equation

Book of Eternity

Miracle Machine

Spear of Destiny



The Spear of Destiny is the spear used to pierce the side of Jesus Christ.  Hitler used the Spear of Destiny in the DC Universe to keep the American superheroes from liberating Europe.  Superman was given the task of killing the Spectre with the Spear of Destiny in one issue.  The Spectre is the most powerful being in the DC Universe and anything that can kill him has to be pretty powerful.  The Spear of Destiny gives the wielder the ability to control the minds of super powered individuals, massive reality warping and extremely powerful holy abilities

The Book of Eternity is a book that contains the story of existence.  If absolute knowledge can lead to absolute power then does absolute corruption follow…?  The wielder of the book also is granted vast magical powers.

This idea that knowledge is power is also explored in the concept of the Anti-Life Equation that will destroy all life. Darkseid is obsessed with the equation and according to him in one issue the equation is:

loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding x guilt x shame x failure x judgment n=y where y=hope and n=folly, love=lies, life=death, self=dark side

If Darkseid says the equation then the victim has mathematical certainty that all life and existence are futile and that serving Darkseid is the only point in existence.  This is mind control but mind control that can be shared via the internet and presumably even intergalactic communication systems that advanced races would possess.  A master of this equation could rule the cosmos with but a sentence and a good media outlet.  Those controlled could be asked to repeat the message to even more beings so the equation would spread exponentially.  In short, the equation has metamemetic properties.  For a definition of metamemetics please read:


Someday I will master the science of metamemetics and use this blog to rule the world!


Two of the DC Cosmic Weapons are from the Legion of Superheroes storyline.  The Sun-Eater is a living nebula with the ability to snuff out whole stars.  The Sun-Eater was created by the Controllers to destroy unworthy worlds.  The Miracle Machine was also created by the Controllers.  The machine can convert thoughts into reality and was given to the Legion of Superheroes as a reward for destroying the Sun-Eater controlled by a renegade Controller.  Braniac 5 used the machine to repel an alien invasion of Earth.  The combined armed forces of Earth and the Legion of Superheroes were losing the war so this is a good weapon to have on your side.  Warworld is a whole world filled with weapons not just on the surface but from the surface to the core.  Superman was barely able to stop even one skyscraper sized missile launched at Earth and the Warworld presumably has countless missiles and all sorts of weapons.  Presumably even a team of superheroes could not even begin to shield Earth from an attack from Warworld but I doubt you could change the cosmos with this weapon.

1.2) Cosmic Weapons – Marvel

Some of the cosmic weapons in the Marvel universe include

Casket of Ancient Winters

Cosmic Cube

Evil Eye of Avalon

Infinity Gauntlet

Serpent Crown


Ultimate Nullifier

Wand of Watoomb

The most powerful weapon in the Marvel universe is probably the Ultimate Nullifier.  The Ultimate Nullifier is generally in the possession of Galactus.  Korvac used the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy a universe in the multiverse.  The drawback is that use of the weapon is suicidal.  Whoever wields the Ultimate Nullifier is also destroyed!

A close second in the Marvel universe in terms of power might be the Infinity Gauntlet.  You can take over the universe with the Infinity Gauntlet.  Whether or not you could destroy a universe with the Infinity Gauntlet has not been determined.  The cosmic cube was the most powerful weapon in Marvel universe for years and years since it could alter reality with a thought but later the range of this weapon was set at a global level.

Before the appearance of the cosmic cube the most powerful weapon in the Marvel universe was the largely forgotten Odinsword that even graced the cover of Thor #156.  The Odinsword was supposed to end the universe if drawn from its scabbard and this idea really struck my imagination when I was a youth in the sixties.  Later, Odin absorbed the life force of all Asgardians, blew up the enchanted armor known as the Destroyer, to gigantic size, and grabbed the Odinsword to take on the Celestials and got blown up for his troubles so this event shows this sword is not in the same league as the Ultimate Nullifier or the Infinity Gauntlet.   Thanos was able to defeat two celestials and heavy-duty company with the Infinity Gauntlet.   Korvac was able to destroy a whole universe despite the Celestials.

Dormammu once used the Evil Eye of Avalon to merge his dimension with that of Earth.  The Eye of Avalon was hexed by the Scarlet Witch and the ensuing energy disaster temporarily destroyed Dormammu and drove Loki mad.  Maybe the Evil Eye of Avalon is third in terms of power in the Marvel Universe.

Cosmic weapons in the Marvel Universe that allow you to take on a band of superheroes, but probably not take over the cosmos directly, include the Wand of Watoomb and the Serprent Crown.  The Wand of Watoomb enables the wielder to mentally project and absorb mystical energy, create force fields, control weather, open dimensional portals, observe events in other locations, and heal wounds.  The Serpent Crown gives the user superhuman strength, telepathy, mind control, telekinesis, the ability to cast illusions, the power to project destructive bolts of mystical energy and even the mental ability to manipulate matter and energy.  The Casket of Ancient Winters is Asgardian and allows the wielder to control infinite cold.  A very specialized weapon but anything of infinite power belongs in the cosmic range.

1.3) Winner

For sheer originality the Anti-Life Equation wins!  The ultimate cosmic weapon would not be concrete but abstract.   This confirms what you always knew in your heart, algebra can end all life in the universe!  E=MC2  is an equation that has changed the world more than just about anything.  I think of the Anti-Life Equation as a super advanced version of E=MC2. I am sure just such an equation is just around the corner in real life.


2.1) Super Weapons – DC 

Adam Strange’s Ray Gun

Aquaman’s Hook

Black Lantern Ring

Black Manta’s Battlesuit

Blue Beetle’s Scarab

Blue Devil’s Trident of Lucifer

Blue Lantern Ring

Braniac’s Space Ships

Braniac’s Force Field

Calculator Battlesuit

Captain Boomerang’s Trick Boomerangs

Captain Cold’s Cold Gun

Copperhead’s Armor

Deadshot’s Wrist Mounted Firearms

Disintegrator Sphere

Dr. Fate’s Helm of Nabu

Emerald Eye of Ekron – Emerald Empress

Entropy Aegis Armor

Exectutioner’s Atomic Axe

Fiddler’s Fiddle

Golden Girdle of Gaea

Golden Glider’s Iceskates

Green Lantern Power Ring

Hawkgirl’s Dart Gun

Hawkman’s Protonic Lance

Hawkgirl’s Wings

Hawkman’s Wings

Heat Wave’s Gun


Icicle’s Cold Gun

Indigo Power Ring

Kanjar Ro’s Gamma Gong

Kinetic Hammer

Lasso of Lightning



Mirror Master’s Trick Mirrors

Mr. Freeze Cold Gun

Orange Lantern Ring

Orb of Ra

Orion’s Astro-Harness

Phantom Zone Projector

Piped Pipers flute


Psycho Pirate’s Medusa Mask


Red Power Ring

Sandman’s Sand of Sleep

Sandman’s Dreamstone

Sandman’s Helm of Dreams

Sargon the Sorcerer’s Ruby of Life


Soultaker Sword

Spear of Lonea

Star Man’s Cosmic Rod

Star Sapphire

Steel’s Apokolips Armor


Trident of Neptune

Trident of Poseidon

Trident of Triton

Weather Wizard’s Wand


Wonder Woman’s Bracelets of the Aegis

Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth

Xantha Charge

Yellow Power Ring

The two most famous weapons in the DC list are probably Green Lantern’s power ring and Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth.  Recently, DC decided to add a whole rainbow of power rings to their universe and I think this is diluting the brand.  What’s next a purple Hulk?  The creator of Wonder Woman also invented the lie detector!  The Lasso of Truth is the ultimate lie detector!  I think both weapons are great but slightly prefer the Lasso of Truth due to its interesting origins.

2.2) Super Weapons – Marvel

Beetle’s Armor

Black Blade of Baghdad

Black Knight’s Ebony Blade

Black Knight’s Ebony Dagger

Black Knight’s Power Lance

Black Knight’s Shield of Night

Blacklash’s Whip

Blizzard’s Suit


Big Wheel


Captain America’s Shield

Chorus Sentry

Cobalt Bomb

Controller’s Slave Discs


Cosmic Control Rod

Crimson Dynamo’s Armor

Crimson Gem of Cyttorak

Cyclone’s Suit

Destroyer (Enchanted Armor)

Doctor Octopus Tentacles

Dr. Doom’s Armor

Dragonfang Sword

Eagle Shield

Electroplasmic Wand

Energy Shield


Exorcist Gun

Eye of Agamotto

Firebrand Suit

Firepower’s Armor


Fiver Fingers of Annilation

Gamma Bomb

Ghost Rider’s Chain

Ghost’s Battlesuit

Golden Mace of Hercules

Grim Reaper’s Scythe

Guantlets of Ares


Hurricane’s Wings

Iron Man Armor (Earth-200151)

Iron Man’s Armor

Iron Monger’s Armor

Jet Parlyzer



Mandarin’s Ten Rings

Mandroid Armor


Mirage’s Holographic Suit

Mysterio’s Helmet with Holographic Projector

Mysterio’s Gloves and Boots that Emit Hallucinogenic Gas

Odin’s Thrudstok

Polestar’s Magnetic Gauntlets

Pyro’s Battlesuit and Flamethrowers

Quantum Bands

Ringmaster’s Top Hat with Portable Mind-control Device

Rhino’s Polymer Armor

Ronan the Accuser’s Universal Weapon



Scorcher’s Suit and Flamethrowers

Shocker’s Gauntlets

Silver Surfer’s Surfboard

Son of Satan’s Trident

Spymater’s Battlesuit

Staff of Polar Power


Star Shield

Stilt-Man’s Armor



Sun Shredder

Sunbeam Ray Gun

Surtur’s Twilight Sword

Sword of Bone

Sword of Fangs

Sword of Frey

Sword of Kamnu

Sword of Light

Sword of Might

Sword of Night

Sword of Ultimate Shadow

Swordman’s Sword

Taskmaster’s Solid Energy Weapon

Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir

Titanium Man’s Armor

Ulik’s Pounders

Ultra-Diode Ray

Unicorn’s Power Horn

Vulture’s Wings

Whiplash’s Gauntlets and Battlesuit

Wizard’s Power Gloves

Wrecker’s Crowbar

The three most famous weapons in the Marvel list are Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s armor.  Captain America, Iron Man and Thor are all members of the Avengers so you often get to see these incredible weapons together in one great comic book.

2.3) Winner

I loved Iron Man the movie!  One of the major subplots of the movie is the creation of Iron Man’s armor.  Could you do this with any other weapon in the DC or Marvel universe?  I don’t think so.  Iron Man’s armor is the coolest super weapon because of its story line and plausibility.  DC and Marvel are tied at this point and the next weapon decides which universe has the coolest super weapons.


3.1) Street Level – DC

Azrael’s Armor

Batman’s Batarang

Batman’s Utility Belt

Catwoman’s Cat o Nine Tails Whip

Catwoman’s Retractable Claws

Deathstroke’s Staff

Green Arrow’s Trick Arrows

Hawkman’s Claw of Horus

Huntress’ Crossbow

Joker’s Acid Squirting Flower

Joker’s Cyanide Pies

Joker’s Electrified Joy Buzzer

Joker’s Exploding Cigars with Nitroglycerine

Joker’s Razor Sharp Throwing Cards

Lobo’s Chain and Hook

Penguin’s Trick Umbrellas

Robin’s Battle Staff

Sandman’s Gas Gun

The three coolest street level weapons in the DC universe all come from the Batman family and include the batarang, utility belt and the Joker’s squirting flower. Joker’s Squirting flower doesn’t squirt water but squirts Joker venom or acid.

3.2) Street Level – Marvel

Black Widow’s Gauntlets

Boomerang’s Trick Boomerangs

Daredevil’s Billy Club

Jester’s Trick Artificial Hands

Jester’s Ball Bearing Marbles

Jester’s Exploding Popcorn

Jester’s Flying Discs

Jester’s Explosive Rubber Balls

Jester’s Yo-Yo

Gladiator’s Wrist Mounted Rotating Circular Blades

Green Goblin’s Glider

Green Goblin’s Pumpkin Bombs

Hawkeye’s Trick Arrows

Paladin’s Armor

Mockingbird’s Battle Stave

Moon Knight’s Boomerang

Moon Knight’s Golden Ankh

Moon Knight’s Throwing Irons

The coolest street level weapon in the Marvel universe is Daredevil’s Billy club.  A close second might be the Green Goblin’s equipment that led to the Hobgoblin who used the same equipment.  The Green Goblin glider probably belongs in the super weapons category.  The pumpkin bombs definitely belong in the street level category since they are basically grenades with a gimmick.

3.3) Winner

The Batman family sets the standard for street weapons in comic books!  The difficult choice is trying to decide which Batman family weapon is the coolest.  I actually created a utility belt!  I was living in Taiwan at the time and Taiwan is beset with typhoons, earthquakes and the threat of invasion from mainland China.  More as a conceptual exercise than anything else, I made a utility belt designed to facilitate survival in all three of Taiwan’s scenarios.  My buddies got a real kick out of the belt and made various suggestions.  The emphasis of the belt was survival rather than military usage so my belt had totally different stuff than Batman’s belt.  I actually think the belt I created would be semi useful.  I vote Batman’s utility belt as the coolest street weapon since it is actually possible to create to some extent.


The Anti-Life Equation is the best cosmic weapon.  Iron Man’s Armor is the best super weapon.  Batman’s utility belt is the coolest street level weapon.  DC wins two out of three categories.

DC wins!

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