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Bangsaen: United Place Apartments

United Place Apartments Bangsean Thailand

Since I wrote Bangsaen: Nearby Shopping and Traveling I have received many enquiries about what would be a good apartment complex for an expat to live in and this article is in response to those enquiries.  There are many, many, many apartment complexes in Bangsaen but the vast majority of them are totally unsuited for expats living in Bangsaen for three major reasons.

First, the apartment managers at United Place have good English skills and this is very important when choosing an apartment abroad. Secondly, in the vast majority of apartment complexes you will be the only expat and surrounded by Burapha students.  Expats tend to be older and value peace and quiet.  The students want to have fun and can be noisy.  Third, there are some more upscale apartments that have a better class of apartment manager that speaks English and fewer students but they tend to be in out of the way areas that are hard to reach without a car.  Driving a car in Thailand can be problematic for expats.  If you want a an apartment that is centrally located, has apartment managers with excellent English and houses other expats that share your desire for peace and quiet then I would recommend United Place over all other apartment complexes in Bangsaen.

Below is a link to their web page:


Contact info:

United Place Apartment

15/1 Bangsaen Lang Road, Tumbol Sansuk, Umper Muang, Cholburi 20130, Thailand

Fax: +66(0)38746306

email: unitedplace@gmail.com


United Place Bangsaen Map

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