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DC vs. Marvel Horror Hosts

House of Mystery #1

This is the seventh post in this series. The series pits non superhero genre characters from DC and Marvel against each other. The first post looked at Westerns and Western heroes (http://foxhugh.com/2009/02/13/dc-vs-marvel-western-heroes/), the second post looked at war comics and war heroes (http://foxhugh.com/2009/03/21/dc-vs-marvel-war-heroes/), the third post looked at women’s comics and working women (http://foxhugh.com/2009/04/11/dc-vs-marvel-working-women) and the fourth post looked at space operas and spacemen (http://foxhugh.com/2009/04/20/dc-vs-marvel-spacemen/). The fifth post analyzed funny animals (http://foxhugh.com/2009/06/10/dc-vs-marvel-funny-animals/). The sixth post looked at the teenagers of teenage humor comic books (http://foxhugh.com/2009/07/15/dc-vs-marvel-teenagers/). The eighth and next post will look at kid’s comic books.

This post looks at the horror genre. I had problems separating the horror genre from the superhero genre. This would not have been a problem when I was reading comic books in the sixties and seventies when I was younger. However, since at least the eighties, DC and Marvel heroes that belong to the horror genre have been incorporated into their mainstream comic book universes to the point that they are often just another type of superhero.

For example, Blade, who fights vampires, has done so many crossovers with mainstream Marvel characters that he is no longer a hero of the horror genre but a hero with horror roots who inhabits the Marvel superhero universe. The mystery that is essential in horror is lost when the characters of horror are overused in a flashy superhero universe that in many ways is the antithesis of horror. Superheroes wear bright colors and fly off into the sunset versus inhabiting a world beneath the moon, moss and worms. When you juxtapose a creature of horror with a superhero the creature of horror is lessened. The suspension of disbelief is just too much. I can temporarily believe in a world of horror. I can temporarily believe in a world of superheroes. I can only believe in a world with both superheroes and horror with difficulty.
The entire Vertigo line, a DC imprint, can be seen as an excellent attempt to bring the sense of horror back to DC by creating boundaries between creatures of horror and superheroes for the purposes of better story telling. So who represents pure horror in the DC and Marvel universes? I would argue the horror hosts do! Most horror comic books are anthologies with one-shot characters that often die a horrible death at the end and are never seen again. You have the same problem with romance comics. Both genre focus on single shot stories and finding ongoing characters in both genres is hard do. So what sort of character survives in a horror comic book? The host of the stories is who!
A horror host is the host of a horror comic book anthology. The most famous horror host does not belong to either the DC or Marvel line but to EC Comics. The host for the EC comic book Tales of the Crypt was the Crypt Keeper and perhaps the only horror host to make the transition to TV where the same character hosted the very popular and long running TV show of the same name and also two movies and even a Saturday morning cartoon named Secrets of the Cryptkeepers Haunted House. The Crypt Keeper was one of the GhouLunatics and that included fellow EC horror hosts the Vault Keeper and the Old Witch.

The DC horror hosts include Abel, Cain, Charity, Destiny, Eve, Mad Mod Witch, Madame Xanadu, and Macbeth’s witches (Mordred, Mildred and Cynthia). Abel was the host of the House of Secrets. Cain was the host of the House of Mystery. They are the Cain and Abel of Biblical fame and an ongoing gag is that Cain kills Abel over and over again whenever there is a crossover between the two brothers. The two houses sit next to each other so a little neighborly interaction is only to be expected. Charity was the host of Forbidden Tales of the Dark Mansion and probably wins the title of most obscure and forgotten DC horror host. Destiny hosted Weird Mystery Tales. Eve hosted Secrets of Sinister House from issues # 6-16. Eve later generally replaced Destiny as the host of Weird Mystery Tales. Abel and Cain are officially cousins of Eve. The Mad Mod Witch was the, on again of again, host of Unexpected from issue #108 onwards and with the alias Fashion Thing was rebooted by Neil Gaiman in the Sandman. Madame Xanadu was the host of Doorway to Mystery. Madame Xanadu returned in the first direct sales only comic book in Madame Xanadu. The series is a one-shot. The witches Mordred, Mildred and Cynthia hosted the Witching Hour. Lucian was the host of the short lived Tales of Ghost Castle.  Neil Gaiman made use of all the DC horror hosts, except Charity, in his Sandman series. Heck, even Lucian, perhaps the most obscure of the horror hosts became a librarian of the Sandman.  All the horror hosts have gone onto new fame and prominence in the Vertigo line that probably exceeds the fame and prominence they had during their original title runs in the sixties and seventies.

In the Sandman title, Destiny and is one of the Endless who in turn are mightier than gods. Destiny has been able to resist the influence of Zeus. Zeus is in turn much mightier than for example Superman. Zeus can create a female version of Superman, Wonder Woman. Destiny is one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe but is also considered the most boring story teller by Abel, Cain and Eve.

Despite a slew of horror tiles by Marvel/Atlas including Beware, Chamber of Chills, Chamber of Darkness. Creatures on the Loose, Crypt of Shadows, Dead of Night, Fear, Giant Size Chillers, Journey into Mystery (2nd series), Tomb of Darkness, Tower of Shadows, Uncanny Tales (2nd series), Vault of Evil, Weird Wonder Tales, Where Creatures Roam and Where Monsters Dwell only one of these titles had a horror host! Digger and Headstone P. Gravely hosted Tower of Shadows that was designed to go head on against DCs House of Mystery and House of Secrets. I do remember Tower of Shadows and I even remember the story of the first issue and I was like 14 years old at the time! I don’t remember the horror hosts at all. Two unknown hosts versus an interconnected family of DC hosts that are major part of the current DC/Vertigo universe? This contest doesn’t seem fair at all and I am going to change the rules! I am going to bring in a Marvels number one comic book host! The Watcher!

The Watcher acted as a host to futuristic stories in Tales of Suspense starting in issue #39 in the sixties. The Watcher acted as second story to the main Iron Man story. The stories were titled Tales of the Watcher. I actually often preferred the Watcher stories to the Iron Man stories and am totally aghast that Marvel has not made an Essential version of Tales of the Watcher. I mean Werewolf by Night and Spiderwoman get an Essential volume but not those great stories by the Watcher? The tradition was carried on in the first volume of the Silver Surfer. Later still the Watcher became the host of What If stories that were 100% superhero stories but the original Tales of the Watcher were mainstream science fiction complete with a Twilight Zone sort of lesson about the universe and/or humanity told by the Watcher at the end.

Despite their genre difference the Watcher and Destiny actually have an awful lot in common. The Watcher is a cosmic entity. Destiny is a cosmic entity. Destiny is a lot more powerful but like the Watcher mostly tells stories, and despite being blind, “observes” and doesn’t really do much. The Watcher is bald and for all we know Destiny might be bald as well. Destiny always wears a cowl and this is probably to hide his baldness. I would see Destiny as being somewhere in the power class of the Living Tribunal over at Marvel. Destiny and the Living Tribunal both wear cowls by the way. The Watcher is at least two hierarchical levels below the Living Tribunal.

The Living Tribunal is even more powerful than Eternity or Death that only represent the totality of one universe. Both Destiny and the Living Tribunal are multiverse type beings that more or less bring balance to the multiverse. There isn’t a different Destiny or Living Tribunal in each universe but one for the whole dang multiverse. A being that performs a balancing multiverse function has to be more powerful than any being limited to one universe no matter how powerful they are in that one universe. Destiny could squash the Watcher but this won’t happen.
Destiny and the Watcher are hyper rational, Mr. Spock is emotional compared to those two, and I do mean the old Mr. Spock, not that new guy French kissing Uhura, and would never engage in aggressive behavior except in self defense and neither would attack the other first since that would be illogical, uncivilized and just bad manners. Destiny and the Watcher both exchange the very best stories from their mutual universes and agree I am not a very good story teller and perhaps should find another hobby. This “DC versus Marvel” story ends in a draw.

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Half Square Dictionary




Patient’s Memes




Half Square is a postmodern encyclopedia of the 21st century in the form of a novel. The novel deals with subjects as diverse as the emergence of Cyber Buddhism and the development of the Asian Union.   Below is a complete list of the topics the novel deals with.  I am looking for an agent or publisher.

Dr. Delta: One of the symptoms of Freak Show, and most patients suffering from a meta-psychopathology, was his use of an idiosyncratic memes that made communication difficult.  The unique nature of his memes has been analyzed. This memetic listing is meant to aid the researcher while reading this transcript.  The definitions have been cross-referenced with the session’s subsections in order to aid researchers.

Some of the memes have also been classified in terms of their virulence and infectiousness level. This memetic listing will help future researchers prioritize research to counter the memes in this transcript.  Many of the memes have spread to the general public already due to the highly contagious nature of the patient’s metaschizophrenia. Many of the memes in this appendix have been purged from the transcript that was shared with the public and can only be found in the top secret version X of this transcript.

666 Phone Call – The 666 phone call is a humorous story by the patient that involves a three way call between a rabbi, bacteria and an Omega that led to the great flood.  This meme is representative of the patient’s obsession with threes. This meme is comic to the point of being harmless. See session subsection 5.04. The virulence level is 0.3.  The infectiousness level is high (8.0-10) precisely due to the meme’s comic nature.  Jokes tend to spread readily but are harmless. 

666 Degrees of Separation – At 666 degrees of separation everyone in the universe knows everyone else in the universe or at least according to the patient.  See session subsection 5.14.  This meme is mildly virulent (2.2) when combined with the Omega and post baseline memes and induces a sense of general paranoia.  This meme is fairly infectious (4.3).  In order to counter this meme imagine that energy is coming out of the center of your stomach in spaghetti form.  Now imagine you are cutting the spaghetti with a fork. 

Anti-God – The Anti-God is a nihilistic God that is the ultimate projection the patient’s own nihilism.  According to the patient, the Anti-God may decide to end the cycle of existence once and for all.  See session subsection 5.10.  This is by far the most dangerous meme generated by the patient.  The meme is very infectious (7.2) and highly virulent (7.45).  Try to meditate on whatever God or higher power you believe in to counter this meme.

Artcol – Artcol is short for art colony.  See session subsection 3.28.

Asian Union (AU) – One of the three political unions that rule the Square Earth.  The AU consisted of most of the countries in Asia.  The AU was the most powerful union economically.  See session subsection 3.03.  The meme is highly infectious among certain Asian subgroups.  The infectiousness in Shanghai is 9.3.  Some argue this meme is spreading throughout Asia so quiickly that it will lead to the creation of an Asian Union.  Virulence is difficult to determine.

Assistive Reality Reality enhancement used to help handicapped persons.  See corrective reality, enhanced reality, and muffled reality.  See session subsection 3.24.

Astral Maggots – Astral maggots eat astral crap so that every life form in the universe doesn’t get the willies.  You can be reborn as an astral maggot in Hell.  See session subsection 5.02.  This meme is similar to astral crap both in virulence and infectiousness.

Astral Noise – A low-level astral energy that pervades the universe.  The patient did not deny the existence of an after life but thought that most humans end up becoming astral noise after their death.  See session subsection 5.13.  This meme can be virulent to those whose ego structure integrity is dependent on a belief in the after life.

AU – See the “Asian Union” entry.

Astrology – The patient had some rather interesting ideas about astrology.  See session subsections 5.24 and 2.16.

Baby God – God right after the Big Bang and for about a billion years afterwards.  Baby God resembles gods in the various pantheons and loves to have fun.  See Pre-God, Teenage God, Middle Aged God, Old Man God and Anti-God.  See session subsection 5.05.

Bar Codes – Bar code technology was used as a license plate for reality helmets and to augment satellite surveillance technology.  See session subsection 3.38.  The use of bar codes as described by the patient is a highly infectious (7.22) and virulent meme (8.02) that can lead to paranoia. 

BIS – See the “Bureau of Intelligence Synthesis” entry. 

Book Squares – The Book Squares are the scholar caste of the Squares. See Sneaky Squares, Money Squares and War Squares entries.  See session subsection 1.22.

Bridge Ships – Ships created by Mainland China to act as pieces of a bridge between Mainland China and Taiwan during the invasion of Taiwan.  See session subsection 3.20.

Bureau of Intelligence Synthesis (BIS) – The premiere intelligence agency of the United Americas.  See session subsection 1.24.  This meme is highly contagious and virulent (8.0-9.0).  Many left wing young professionals in the East and West Coast of the US have been infected by this meme.  The reader should affirm that the BIS not real.

Buscom – Buscom is short for business community.  A Buscom is a rebirth community for businessmen.  See session subsection 3.27.  


Cain – Cain was the first Half Square.  Cain is the Half Square of death.  Cain killed his brother Abel.  See session subsection 1.29.


Ceremony of the Five Inside Cuts  – A ceremony of the Red Vampires of the Red Sword nation, a soldier was promoted to the rank of captain.  A pentagram was cut into the abdomen of the soldier using a samurai sword.  See session subsection 2.14.

Ceremony of the Five Outside Cuts – A ceremony of the red vampires of the Red Sword Nation in which a captain was promoted to the rank of general.  The star points of the pentagram were connected using a samurai sword.  See session subsection 2.14.

Chihuahua Aztec Curse Theory – A theory that postulates that the reason Chihuahuas are insane is due to a punishment from God for eating human flesh fed to them by the Aztecs.  See session subsection 1.27.  This meme has spread widely but seems harmless.

Chihuahua Tight Brain Theory – A scientific theory that attempts to explain the insanity of Chihuahuas.  See session subsection 1.28.  The rate of infection for this meme seems to slightly lower than the Aztec Curse Theory meme for unknown reasons.

Combot – The combot is a type of homobot that is specifically used for combat.  See session subsection 3.12.

Compurings – Rings with computer functions.  See session subsection 5.20.

Corrective RealityA type of enhanced reality used to correct deviant behavior.  See assistive reality, enhanced reality, and muffled reality.  See session subsection 3.24.

Cospros – Cospros is short for cosmopolitan proletariat.  The Cospros were a global middle class that shared an international view of society and a virtual aesthetic.  See session subsection 3.22.

Counter Spyware – Counter spyware sends false information to spyware.  Spyware monitors a computer and does exist.  This meme is mildly virulent (0.23) but highly contagious (8.25).  There are many people that now believe counter spyware does exist.  See subsection 3.31.

Cyberaddiction – Addiction to electrical stimuli provided via cyberplugs. The meme is not very contagious but highly virulent.  Several teenagers in the US and Western Europe have attempted to stimulate their medulla through make shift systems and this has led to their death.  Fortunately such incidents seem to be few and far between. See session subsection 2.02.

Cyber-Buddhism – Cyber-Buddhism was a type of Buddhism that used cyber- plugs and other high tech devices in order to achieve enlightenment.  See session subsection 2.16.

Cyberlady – An onscreen computer companion.  See session subsection 2.04.

Cyber-Lincoln Brigade – A think tank that met in cyberspace and was devoted to furthering the strategic goals of the UA.  See session subsection 3.10. 

Cyberplugs – Plugs in the base of the skull that allow direct electrical stimulation of the brain.  See session subsection 1.08.

Cyberzombies – A person whose brain has been damaged through the use of cyberplugs.  See session subsection 2.03.  The existence of Cyberzombies has become an urban legend but this meme does not seem virulent.

Da Vinci, Leonardo – Da Vinci was the third Half Square.  Da Vinci is the Half Square of reason.  See session subsection 1.31.

Deep Purple – Computer chess program.  See session 2.19.

Devil – An Omega with free will.  See session subsection 6.06.

Dolphins – According to the patient on his world, dolphins are an intelligent species on the Square Earth.  Dolphins have mastered hyper dimensional technology and have HKP.  The dolphins were the only species on Earth that remembered to send God a card on his birthday and God had not destroyed the Earth on several occasions due to this fact.  The first Square ambassador to the dolphins was Jonah.  See session subsection 1.26.

Door, William – Door was the CEO of Macrohard.  See session subsection 3.34.

Driller – A driller is one of three types of medical microbots.  A driller drills microscopic holes.  See slicer and grabber.  See session subsection 3.18. 




E-Animal – Short for enhanced animal.  An e-animal had been genetically altered to have the intelligence of a six-year old human and had about the same level of emotional maturity.  See session subsection 2.17.

East China – China split up into two separate nations: East China and West China.  East China is the most economically powerful nation in the AU.  The capital of East China is Shanghai.  See session subsection 3.01.

Electronic Trainer – Gyms use computers instead of human trainers in the patient’s world.  See subsection 2.20.

Encounters of the Fifth Kind – A human turned into an alien.  See session subsection 5.18. 

Encounters of the Sixth Kind – A human is turned into an alien and used to fight humans.  See session subsection 5.18.  There has been an increase of reported abductions involving encounters of the fifth and sixth kind.

Enhanced RealityThe general term for technology that provides extra input about reality in real time using direct sensory input.  This is not an invention of the patient what is an invention of the patient are several subcategories of enhanced reality.  See assistive reality, muffled reality and corrective reality.  See session subsection 3.23.

Erotron – Erotron was the imaginary girlfriend of the patient.  Erotron is probably a personification of the sexual feelings that Freak Show has not been able to handle in mature and normal manner.  This combined with the obsession Freak Show had with sexbots suggests that he dealt with erotic/sexual feelings via a series of technological fantasies that made sex more controllable in the patient’s mind.  See session subsection 1.11.

EU – See the “European Union” entry.

European Union (EU) – One of three political unions that ran the Square Earth.  The EU encompasses all the countries in Europe except Great Britain that elected to leave the EU and join the United Americas in reaction to Russia being accepted into the EU.  See session subsection 3.04.

Four Noble Truths Formula – The truths are a Buddhist syllogism about the human condition. The patient used a formulaic approach to apply the four noble truths to various situations.  Below is my interpretation of the formula the patient was using even though the patient never referred to the formula directly: 

1) The problem is suffering.

2) Y is the cause of suffering.

3) The solution to Y will lead to the solution of the problem of suffering.

4) X is the solution to Y.

Giant Bar Code Reader – A properly equipped satellite would secretly observe bar codes put on objects.  This meme is highly contagious and has spread throughout the world.  See session subsection 3.38.

Gigabot – A gigabot is a robot larger than any life form on Earth.  Only the UA created gigabots and was using them to terraform planets.  See nanobot, microbot, homobot and megabot.  See session subsection 3.11.

Gigatrain – The largest megatrain ever made.  The Gigatrain circled the Moon and was designed to hurl antimatter missiles at the Sun in order to destroy the solar system.  The Gigatrain could also be used to destroy post baselines or destroy asteroids that threaten the Earth.  See session subsection 5.19.  There is no truth to the rumors that NASA’s manned Mars mission is a decoy and they really want to create a Moon base to build a Gigatrain.

God – According to the patient God is the universe as a conscious synergic whole.  See Pre-God, Baby God, Teenage God, Middle Aged God, Old Man God and Anti-God. 

Golden Tuna – A tuna that has been genetically engineered tuna that was the symbol of the economic prosperity of the AU.  Golden tuna had gold scales and collected gold in its gills.  See session subsection 2.18.

Goo – Goo is a self-replicating system that operates at the nano-level.  There are several types of goo at the theoretical level including gray, black, blue, gold, khaki, green and red.  Freak Show mentioned one type of goo known as purple goo.  Purple goo is a self-replicating drug.  Incredibly a purple goo drug lab was discovered during a DEA drug bust a year after the death of Freak Show.  See session subsection 5.22.

Grabber – A grabber is one of three standard types of microbot.  A grabber grabs microscopic material.  See driller and slicer.  See session subsection 3.19.

Half Square – The offspring produced when you mate a Homo erectus and a Homo sapien.  In the imaginary world of Freak Show, there have only been six recorded cases of a Half Square in the history of the patient’s Square Earth.  Freak Show identified himself as the sixth Half Square and this is an obvious delusion of grandeur.  See session subsection 1.02.

Head Steward – A position created in the aftermath of the Square Earth 9/11.  The Head Steward was in charge of the passengers in an airline.  Specifically, the Head Steward was in charge of security and passenger comfort and was authorized to direct the stewardesses to use force to take down unruly passengers or combat terrorists.  See session subsection 1.10.

Hell A lower realm that God sends some beings to as astral maggots or astral crap. See session subsection 5.01.

Hexachromatic Vision – In theory a Square mutant could have six color rods and a Square prophecy suggests such a member would have the ability to see spirits.  See session subsection 1.21.

Hexagon – The Hexagon is the Square Earth equivalent of the Pentagon.  NASA was added to the Square Earth Pentagon in order to create the Hexagon due to 9/11.  See session subsection 3.15.

Hitler, Adolph – Hitler was the fourth Half Square.  Hitler was the Half Square of hate.  Freak Show obviously had many problems dealing with authority and father figures.  Hitler in his imaginary world may be a type of father figure.  See session subsection 1.32.

HKP – This is an acronym for Hyper Kinesic Perception.

Holo-car – A holo-car uses holographic technology to change its outward appearance.  See session subsection 1.15.

Holo-gallery – A gallery used in artcols in the patient’s world in order to holographically project one set of art to stores and galleries around the world for global art shows.  See session subsection 3.28.

Holo-lab – A lab that uses holographic technology and supercomputers to simulate a real experiment.  The advent of a cheap G6 based supercomputers at Virginia Tech make may such a lab a reality sooner than anyone would have anticipated.  See session subsection 3.29.

Holo-lawn – This is a lawn that holographically projects lawn ornaments and animals.  See session subsection 6.10.

Homobot – A robot with human dimensions.  See nanobot, microbot, minibot, and gigabot.  See session subsection 3.10.

Hyperconsciousness Project – A project in which clones of Einstein, William Door and Buddha work on various projects as a team.  Einstein, Door and Buddha may represent different aspects of the patient’s personality that he needed to reconcile.  See session subsection 3.33.

Hyperdimensional – A meme used by the patient a good deal.  According to the dictionary, hyperdimensional means more than four dimensions 

Hyperkinesic Perception (HKP) – HKP is the ability to perceive and process spatial information in a manner vastly superior to that of your average person.  Homo erectus members are born with HKP. Recent studies that show something like HKP can in fact explain a lot of ESP phenomena suggest that the patient may have had some insight into this type of perception.  Did the patient have HKP and did this allow him to infect others with greater ease?  See session subsection 1.18.  

I Ching – The patient saw the I Ching as a tool to figure out a trialistic universe.  See session subsection 6.03.

Interspecies Communication Institute – A specialized organization of the War Square caste in charge of covert action.  In particular, the institute controls Sloppy Square communications for the purposes of control and to covertly use said systems to communicate to Squares around the world.  The institute also handles most communications between Squares and dolphins. This meme is both highly infectious and virulent.  There is no evidence that such an institute exists.  The investigation that followed Dr. Gamma’s break down showed that Dr. Gamma was apparently infected by this meme early on and believed a co-worker worked for such an organization.  Dr. Gamma refuses to divulge what co-worker he suspected and this is further proof his recovery is not going well.  See session subsection 3.36.

Jesus – Jesus was the second Half Square of the Square Earth.  Jesus was the Half Square of love on this Earth.  See session subsection 1.30.

Killer-Ape – Killer Ape is a reference to Homo sapiens in the old language of the Squares.  See session subsection 1.25.

LIP – Acronym for laser, ion, and plasma missile order of battle system.  See session subsection 5.18.

Macrohard – Macrohard was the biggest and most powerful corporation in the Square Earth.  Macrohard will create the Gigatrain that will lead to the destruction of the Square Earth.  See session subsection 2.05.

Macrotrend – According to the patient universal baseline level civilization trend.  See session subsection 6.07.

Master Roshi – Master Roshi is the founder and leader of the Cyber-Buddhist Church.  Master Roshi may be a father figure manifestation of the patient.  See session subsection 2.15.

Matriarch – The Matriarch is the spiritual leader of the Squares.  The Matriarch is an obvious mother figure shows the patient’s preoccupation with female power.  See session subsection 1.14.

Maximalism – A cospro philosophy that rejects minimalism and states that more is more and that life should be lived big.  Virtualism is one means for achieving maximalism.  See session subsection 3.21.

McMickey – The largest fast food chain in the patient’s imaginary world and an informal hangout of expats around the world.  See session subsection 4.01.

MDA – See the “Military Digital Assistant” entry. 

Megabot – A megabot is a robot that is the approximate size of a large mammal.  See nanobot, microbot, minibot, homobot and gigabot.  See session subsection 3.11.

Megatrain – A maglev train that can achieve supersonic speeds and that can also launch missiles and/or satellites.  Maglev trains do exist and there is maglev train connection Pudong and Shanghai but there is no evidence that maglevs could be used both for transportation and to launch missiles.  See session subsection 3.08.

Memetic Map – A map that summarizes huge amounts of data for the BIS.  See session subsection 1.23.

Metamemetic – Metamemetics is that study of memes that control other memes.  See session subsection 3.21

Metatechnology – Metatechnology is the study of technological synergies rather than individual technologies.  See subsection 5.23.

Memetic Classes – Memetic classes are a way of looking at political classes in terms of their memetic role.  See session subsection 3.00

Military digital assistant (MDA) – An MDA is a military version of a personal digital assistant.  See session subsection 3.36.

Middle-Aged God – God at midlife and the God the Buddha communicated with.  See Pre-God, Baby God, Teenage God, Old Man God, and Anti-God entries.  See session subsection 5.07.

Microbots – A robot the size of a microbe to the size of an insect.  See nanobot, minibot, homobot and gigabot.  See session subsection 3.11.

Minibot – A minibot is smaller than a human being but larger than a microbe.  See nanobot, microbot, homobot, megabot, and gigabot.  See session subsection 3.11.

Muffled RealityA subtype of enhanced reality that attempts to lessen aversive input.  See assistive reality, corrective reality and enhanced reality.  See session subsection 3.24.

Nanobot – A nanobot is a robot that is smaller than any life form on Earth.  The AU is the leader in nanobot technology.  See microbot, minibot, homobot, megabot, and gigabot.  See session subsection 3.11.

Nanopayment Virus – A nanopayment virus is used to steal fractional amounts of money during Internet transactions.  See session subsection 1.05.

NHF – An acronym for No Hands Firing System.

Non-Square Earths – Earths that emerge in some Big Bang cycles in which there are only Homo sapiens and no modern Homo erectus.  The Omegas have noticed that these Earths are less technologically developed than Square Earths but survive longer.  See session subsection 6.11.

Old Man God – Old man God is God at the end of his existence.  Old man God is pretty bitter and is similar to Jehovah in the Bible.  Old man God has gone ahead and created hell as opposed to recycling to punish the wicked.  See Pre-God, Baby God, Teenage God, Middle Aged God, and Anti-God.  See session subsection 5.08.

Omega Brain – a brain that is modified with computer and/or genetic technology.  This is the second most dangerous meme generated by the patient, the Anti-God meme being the patient’s most dangerous meme.  The current new age Omega Brain movement is both dangerous and delusional.  First of all the technology does not exist to create an Omega Brain and secondly such a creation would be an abomination.  See session subsection 5.03.

Omega Law – This law states that intelligence grows exponentially after the appearance of the first Omega brain in a technological civilization.  See session subsection 5.03.

Omegas – The Omegas are super androids that serve God.  See session 5.00.

Omega – In physics the measure of the cosmic density of matter.

Panpsychic Killers – The universe is alive and wants to kill us. This is a typical paranoid delusion.  This meme has shown mild infectivity and mild virulence.  See session subsection 6.05

Pentachromatic Vision – According to the patient mutant Homo erectus are occasionally born with pentachromatic vision.  See session subsection 1.20.

Phoenix Corporation – A chain that provides suspended animation services.  See session subsection 4.03.

Plasma Missiles – Plasma missiles combine energy weapon technology and nuclear technology.  See session subsection 5.15.

Pornbot – a software program that seeks free porn according to thematic and/or fetish preferences and downloads this porn automatically.  Sales of pornbot software formed the initial basis of the fortune of William Door.  See session subsection 3.31.

Post Baseline – A post baseline has replaced Darwinian evolution with technologically based evolution and uses technology to evolve.  There are two types: downloaded and uploaded.  Downloaded post baselines chose to keep a body and download into bodies as needed.  Uploaded post baselines upload into a planetary or even interstellar computer system and choose to live in a virtual reality.  See session subsection 5.00.

Pre-God Universes– The pre-God universes are the billions of Big Bang universes that had gravity that was to strong or too weak and that did not create life and therefore this life never evolved into God.  These universes are referred to as Pre-God universes.  See Baby God, Teenage God, Middle Aged God, Old Man God and Anti-God.  See session subsection 5.9.

Prophecy of the Sixth Half Square – According to this prophecy there will be six Half- Squares including Jesus and that the sixth Half Square will presage the end of the world.  See session subsection 1.30.   

 Rampant Paranoia – According to the patient, rampant paranoia is a gift from God.  See subsection 6.04.

Reagan, Ronald – Reagan was the fifth Half Square.  The fifth Half Square is the Half Square of order.  See session subsection 1.33.

Reality Helmet – A helmet used for assistive, corrective, enhanced and muffled reality.  See session subsection 3.25.

Rebirth – A life state that combines features of work and retirement created in response to longer life spans and earlier retirement.  In rebirth a Cospro will do consulting using the resources of a community created for this purpose.  See session subsection 3.26.

Recycle – Rebirth into a new body i.e. reincarnation.  Microrecycling happens within a Big Bang cycle.  Macrorecycling is from one Big Bang to another.  See session subsection 5.12.

Red Death – A mixture of tetrodotoxin and LSD.  See session subsection 2.12.

Red Emperor – The leader of a Red Vampire Yakuza gang in Japan.  See session subsection 2.13.

Reverse Recycling – Generally one recycles from the present into the future.  Occasionally, a person recycles from the future into the past.  See session subsection 6.09.

RGC – This is an acronym for Rio Grande Canal.

Rio Grande Canal (RGC) – A canal that extends the Rio Grande and provides a natural border between the United States and Mexico and also allows the UA to move it’s navy from the Atlantic to the Pacific and vice-versa.  See session subsection 1.03.

Robot Size Rule – The concept that the single most important characteristic of a robot’s body is the size of the robot 3.14.  

 Scicom – A term that is short for science community.  A scicom is a rebirth community for scientists.  See session subsection 3.31.

Self-Replicating System (SRS) – A self-replicating system has advantages of economy and power but has disadvantages in the area of control.  See session subsection 3.09.

Sexbot – A homobot created for sexual purposes.  Many sexbots do not posses cybernetic systems and therefore, are arguably, not robots at all.  See session subsection 2.08.

Slicer – A slicer is one of three types of microbots.  A microbot is used to slice microscopic materials.  See driller and grabber.  See session subsection 3.17.

Sloppy Divorce – Shooting technique employed by the Squares in which the person standing next to the Square, usually their Sloppy Square investigative partner is shot using the ricochet of a bullet.  See session subsection 3.35.

Sloppy Squares – A Square slang term for a Homo sapien.  See session subsection 1.17.

Small Brain Syndrome – The patient claimed that the Omegas have discovered an inverse relationship between intelligence and clairvoyance among baselines.  In general, if your brain is smaller then you are more clairvoyant but you also have less ability to do something about your premonitions due to your small brain.  See session subsection 6.06.

 Sneaky Squares – The Sneaky Squares are a Square caste in charge of covert operations.  See Book Squares, Money Squares and War Squares entries.  See session subsection 3.37.

Solarians – These are post baselines that use photosynthesis instead of eating.  See session subsection 5.17.

Spiral of Being – The patient’s version of the Chain of Being.  See session subsection 5.03.

Squares – The slang term for Homo erectus used by Homo erectus.  See session subsection 1.12.

Square Earth Law – Technological knowledge from one Big Bang cycle should not be shared with beings from another Big Bang cycle.  In particular, technological knowledge from a Square Earth should not be shared with members of a non-Square Earth.  The Omegas punish transgressions of this law with spontaneous combustion and Freak Show was worried that this would happen to him.  See session subsection 5.11.

SRS – This is an acronym that stands for Self-Replicating System.

Subship – A supersonic transport technology that uses the life support of a submarine and the propulsion system of a maglev train in order to travel in tunnels under the ocean.  See session subsection 3.07.

Super Color – A color that you need tetrachromatic vision to see.  Square messages are often written in the margins of books in super color.  See session subsection 1.04.

Syntarian – A person who eats synthetic food so as to avoid even killing plant life.  See virtuarian.  See session subsection 1.06.

Taiwan – In the patient’s mind, Mainland China invades Taiwan.  See subsection 3.19.  I lived and taught at the university level in Taiwan and find the patient exceptionally well informed about this part of the world.

 Tank Dome – A geodesic dome made of reactive armor and Chobham.  A tank dome provides flexible fortification and can be used as a standalone military structure or to provide fortification to an existing structure.  See session subsection 3.16.

Tankbot – A type of megabot created for combat.  A tankbot fulfills the role of tank in a battlefield, but unlike a tank, can walk and climb over obstacles and is therefore more mobile than a traditional tank.  See session subsection 3.13.

Teenage God – This is God when he is around 2-5 billion years old.  According to the patient, Teenage God is filled with hope and idealism.  Teenage God talked to Jesus.  See Pre-God, Baby God, Middle Aged God, Old Man God and Anti-God.  See session subsection 5.10.

Tetrachromatic Vision – Homo erectus have four optical rods, as opposed to three, that provide superior color vision.  See session subsection 1.19.

Triple Ten Day – This refers to October 10, 2010.  On this day an event will happen will lead to the eventually lead to the reunification of mainland China and Taiwan.  Due to the sensitivity of this meme, the meme has been removed from all versions of the transcript except version X.

Money Squares –The Money Squares are the leadership caste of the Squares and are generally but not always female.  See Book Square, Sneaky Squares, and War Squares entries.  See session subsection 1.13, 1.24.

Triad – The Triad is a reference to the three political unions that govern the Square Earth.  See session subsection 3.05.

Triadic Evolution – The process whereby power moved away from the member states and into the union governance structures in an escalating response to the centralization of power in the other unions. See session subsection 1.34.

Trialism – This is a metaphysical theory that the universe consists of three types of phenomena.  The three types of phenomena include causal phenomena, existential phenomena and synchronous phenomena. See session subsection 6.02.

Trilateral Commission – A commission created to resolve disputes between the three unions.  The Trilateral Commission is housed in the building that used to house the United Nations that was no longer active having been largely supplanted by the triad as a form of international governance.  See session subsection 3.06.

United Americas (UA) – The most militarily powerful of the three political unions that govern the patient’s imaginary Square Earth.  The UA encompasses North, Central and South America as well as Australia and Great Britain. See session subsection 1.09.

Universal Laws of Technology – The patient claimed that metatechnologists on his Earth had identified universal laws of technology. 

1) Technology is out of control in the entire space-time continuum.

3) For every problem solved by technology another problem is created by the same technology.

4) When it comes to technology, you get what you pay for.

6) When it comes to technology when it rains it pours.

10) If it can be done then it will be done. So do it before they do it.

12) You need the right brain to for the right tool.

25) Technology has a life of its own.

Vampires – A group of Japanese otaku that act like vampires.  Vampires include White and Red Vampires.  See session subsection 2.10.

Virtualism – The philosophy that technology should be used to maximize experience and virtual experience should be used when actual experience is not economically feasible.  See session subsection 3.23.

Virtuarian – A virtuarian is a person that eats synthetic food that has zero calorie content.  See syntarian.  See session subsection 1.07.

War Square – This is one of the three castes of the Squares.  War Squares are the warriors of the Squares.  See Book Square, Sneaky Square and Money Square entries.  See session subsection 1.24.

West China – West China separated from East China due to differences in social policy.  West China is much poorer than East China and had a Maoist government.  The capital of West China was Xian.  See session subsection 3.01.

White Death – A powdered form of tetradotoxin.  Tetradotoxin is used in Japanese vampire rituals.  I cannot determine if the current use of tetradotoxin as a recreational drug is related to the spread of this meme by the patient.  See session subsection 2.11. 

Ying – Yang Kids – The Ying-Yang Kids are an informal group of teenagers in Shanghai that tried to combine the philosophies of Jesus and Charles Manson. The rise of Ying-yang gangs in Chinatowns around the world may or may not be related to this meme. See session subsection 3.34.

Z-Rays – Imaginary electromagnetic waves that have a smaller wavelength than Gamma rays.  See section 1.21.

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