The Droste Effect/Infinity Covers in Comic Books

The Droste effect (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈdrɔstə]), known in art as an example of mise en abyme, is the effect of a picture recursively appearing within itself, in a place where a similar picture would realistically be expected to appear. This produces a loop which mathematically could go on forever, but in practice only continues as far as the image’s resolution allows.

Action Comics #500 (DC) Amazing Spider-Girl #0 (Marvel) Batman V1 #8 (DC) Captain Marvel #37 (Fawcett) Comics Collector-Summer 1985 Its Game Time (DC) Jimmy Olsen-Superman’s Pal #110 (DC) Little Max #1 (Harvey) MAD #101 Madman Wizard Ace Edition #1 My Little Margie #8 (Charlton) Spoof V1 #1 (Marvel)
Story of Johnny Surge, The #1947
The Marvels #10 (Marvel) Walt Disney Comics #33

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