Mephisto’s Council of Red

Avengers #55 (2022) – Page 15-Dog Form

Avengers #55 (2022) – Page 16-Council of Red

Avengers #55 (2022) – Page 17-Portal

Avengers V2018 #50 (2022) – Page 21-Snake

Mephisto from the past of Earth 616 or one of the Mephisto’s of another Earth that has the shape of a snake or perhaps a serpent? The word Serpent is Latin, the word Snake from Germanic. Serpent is more of a literary term: used in poetry and literature, more evocative and pejorative and dramatic. Snake is a more clinical term, used more in casual conversation and precise scientific terminology

Avengers V2018 #50 (2022) – Page 43-Mephisto Earth 411

Avengers V2018 #50 (2022) – Page 44-Howard Stark

Avengers V2018 #50 (2022) – Page 47-Snake again


Avengers V2018 #50 (2022) – Page 61-Mephisto created Masters of Evil of the Multiverse

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