Friends of the Green Werefox

The Green Werefox can teleport across the multiverse and has made some interesting friends on different dimensions. Martha is a purple giantess. Martha is a vegan. The size difference is a problem in their relationship but the vegan dietary difference is the bigger problem. The Green Werefox likes his steak and there is no steak to be found on her planet. The Green Werefox wonders if there is an evolutionary correlation between the vegan diet of her planet and the giant size of the humanoids on the planet?

Revor is a super intelligent canine.  Revor enjoys playing four dimensional chess with himself in his mind.  Strangely Revor also like to play fetch with the Green Werefox in order to unwind.

The Orange Cyclops is one of the few beings in the multiverse that can drink more beer than the Green Werefox.

Am I Kitsune?

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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