Black Werefox Gang

The Black Werefox is insane ! However, the Black Werefox is also gregarious and has created a gang of fellow lunatics. Bad Bozo, Bozo the Clown’s Evil Twin is the craziest member of the gang. Bad Bozo was rejected from clown school due to the sadistic nature of his pranks. His brother went on to fame and this has made Bad Bozo become even crazier over time!

The Joker is the best friend of the Black Werefox and often comes up with ideas for the gang’s capers.

The Terrible Teddy Bear was a normal magic animated bear until he was discarded by his owner because his girlfriend thought an adult with a Teddy Bear was not cool! Terrible Teddy Bear has vowed revenge on all other humans who have tossed their toys away!

Am I Kitsune?

WereVerse Universe Baby!

Google Drive Link: WereVerse Universe

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