How to Manage PDF Files on Mobile Devices

Able2Extract Mobile 320x480 has developed three new mobile applications for PDF conversion and creation. Not only are they compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices, but they are also 100% free and very easy to use. The mobile app is the same as the desktop conversion tool Able2Extract PDF Converter.

The three mobile applications are:

Able2Extract PDF Converter – Converts PDF files to and from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Text.

Able2Doc PDF to Word – Converts PDF files to MS Word.

Sonic PDF Creator – Creates PDF documents from Microsoft Office format files.

The conversion process is pretty user friendly.

Once you select the document you want to convert, the rest of the process takes just two steps:

1) Open the file

2) Choose the type of conversion.

And that’s all there is to it.

All the files are located on one, central menu, from which they can easily be opened, shared or deleted. The converted files are secured and privacy is guaranteed.  If you want to download and try these apps for free, visit:

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