Orange Werefox Eating Insects

Werefox eating insects 1

Werefox eating insects 2

WereVerse Universe Baby!

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2 responses to “Orange Werefox Eating Insects

  1. OH my god! You ate the insects!So brave,did it taste good?

    • The insects actually do taste good. Salty, kind of like potato chips and only 20 baht for a bag with maybe 20 so a bargain at a baht an insect. If you watch the video then you will see the two girls are braver than me! They swallowed the insects whole and made a lot less fuss than me. For me travel is all about new experiences. I have been thinking about eating an insect since I first saw them in Thailand 14 years ago but finally got the courage to take the plunge! A new experience is best shared with new friends! If you look closely then you realize its some sort of locust not a beetle. I have to admit that is one of the reasons I was ok with eating the bug. For some reason I find a locust less disgusting than a beetle. They jump around and are kind of outdoor insects not house insects that eat garbage. I think I will probably never eat a roach! Also the insects were fresh. If you look at the pictures you realize that they fry em up right live right from the box! Sometimes you have vendors at night markets but I never saw a box of live insects next to the stall. So kind of a unique opportunity if thats what you want to call it 🙂

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