Turn Utility Shelving into a Great Clothes Rack

The rod is shower rod.  The baskets below hold extra clothing.  I used the “S” hooks to attach the rod to the utility shelving.  I also use “S” hooks to attach clothing and bags that’s in usage on the outside.  This setup is really good for tropical climates.  If you put stuff in cheap plywood closet in a tropical climate then the clothes get mildewy.  You really need to use a good closet made up of a hardwood if you go that route.  Even a good hardwood closet can be murder on leather belts.  A leather belt can turn into a moldy mess in any sort of enclosed structure.  All in all, clothes and accessories are better off if they are aired out while being stored.  I am have lived in nine countries over a period of twenty years and don’t like to invest a ton of money on furniture and have found this set up works!

Later I figured out a way to make a sort of tie rack!

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Turn Utility Shelving into a Great Clothes Rack

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