H-666 the Robot

H-6-15-24 or H-666 for short is a robot programmed with the same memory engrams as Dr. Fox.  H-666 considers “himself” to be the “son” of Dr. Fox. H-666 was born in the 21st century but survived into the 23rd century and was pivotal in creating the tran-species technology that allowed for the creation of the insect men and the birth of Orithorn whose human DNA  was DNA of Dr. Fox preserved by H-666.  Technically Orithorn is a semi-clone of Dr. Fox but generally considers himself to be the great, great, great, great grandson of Dr. Fox.  Vulpe the Fortune Teller and H-666 had many adventures together during the 22nd century.  Vulpe the Fortune Teller died in the 22nd century and in his dying breath accepted H-666 as his great, great, great, great grandson despite denying this relationship prior to this declaration.  H-666 loves to help Dr. Fox teach his ESL lesson about robots.


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