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In a Google search for a site that converts EPub files to PDF files, the first website that shows up is  I have used this site for other conversions very successfully but the site was a total failure when it came to converting an EPub file.  Some sort of HTML file showed up with lots and lots of garbage.  Since the EPub file was a book, not a page, this was a waste of ten plus minutes and I have a high speed internet connection.  My connection can download a movie in about ten minutes!

Online-Convert shows up in the top three of your Google search but it turns out converting an EPub to PDF is not an option period.  Based on the site information, you can turn a PDF file into just about any other reader including EPub but I did not check out this option since this is not what I wanted to do.

In the top ten search list are also several help articles that are actually useless or thinly disguised attempts to sell you an EPub to PDF converter!  I do not give up and just kept going down the Google list until I found ePub to PDF Converter!  Success!  The site did the job.  The book was converted in less than a minute.  The PDF output was just fine!  Well you can waste your time going down dead ends or just go straight to ePub to PDF converter.  I had a similar circular experience with free online collage makers.

If you want to find free online software then you need to be dogged and try several sites until you find what you want!  I do want the reader to know that I stopped when I found a site that did what I needed period.  There may be other sites that do the job but after checking out about ten sites that were dead ends, I was just happy to find one that did the job and was too tired to go on.  If anyone wants to mention other good sites then please alert me to the sites and I will check them out.

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