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ASEAN: Cultural Diverstiy


ASEAN Cultural Heritage Site Quiz

Write Down the Tourist Site Next to the Nations name!

1) Brunei Darussalam ?

2) Cambodia ?

3) Indonesia ?

4) Laos ?

5) Malaysia ?

6) Myanmar ?

7) Philippines ?

8) Singapore ?

9) Thailand ?

10) Vietnam ?

11) What are the three doors?

12) When was ASEAN founded?

13) How many member states?

14) What can young people do?

15) What does the ASEAN logo symbolize?

Cultural Diversity is usually associated with ethnic diversity but actually cultural diversity includes ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity and more!

How does the cartoon portray ethnic, linguistic and religious issues in ASEAN?

1.0) ASEAN Committee on Culture and Information (COCI)

1.1) Cultural Industry

1.2) Sustain Cultural Heritage

1.3) Cultural Tourism

1.4) Diffusion of cultural knowledge about ASEAN within ASEAN via media and education


From: Strategic review of the ASEAN-COCI work program, Final Report, June 2005

Overall,  there is an emphasis on visible culture not hidden culture.

2.0) The Challenge of Ethnic Diversity

2.1) SE Asia has more ethnic groups than any other part of the world.

2.2) National borders were created during the colonial period without regard to ethnic groups.

2.3) Thus, many ethnic groups exist in more than one ASEAN nation.

3) The Challenge of Linguistic Diversity

3.1) There is a huge level of linguistic diversity within all ASEAN nations.

3.2) Thus, there is an agreed upon need for upgrading English instruction so English can act as a common ASEAN language.

3.3) There is a need for language experts that know the languages of other ASEAN countries in addition to English.

From: Mother tongues as bridge language of instruction: policies and experiences in South East Asia, Bangkok, SEAMEO, 2009.

4.0) The Challenge of Religious Diversity

4.1) ASEAN has a tremendous level of religious diversity.

4.2) The global rise of radical Islam will pose a challenge to ASEAN security.

5.0) Cultural Diversity in ASEAN: A Nation by Nation Analysis

5.1) Singapore may be a model for SE Asian multiculturalism.

5.2) Myanmar has serious ethnic problems.

Information from:

Research Report : Ensuring Protection for Minority Ethnic Groups in South-East Asian States, Committee: Human Rights Council 1 (HRC1), Chair, Julian Rosales OFS.


6.0) ASEAN Multiculturalism vs. European Union (EU) and the United States

6.1) The European Union rose out of the destruction of WW II in order to prevent another great European Conflict.  Cultural diversity is not as great in the EU as in SE Asia.  A common European cultural identity existed before the creation of the EU.  Exclusion of Turkey from the EU is largely on cultural rather than economic grounds.  Issues of cultural industry and cultural tourism are important but not as important as in ASEAN.

6.2) Multiculturalism in the United States arose out of the Civil Right Movement of the 1960’s.   Almost no emphasis on cultural industry and cultural tourism.  Minority culture is diffused via education for conflict resolution not economic reasons.

6.3) ASEAN puts a greater emphasis on cultural industry and cultural tourism than the EU and the United States.

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