Ava Café at Burupha University International College

The number of dining choices at Burapha University in Bangsean, Thailand has increased dramatically with the introduction of Ava Café housed in the Burupha University International College building.  Ava Café does have a coffee house but offers so much more.  The café also has a full selection of Gelatos.  The café has a Thai style noodle area.  The café has Thai style cafeteria food.  In addition, the café has Thai style steak.  Pop Chick fried chicken is available.  Western food can be made to order.  The aesthetics of the café are fantastic.  The décor is  modern and tasteful.  Light from the windows floods the café and is reflected by the fine white linen and sandy wood tables to give the place an airy atmosphere.  The café seats fifty patrons comfortably.  There is a VIP area for teachers.  The service is excellent.  Anyone looking for dining a cut above the other dining areas at Burapha University should seriously consider dining at Ava Café.  The management can be contacted at:

Ava Café@ BUUIC.

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