Eye in Hand

Kahlil Gibran “the Divine World”

Before the tower fell, the face was a door.

After the tower fell, the face became a veil.

The confusion of both tongue and face caused too much suffering.

The one who sits on the throne above all other thrones decreed a mark.

He had marked the first murderer already and knew of such things.

There would be three lines on the hands of every human

The first line would be a door to the heart

The second line would be a door to the mind

The third line would be a map of his road for that human

The children of Lilith could see that the lines were cracks and see the light behind.

The children of Adam would need study to understand the lines.

Those the throne blessed had a fourth line.

The fourth line would cross the two lines of heart and mind.

The wise say that those marked with the fourth line are to be treated carefully.

Those with only two lines are to be treated more carefully still.

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