I Collect Tin Houses!

I collect a lot of stuff but I would say my most unique collection is of tins that look like house that I call “tin houses”.

Star Buck Tin House

Starbucks Tin House

The above tin house was sold in Starbucks on Christmas of 2008.  I have around 300 different tin houses.  I think I probably have the largest collection of tin houses in the world!

More photos at:



The photos include some Jules Destrooper  house tins and a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer house tin.

WereVerse Universe Baby!

2 responses to “I Collect Tin Houses!

  1. I collect too…mainly french and english not sure how many exactly…but gotta a whole village of each! interested?

    • I am living in Japan and have a super small place. My collection is in storage for now. I have many English tins. I spent three weeks in the London area and was amazed how many of these tins the English make. The Silver Crane company is a major player. I was not aware that France also made such tins.

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