06.1) War Comics set in WW II-Silver Age

Charlton Comics holds the record for the most WW II titles (18) but all the titles were uniformly, pun intended, bland. The titles include Army Attack, Army War Heroes, Attack, Battlefield Action, D-Day, Fightin’ Air Force, Fightin’ Army, Fightin’ Marines, Fightin’ Navy, Marine War Heroes, Marines Attack, Navy War Heroes, Never Again, Soldier and Marine Comics, Submarine Attack, US Air Force Comics, War and Attack, War at Sea and War Heroes.


Some recurring characters within the anthologies include “The American Eagle“, “Shotgun Harker and the Chicken“, “The Devil’s Brigade“, “The Iron Corporal” and “The Lonely War of Capt. Willy Schultz“.

DC holds the record for the most memorable war heroes including Boy Commandos, Captain Storm, Gravedigger, Gunner and Sarge, Haunted Tank, Hop Harrigan, Iron Major, Lt. Hunters Hellcats, Mademoiselle Marie, Sgt. Rock, Easy Company, The Losers, the Unknown Soldier and Viking Commando.

DC has had many war comic anthologies (12) War Comic Anthologies) but only two that dealt with stories set in WW II almost exclusively including G.I. Combat and Our Fighting Forces.

British comics include three tiles: Commando (D.C. Thompson), Warlord (D.C. Thompson) and Battle Picture Weekly (IPC). All three comic books tend to pay more attention to detail. Regalia, slang used by the troops and the illustration of types of weapons used tend to be more much more accurate than their American counterparts.

Dell comics had four WW II comic titles including Combat, McHale’s Navy, War Heroes and War Stories. McHale’s Navy was based on a popular American sitcom.

Farrell had three WW II titles including G-I in Battle, War Report, and War Stories.

Harvey Comics had three war titles including True War Experiences, War Battles and War Victory Adventures.

Marvel does not have as many war titles or war heroes as DC. Marvel does have a more intricate retconned universe of superheroes operating during WW II than DC.

Captain America is by far the most famous superhero, DC or Marvel, to emerge from WW II.

The Invaders, Kid Commandos and Liberty Legion are all heroes that more or less operate during WW II.

The Invaders and the Liberty Legion eventually meet up in Invaders V1 #6.

Captain Savage is a war hero that is a marine as opposed to belonging to the army like the Howling Commandos.

Sgt. Fury is the most famous WW II war hero and of course has to meet Captain American during WW II eventually and does so in Sgt. Fury V1 #13

The Combat Kelly series published in the seventies was set in WW II.

St. John had two war comic titles including Anchors Andrews and Canteen Kate.

Key Publications had four war comic titles including Battle Squadron, Navy Patrol, Navy Task Force and Battle Heroes.

Air Fighters Comics V1 #4 (Hillman) introduced Air Boy.

Youthful Magazines published Attack.

Holyoke Publishing published the war comic Captain Aero Comics.

Four Star published the war comic Captain Flight Comics.

Rural Home published Eagle Comics.

Atlas/Seaboard Comics published Savage Combat Tales.

Fiction House published Wings Comics.

Fawcett published Don Winslow of the Navy.

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