10) War Comics set in the Iraq War

There are only six war comics set in the Iraq War including Combat Zone: True Tales of G.I.s in Iraq (Marvel), Pride of Baghdad (Vertigo), Sheriff of Babylon (Vertigo) and Walking Wounded: Uncut Stories from Iraq (NBM).

Combat Zone: True Tales of G.I.s in Iraq (Marvel) is a nice two dimensional comic war comic that almost seems anachronistic in its simplistic take on the Iraq War. The US troops are killers but have enough goodness to hope the souls of their dead enemies rest in peace.

The series ends with a G.I. saving his comrades in arms by putting his body between them and an exploding grenade.

Pride of Baghdad (Vertigo) is from the POV of lions that have escaped from a zoo during the invasion of Bagdad. The graphic novel is loosely based on a true incident. There is some interesting panoramic art work. The character development of the lion pride is really well done.

Sheriff of Babylon (Vertigo) is a police officer from Florida that is trying to create a US style police force in the Green Zone after the Americans occupy Bagdad.

Walking Wounded: Uncut Stories from Iraq (NBM) explores post-traumatic stress caused by the War in Iraq. Maël, the illustrator, uses orange in juxtaposition to the black and white coloring to contrast reality from flashbacks in an interesting manner.

The Haunted Tank from WW II makes a showing in Iraq in the Vertigo version. This is a buddy film story. You have the Black tank commander forced to buddy up with J. E. B. Stuart. The idea is interesting but just doesn’t work in this case.

In War-Fix (NBM), the reader discovers that war can be a drug.

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