The Spirit of the Beehive – Literary Elements

A sensitive seven-year-old girl living a small village in 1940 rural Spain is traumatized after viewing James Whale’s “Frankenstein” and drifts into her own fantasy world.

1) What is the point of view of the movie?

2) What is the plot of the movie?

1The Spirit of the Beehive (1973).Thumbnails


3) Describe the following characters using the Fox Character Analysis Pyramid which includes name/title, physical appearance, personality, character’s role, character’s problems/challenges, major accomplishments, cultural context, and world view.

2Fernando Fernán Gómez as Fernando 3Teresa Gimpera as Teresa 4Ana Torrent as Ana

4) What is the theme of the movie?

5) What is the setting of the movie?  How important is the setting?

6) What is the genre of the movie?

7) Does the movie have any cultural lessons?

8) What are the literary conflicts of the movie?


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  1. YNES OGGEL, Ph.D.

    Do you have a PowerPoint that you might want to share about this movie? I’m have a Foreign Films Club, and would like to show this movie. I have the PowerPoint for the historical background, but would love if someone is willing to share the actual movie information. Thanks

  2. Thank you. I’ll check it out.

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