Pan’s Labyrinth – Discussion Questions

Captain Vidal, Carmen, Doctor Ferreiro, Fairy, Faun, King of the Underworld , Mercedes, Ofelia, Pale Man, Princess Moanna

1) Describe Captain Vidal.

2) Describe Carmen.

3) Describe Doctor Ferreiro.

4) Describe the fairies.

5) Describe Faun.

6) Describe King of the Underworld.

7) Describe Mercedes.

8) Describe Ofelia.

9) Describe Pale Man.

10) Describe Princess Moanna.

11) Describe Ofelia’s/Moanna’s tasks.

12) Does Captain Vidal love Ofelia’s mother?

13) What is the theme of the movie?

14) How is this Spanish fantasy film different from a Hollywood fantasy film like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

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