One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Psychology Lesson

Billy Bibbit, Candy, Charlie Cheswick, Chief Bromden, Dr. John Spivey, Fredrickson, Harding, Martini, Nurse Mildred Ratched, R.P. McMurphy, Rose, Taber, Turkle, Washington

1) Describe Billy Bibbit.

2) Describe Candy

3) Describe Charlie Cheswick.

4) Describe Chief Bromden.  Why is he the narrator of the story?

5) Describe Dr. John Spivey.

6) Describe Fredrickson.

7) Describe Harding.

8) Describe Martini.

9) Describe Nurse Mildred Ratched.

10) Describe R.P. McMurphy.

11) Describe Rose.

12) Describe Taber.

13) Describe Turkle.

14) Describe Washington.

15) McMurphy is the protagonist.  Is he a hero?

16)  Is McMurphy really mentall ill?

17) Describe the treatments the hospital uses.

Academic Vocabulary Answers

1) Describe Billy Bibbit. – Sexually dysfunctional

2) Describe Candy – Promiscuous

3) Describe Charlie Cheswick. – Excitable

5) Describe Dr. John Spivey. – Jovial

6) Describe Fredrickson. – Vacant expression

8) Describe Martini. – Mentally challenged not mentally retarded

10) Describe R.P. McMurphy.  – Lack of impulse control

12) Describe Taber. – Scowl

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