Love Happens – Literary Elements

A widower whose book about coping with loss turns him into a best-selling self-help guru, falls for the hotel florist where his seminar is given, only to learn that he hasn’t yet truly confronted his wife’s passing.

1) What is the point of view of the movie?

2) What is the plot of the movie?

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3) Describe the following characters using the Fox Character Analysis Pyramid which includes name/title, physical appearance, personality, character’s role, character’s problems/challenges, major accomplishments, cultural context, and world view.

1 Aaron Eckhart as Burke Ryan

Aaron Eckhart as Burke Ryan

2 Jennifer Aniston as Eloise

Jennifer Aniston as Eloise

Film Title: Love Happens
Dan Fogler as Lane

4) What is the theme of the movie?

5) What is the setting of the movie?  How important is the setting?

6) What is the genre of the movie?

7) Does the movie have any cultural lessons?

8) What are the literary conflicts of the movie?

Kübler-Ross model

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