List of Management Acronyms

Hugh Fox Management Acronyms

1) 7P Product, Price, Place, Promotion,   People, Process, Physical evidence
2) AD Activity Description
3) AF Actual Finish
4) AOA Activity On Arrow
5) AON Activity On Node
6) AS Actual Start
7) BPM Business Process Modeling  
8) CAR Contract Approval Review  
9) CDR Conceptual Design Report  
10) COQ Cost of Quality
11) CPF  Cost-Plus-Fee
12) CPFF Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee
13) CPPC Cost-Plus-Percentage of Cost  
14) CSSC Cost Schedule Systems Criteria  
15) DE Discrete Effort
16) DU Duration
17) EF Early Finish
18) ES Early Start
19) ETC Estimate to Complete
20) EVA Economic Value Added
21) EVM Earned Valued Management
22) EVR Earned Value Report
23) EVT Earned Valued Technique
24) FF Finish-to-Finish
25) FFP Firm-Fixed-Price
26)   FPIF Fixed-Price-Incentive-Fee
27) FS Finish-to-Start
28) LS Late Start
29) LSM Linear Scheduling Method
30) NLM Nonlinear Management
31) OD Organization Development
32) PBS Product Breakdown Structure
33)   PCT Percent
34)   PERT Project   Evaluation Review Technique
35)   PF Planned   Finish
36)   PS Planned   Start
37)   PSN Project   Summary Network
38)   PSWBS Project   Summary Work Breakdown Structure
39)   QCD Quality,   Cost, Delivery
38)   RBS Risk   Breakdown Structure
39)   RD Remaining   Duration
40)   SC Schedule   Correlation
41)   SF Scheduled   Finish
42)   SPI Scheduled   Performance Index
43)   SS Scheduled   Start
44)   SS Start-to-Start
45)   SWOT Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
46)   TC Target   Completion
47)   TF Target   Finish
48)   TM Time   Management
49)   TS Target   Start
50)   VAC Variance   at Completion
51)   VDC Virtual   Design and Construction
52)   XPM Extreme   Project Management

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