Big Figure Siniestro

Point Value

Sinestro has three different point values and corresponding starting positions depending on its strength.

Before the game begins, decide on a point value for Sinestro and rotate its combat dial the indicated number of clicks from the starting position.

Point Value Clicks per Dial

Veteran 300 0

Experienced 200 3

Rookie 100 6

 General Rules

The big figure Sinestro (and other HeroClix figures that are mounted on three-inch bases) is called a big figure. The following rules apply to the big figure

1. Is not affected by Force Blast, Incapacitate, Mind Control, Plasticity, Poison,
Psychic Blast, Shape Change, Steal Energy, Support, Exploit Weakness, and any
team ability that reproduces those powers.

2. Cannot be moved by Telekinesis, although it can be the target of a Telekinesis

3. Is not affected by knockback.

4. Does not need to roll for break away, although characters adjacent to a big
figure roll for break away per the standard rules.

Is the archenemy of any figure that is a member of the Green Lantern Corps.
team, and members of the Green Lantern Corps. team are archenemies of any big figure Sinestro.

6. May be attacked by grounded, elevated, or soaring characters using Close or
Ranged Combat attacks, and is adjacent to characters in adjacent squares regardless of elevation.

7. Cannot be carried.

8. Cannot be captured.

 Actions and Pushing

A big figure Sinestro may only be given one action per turn. For example, a
200-point big figure Sinestro in a 200-point game could only receive one action
per turn.

The big figure Sinestro may be pushed, but a player can continue to push a big
figure Sinestro for multiple turns in a row, although the big figure Sinestro
will continue to receive damage from pushing. If a player does not give a big
figure Sinestro an action for that turn, that player removes all action tokens
from the big figure Sinestro.


A big figure Sinestro occupies 4 squares on the battle map (in a 2-square by
2-square formation). The big figure Sinestro moves per the standard flying
rules, and cannot move through indoor blocking terrain. The big figure Sinestro
ignores the effects of hindering terrain, elevated terrain, and outdoor
blocking terrain on movement, although it must end its turn with its entire
base either on or off of elevated terrain and blocking terrain.

The player chooses any square adjacent to the big figure Sinestro to begin counting movement. A big figure Sinestro must end its movement so that its base rests on one of the squares within its movement range. If a big figure Sinestro moves over or stops on an object token, the object is destroyed and replaced by a rubble token.  Big figure Sinestro must begin the game with their base completely in the starting area.

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