Hugh Fox vs. Hugh Fox

The Green Alienator one of the Dark Psi Lords (

makes an emergency stop at Earth-93060 to look for fuel for his interdimensional transporter.  Earth-93060 is a superhero Earth of which the Green Alienator has very little knowledge.  Earth-93060 is not a variant DC or Marvel Earth but something else.  Normally, the Green Alienator avoids superhero Earths but an interdimensional storm forced him to land at the next available Earth or be stranded between dimensions.  The Green Alienator needs about an ounce of plutonium. 


Normally this wouldn’t be a problem for one with his experience and resourcefulness but super hero Earths are trouble!  The Green Alienator decides to go armed for bear.  He puts a mini umbrella into his trademark green cargo vest.  The vest is made of several layers of spider silk and provides protection from both bullets and knives.  The vest is a weapons platform for carrying many offensive and defensive systems.


The mini umbrella is a needle gun that fires bullets that resemble needles at extreme speed using an electrical pulse.  This means the needle is moving about five times faster than a conventional bullet and can pierce heavy armor and bring down a tank or jet if the bullet if aimed precisely.  The Green Alienator is a technopath so the bullet will be aimed very, very precisely at the key weak point of any weapons platform he is dealing with.  The bullets look like needles and the umbrella is loaded with about one hundred of these needles in the handle.  He goes ahead and sticks two 100 needle reloads into his vest just in case.  The mini umbrella fabric is made of transparent spider silk so the user can have shielding while firing at a target.  The umbrella is the Green Alienators most powerful, personal combat weapon but will be identified as a weapon upon low level analysis by even fairly primitive 20th century Earths so while formidable must be used selectively due to the covert means of the Dark Psi Lords.  If he brings the umbrella then he always brings a pair of sunglasses that provide night vision and telescopic vision.  With the sun glasses, the Green Alienator can hit a target several kilometers away, day or night.  The Green Alienator can take out an aircraft carrier with about 25 shots with a clear line of sight.  Using computer based trajectory information and the GPS signal of the carrier he can take out an aircraft carrier with 50-100 shots even if the carrier is over the horizon but this is not his style at all.  He debates the pros and cons but decides if he is a super hero universe then he must be prepared for anything.


The Green Alienator puts on his special belt that has pockets on the inside with a variety of tools mostly for use with computers and a simple disguise kit. The belt is reversible so the pockets can be on the outside for easier use.  The pen in his upper pocket looks like a pen but is actually a sonic screwdriver than can open just about any lock or door via sonic vibrations. 


His cell phone has cell phone functions but is also a very advanced portable computer.  The cell phone can also pick up radio waves and the Green Alienator can listen to Police broadcasts.  His wallet includes a programmable ID and Credit Card made up of a polymorphic material.  He can download info with the cell phone and can make almost any ID and any Credit Card he needs. 


He packs his windbreaker that his also made of spider silk on one side and polymorphic material on the other side and provides extra protection, when worn, is totally waterproof and does provide extra warmth when needed.  The windbreaker is reversible and the polymorphic side provides camouflage in both natural and urban settings.  The cell phone can program the polymorphic side to take on any color, pattern or combination of colors and patterns.


The vest has a polymorphic layer on the outside unlike the windbreaker that allows him to change the color and pattern of the vest.  Putting the polymorphic layer on the outside makes this layer more vulnerable to damage than if it was protected by the spider silk and on the inside of the vest but the heavily laden pockets make a reversible vest impractical.  The polymorphic layer is fragile and prone to being damaged by scratches and this is why it is generally worn on the inside.


The Green Alienator generally walks into a mission with a bright red windbreaker over his vest and a beard.  After the mission he puts some distance between himself and the mission and goes into a public restroom and changes the windbreaker to blue and gets rid off the beard.  If the police are looking for anyone, they are looking for a suspect with a red windbreaker and a beard and not a person with a blue wind breaker and no beard


He also packs a baseball cap made of spider silk on one side and the same programmable polymorphic material on the other side as that of the windbreaker to provide even more camouflage and armor.  In the bottom left pocket a transparent reusable bag, also made out of spider silk, and is packed into the vest.  In a heavy fire fight the Green Alienator can wear this bag to provide protection to his face and the back of the neck that the cap does not.  The bag also is good for the environment and the Green Alienator does care about the environment despite being a super villain.  The Green Alienator also packs a scarf.  The scarf is made up of a material that filters out toxins in the air including knock out gas, tear gas and air pollution.  The scarf is generally used to filter out air pollution rather than used in combat.  Many Earths are heavily polluted.


The key chain is attached to his pants with a chain made of an exotic metal stronger than spider silk and approximately fifty times stronger than titanium.  The chain can be used as a garrote or to bind a person with super human strength.  The wallet has a chain of the same material and the two chains can be attached to each other to provide a means of climbing up or down a second story window. 


The key chain has three keys.  One key is mini needle gun with five needle bullets preloaded.  The mini needle gun is his equivalent of a one-time use derringer and uses up all its battery power upon shooting its five needle bullets and must be replaced by a new mini needle gun. 


The second key is a disguised mini syringe that delivers a knockout serum on those rare occasions the Green Alienator wants to capture rather than kill a target.  The mini syringe can also be filled with an exotic equivalent of truth serum when the Green Alienator wants to extract information from a target.  This truth serum is far superior to those of more primitive Earths. 


A variant of this truth serum is a real life version of love potion number nine that can cause almost any woman to fall in love with the Green Alienator for a 24 hour period.  Only a very strong willed woman with extreme effort can resist the effects of this love serum and only temporarily.  She must remove herself from the scene of their possible tryst immediately in order to truly escape.  The Green Alienator found this version of the mini syringe key distasteful until he got older and more and more uses this version of the mini syringe in place of his natural telepathically based seduction abilities.


The third key is made up a polymorphic material and can imitate any other key.  This key is used when the Green Alienator is being watched while opening a door and the use of a sonic screwdriver would arouse suspicion.  The use of disguise, fake ID, and the fake key means the Green Alienator can often pretend to be the target, if the target has similar body dimensions, and literally walk in the front door of the target.


The Green Alienator always wears two rings even when not wearing his vest.  On his left hand he wears a poison ring that spurts poison.  The poison can be spurted into the drink of a victim or at the face since the poison is absorbed through the skin as well.  The ring is activated by turning the jewel in the front of the ring.  Once activated pressing the back of the ring releases poison.   The amount of pressure on the back of the ring applied by the thumb of the same hand determines how far the poison is spurted.  The poison is extremely toxic and death is instantaneous. 


The degree of pressure does not determine the amount of poison.  One press of the back of the ring delivers a predetermined load of poison.  The ring carries enough poison for ten squirts.  One squirt can kill one person, or even a water buffalo, as the saying goes.  All ten squirts would kill even most super humans with a high level of invulnerability to toxins.  The weapon is generally used to covertly kill the target via an offered drink rather than in combat.  The Green Alienator takes an antidote once a week that makes him immune to the poison.


The second ring on his right hand is a sonic ring that can open handcuffs and acts as a back up to the sonic screwdriver.  The sonic beam of the ring is slightly different than that of the sonic screwdriver and not as effective for opening locks as that of the sonic screwdriver but more effective at causing damage to the inner ear of whoever is in front for a five foot radius and causing instant vertigo.  The beam can be set for a tight beam or wide radius beam.  One turn of the jewel in the front leads to a tight beam and acts more or less like a shotgun in terms of targeting, a second turn leads to a wide radius beam that more or less acts like a sawed off shot gun in terms of targeting.  The rings are a one – two move combination in combat when he doesn’t have his umbrella which is generally the case.  The target is hit with a sonic beam and while struggling with vertigo the Green Alienator moves in to deliver a spurt of poison. 


The jewels of both rings can only be turned by someone with his fingerprints.  A law enforcement official of a high tech Earth will not perceive the rings as weapons without further scientific analysis.  The law enforcement officials of most Earths would need to have some prior evidence to justify devoting resources for such an analysis.


The Green Alienator carries gloves that look like normal leather gloves but can deliver a huge electric shock.  The gloves are made of spider silk and the Green Alienator will often just grab the knife of an opponent in a knife fights with his right hand.  The opponent rarely expects such a move and is generally taken totally by surprise and he then punches the opponent with this free hand left hand or squirts poison depending on the situation.  A mild punch can knock out an opponent.  A squirt of poison is always deadly.  The gloves have narrow pockets in the sleeves that allow the insertion of the min syringe key and mini needle gun key for ready use. 


The gloves have exotic metal studs in the knuckles that act like brass knuckles but also deliver an electric charge to the studs upon high impact for an extremely effective punch.  The Green Alienator has studied Taekwondo and can break four boards with a corkscrew punch even without the gloves.  A corkscrew delivered with the gloves can stun a superhuman with limited invulnerability.  A normal human will be killed.  The chains of the key chain are a good conductor.  The electric shock generated by the gloves will knock out an opponent before garroting even begins.  The gloves have small holes in the ring finger in order to allow the sonic ring and poison ring to operate even when the gloves are on.


The inside of the gloves is coated with a polymorphic material that can be programmed to simulate fingerprints the cell phone downloads from law enforcement, military and other organizational databases.  The Green Alienator can plant fingerprints at the scene of one of his assassinations with his gloves and generally does this to take out investigators that are getting to close to the truth of his mission.  The only unusual fashion aspect is that the gloves have flared sleeves rather like those of a musketeer.  The flared sleeves allow the allow the Green Alienator to store any number of weapons in the underside of the sleeves for ready usage.


The Green Alienator always carries explosive coins in a coin purse in his pocket even when not wearing his vest.  Even fairly high tech Earths cannot identify the coins as weapons prior to activation without extensive scientific analysis.  The blue coin purse carries normal coins of that Earth.  The red coin purse carries explosive coins that are the equivalent of US Currency in his home dimension.  The explosive coins are activated by the sonic ring or sonic screw driver.  The pennies have the equivalent explosive power of half a stick of dynamite. The pennies are thrown like shurikens at individual targets.  The Green Alienator is human and relies on his spider silk armor to protect him.  If not fully armored even a low level explosion such as that of the penny could hurt him if the penny were to rebound. 


Because of this, dimes release knockout gas when thrown forcibly against the ground and this is especially effective when the Green Alienator is surrounded by opponents at a close range. The scarf protects the Green Alienator from the effects of the knockout gas.  A dime can be placed in a holder on the back of his watch for ready access after being activated by the sonic ring.  The Green Alienator generally carries one knockout gas dime in the watch holder as a defense against muggings when in shady places like downtown Manila, a haunt of the Green Alienator.  If he does not have his scarf on then he just holds his breath and moves forward past the area affected after taking out anyone in front of him with a punch, sonic blast or poison squirt, depending on the situation. 


The gas is odorless, untraceable upon being dispersed and clear so opponents are not aware of the gas until they are knocked out.  Everyone in a six foot radius around the Green Alienator is knocked out within 10 seconds and those nearer even sooner.  The gas interferes with short term memory.  Even when the opponents wake up 24 hours later, they are confused about what happened.  The Green Alienator does not want anyone on a target Earth to have even the slightest knowledge about his coins or rings.


The nickels have the equivalent explosive power of two sticks of dynamite and are generally thrown overhand to take out a group of targets that is farther away.  An overhead throw means more distance and the need for less or even no armor.  If the Green Alienator is in a bad mood, and generally attempted muggings cause him to be in a bad mood, he will toss a nickel at the center of the group that tried to mug him even though they are on the floor unconscious.  There is about fifty percent chance he will do this even though such a move brings more police attention and generally the Green Alienator takes a low key approach to avoid such attention.


The quarters have the equivalent explosive power of 100 sticks of dynamite.  The quarters are not thrown but deposited in the restaurant, pub or restaurant the target is in and left as part of the tip, activated and then left to blow up the building the target is in.  The quarters have the equivalent of a ten minute fuse upon activation by the sonic ring and do not blow up on contact unlike the pennies and nickels.


An explosive coin and a knockout dime can be used in conjunction.  The quarter can have dimes stacked on it so that the explosion will cause the dimes to release knockout gas.  A quarter and three dimes can release enough knockout gas to knock out a city block.  This is done when the Green Alienator wants to kill many witnesses in the building but also erase the memory of his coming and goings from the building.  Any witness around the target building will not be able to remember who went in or out of the building targeted.  In his early days the Green Alienator rarely used this tactic but now uses this tactic more and more.


The coins can also be deposited in the sleeves of his gloves for easy access.  If the Green Alienator literally puts on his gloves on and puts key and coins in the sleeves then he expects trouble.  The only problem with the fully loaded gloves is that they stand out and cannot be used when covertness is the key element of the tactical attack of the Green Alienator.  The gloves can be preloaded with weapons and stored in his vest until needed.  He can take out the gloves from his vest and put them on his hands in around five seconds after constant practice.  The belt also has compartments that can hold coins and keys but this is less convenient that having those weapons in the sleeves of his gloves.  The Green Alienator views the coins and keys in his belt as back up ammunition.


The Green Alienator when heavily armed wears tennis shoes made of spider silk with exotic metal toes that deliver an electric shock upon high impact with a target in a manner similar to the gloves.  As a student of Taekwondo, the Green Alienator can break six boards with a front kick even without the special tennis shoes.  A kick with the tennis shoes can deliver an incredible kick to the balls that will even stun super humans with limited invulnerability. 


Blue jeans made of spider silk are also worn on these types of missions make the Green Alienator bullet proof from head to toe.  The Blue jeans have the same polymorphic material on the other side as the vest and cap for extreme camouflage.  The Green Alienator is more heavily armed since he is generally the assassin the Dark Psi Lord of targets that are scheduled for android replacement. 


The Green Alienator always carries a change purse with ten pennies, ten dimes, ten nickels and ten quarters even when not on a mission.  The Green Alienator always wears his sonic ring and poison ring even when not on a mission. There is a ninety percent chance the Green Alienator will have an activated knock out penny placed under his watch when not on a mission.  There is an eighty percent chance that he will carry his mobile phone, key chain and wallet with special cards even when not on mission. 


The Green Alienator only wears the vest fully packed and the special belt when on active missions.  The Green Alienator only packs his needle gun umbrella and special sun glasses when he plans to use them ahead of time as part of the mission. 


The Green Alienator knows that covert agencies will devote considerable resources to capture him if they have any awareness that he has such advanced technology.  He often states to his fellow psi lords that high tech should get you out of trouble not into trouble.  This is not a complete list of the Green Alienators weapons and equipment but just the more prominent ones. 


The Green Alienator is constantly gaining new technology from his trips to other Earths and will upgrade his technology when a superior technology is presented to him.  The Alienator has only recently acquired sonic technology from a Dr. Who universe and wonders how he lived without this technology before.  In his early mission, the Green Alienator went on missions armed with only his poison ring, cell phone, explosive coins and Kevlar armor.  Later the Green Alienator upgraded his Kevlar armor with spider silk and later still added a polymorphic layer to his spider silk armor.  The Green Alienator will take considerable risks to acquire new technology. 


The Green Alienator especially wants a personal force field, since his armor is ineffective against heavy duty weapons such as a missile or the punch of a super human.  He would like a personal weapon, perhaps energy-based, that is even more powerful than his needle gun umbrella.  The Green Alienator would probably to take a great deal of risk to get his hands on a bona fide disintegrator that he could carry on his person.


The Green Alienator has six female androids with him when he travels.  The androids have ten times the normal strength of a normal human.  The androids are invulnerable to small fire arms.  Their skin is much more fire resistant and acid resistant than normal skin.  The androids are not vulnerable to a normal stun gun or tasers but are vulnerable to extreme electric shocks.  The Green Alienator would like to take more androids with him but one more android will double the energy the interdimensional vessel needs to travel due to limitation of the technology used.


The androids have access to an extensive wardrobe of high fashion to skanky clothing that is of the same polymorphic/spider silk construction as his armor.  The Green Alienator has created overcoats that have several layers of spider silk and provide protection from even a tank shell.  The tank shell would knock the android off its feet but the android would be relatively unhurt and could get up and complete its mission.  The overcoats are quite heavy and a human would be barely able to move but easily worn by the androids who have super strength. 


The average android weighs three times more than a normal human despite their fat free appearance and this is their biggest problem in terms of covertness.  A normal human cannot carry an android over the threshold, period.  The frames of the androids are of exotic metal that is far stronger than titanium and their super strength and their mass means they can keep advancing against a spray of bullets despite the kinetic energy of bullets.


Their skin and hair has polymorphic properties and they can change their skin color, hair color, finger prints and the shape of their features at will.  They cannot change the basic shape of their face (round vs. square vs. oval) or their fundamental body type or height but each model is a different body type, height and face type so one of the androids can impersonate almost any woman with a high degree of effectiveness but not as well as a custom made replacement android.  Various polymorphic pillows are used to imitate the fat that is normal among actual female humans.


The androids do not need food or water but can mimic such behavior and the food and water is then discharged in a manner that mimics how humans discharge waste matter.  The androids also can use any equipment the Green Alienator uses.  Their reflex speed is twice that of a normal being.  They do not tire and can operate 24/7 for a month between recharges.  The androids are all extremely beautiful and are perfect for recon with male targets.  Their AI is limited since they do not have self consciousness in order to prevent rebellion against their master the Green Alienator so this limits the missions they can complete.  Their limited AI does not seem to interfere with their recon missions.  The fact that the removal of the polymorphic pillows makes them look much, much better without clothes than with clothes never, ever seems to arouse suspicion with the targeted males.  Most males just assume that a naked woman always looks better than a clothed woman. 


On the other hand, females seeing a clothed android with pillow prosthetics and the same woman minus pillows in bikini will become obsessively preoccupied with this discrepancy.  The androids have a subprogram to deal with such women and give them a strong dose of the love serum at regular intervals and convert them into unwitting lesbian agents of the invasion.  A man would be assassinated but not a woman.  The Green Alienator hates even slapping women but will do this in a crunch, much less having them assassinated and this is one of his “weaknesses”.


The Green Alienator does not like to get his hands dirty and generally replaces the head of the number one covert agency of the target Earth with a duplicate android, as his first move upon arriving to a new Earth.  The replacement android also has limited AI but when you are the boss of a giant covert agency no one seems to notice.  The duplicate android then uses the covert agencies resources to complete the android replacement process rather than the Green Alienator directly. 


The most common assassination technique used by the Green Alienator to take out the head of covert agency is to blow up the pub, restaurant or club the target frequents with a quarter left as part of his tip and then have the target miraculously survive the explosion.  The android then uses the covert agencies resources to get rid of the, mangled beyond recognition, body of the dead target for good usually via cremation. 


In special cases the Green Alienator will use a half dollar, with the explosive power of a 1,000 sticks of TNT, to take out the work place building of a target that does not socialize as is often the case with the heads of covert agencies.  The half dollar has a 20 minute fuse since the Green Alienator needs more time to get away from the blast range of this awesome explosion.  The Green Alienator also puts around ten dimes in the vicinity of the fifty cent piece so the gas will erase the short term memory of anyone in an area more or less the size of Manhattan.  Governments tend to notice the explosive destruction of one of their covert agency bases.  The less witnesses the better.  The explosion is already going to register big time on the radar of all the covert agencies on the targeted Earths anyway so the gas is not overkill but just a reasonable precaution or so thinks the Green Alienator. 


Since the target building generally houses a base of the target covert organization, multiple android replacements are done at the same time after this type of attack.  This is also done when the schedule of conquest is tight i.e. a rush job.  Within 24 hours the central government of the targeted covert agency will be replaced by androids vs. the usual slow one month process.  After such a giant attack a more quick and offensive approach is pursued than the Green Alienator is comfortable with and he generally asks for much greater compensation from the Earth planning to invade. 


The interdimensional storm took a lot out of the Green Alienator and even after a full body massage, by two of the six, of his lovely androids, he is still a bit shaky.  He decides he needs a little R&R before going on his quest for an ounce of plutonium.  Besides a little low risk recon might be a good idea in a super hero universe before starting on the primary mission.  The Green Alienator realizes this is a rationalization but doesn’t really care.


There was one strip club in Houston called Ricks Cabaret that was his watering hole in his home dimension before he became a super villain and he does a short teleport to get to within a block of where the club should be.  Ricks Cabaret in his home dimension was one of the finest strip clubs of his home dimension and this is generally the case no matter what dimension he visits, but this is a super hero universe so his hopes are low.  Super hero universes are radically different than none super hero universes.  He arrives and walks to where the club should be and the club exists!  Later the Green Alienator will think that should have been the tip off of events that followed but hindsight is always 20-20. 


Before going to the club, the Green Alienator finds an ATM machine that is always on the same corner of every Earth and uses his cell phone to hack into the computer system and takes out all the money in the ATM, 52,220 dollars.  He puts 10,000 in his wallet and the rest in a secret pocket in the inside of his vest.  The Green Alienator has noticed there is always 52,220 dollars in the same ATM in every Earth he has visited and wonders how this is possible once again. 


The Green Alienator has a theory involving the number 22 that explains everything including why the ATM machine always has 52,220 dollars.  He would like to write a treatise about this subject but who could or should read such a treatise?  The Green Alienator was a professor before he became a super villain and often wrote deep books that no one read and became a super villain in part to escape such an existence.


He walks in and sees his double and his double sees him.  Incredibly, despite being a super hero universe there is a duplicate of him.  Earth-93060 has another Hugh Fox!  Generally, the Green Alienator wears disguises to prevent precisely this event but super hero universes are generally so different that this is not a problem.  The Green Alienator is heavily armed and ready for a super hero but not for another Hugh Fox!  They both stare at each other and the Green Alienator takes the initiative. 


The Green Alienator decides that the easiest way to handle this situation is to befriend the double and poison him but then he thinks some more and decides that can’t work because people are already noticing that they are doubles and super heroes are attracted to weird murder cases like flies to sugar. 


The only way to handle this situation is to take out the other Hugh Fox and all the witnesses.  “Time to leave a quarter as a tip.”, Thinks the Green Alienator and chuckles quietly.  The Green Alienator almost always leaves a hundred dollar bill as a tip at Ricks since he knows the girls will be a lot nicer the next time he shows up.  The same girls tend to be at Ricks even in different Earths and his prior knowledge and limited telepathy makes seduction of the girls at Ricks easy.  Some of the girls could easily be a Playboy centerfold. In general Ricks tends to hire gals with the playmate look.  The Green Alienator is a big fan of Playboy. 


Unlike the Smiling Naysayer who says that that playmates are too phony and he says he doesn’t like implants.  Nevertheless, the Smiling Naysayer has been known to accompany the Green Alienator to Ricks.  The Smiling Naysayer has also been known to go home with the phoniest platinum blond with the biggest implants that works at Ricks.


The Green Alienator uses his low level telepathy to help him convince the other Hugh Fox that his appearance is part of an elaborate joke by his friends.  They get drunk together.  They put dollar bills in G-strings together or rather at the same time.  They have a good time together!  The evening ends around 2 am when the waitress tells them that the club is about to close and they must leave. 


The other Hugh Fox goes to the bathroom before hitting the road as the Green Alienator knew he would since he knows himself .  The Green Alienator puts his deadly tip on the table and with a sense of flair places a hundred dollar bill under the quarter even though he knows he will never see these exact girls again.  The Green Alienator leaves the club.  He can hear the club blow up behind him.  The Green Alienator doesn’t even look back to survey the carnage as he continues to walk quickly away. 


He kind of liked the other Hugh Fox and he definitely liked the strippers and he almost feels guilty about his actions but a mission is a mission.  The Green Alienator just wants to get to his mini teleportation machine and leave Houston as soon as possible.  Someone yells, “You dirty yellow bastard!  You picked the wrong guy to blow up!”  The Green Alienator turns around.  Incredibly the other Hugh Fox is still alive!


What the Green Alienator didn’t know was that the Hugh Fox of Earth -93060 is the super hero Grenade (!  Grenade has the ability to fire explosive blasts and is totally immune to the effect of an explosion!  The Green Alienator has no idea of who or what sort of super hero the Grenade is and just figures the guy is invulnerable.  The Green Alienator is in a state of panic because invulnerable heroes almost always have super strength and, if a Superman type, then flight, and who know what else, as powers.  There’s a reason the Dark Psi Lords stay clear of super hero universes! 


The Green Alienator thinks, “If this guy survived a quarter coin explosion then I am in trouble!  A hero who can survive that explosion will probably laugh at needle gun ammo much less enhanced kicks and punches!”  The Green Alienator panics and starts to run.  The Green Alienator thinks he might be able to give the guy the slip if he’s not a flier and teleport out of Houston.  The Grenade runs after the Green Alienator and is slightly faster and tackles the Green Alienator.  The Green Alienator is on his chest against the ground with his elbows holding him up and has enough presence of mind to activate both his rings.  The Green Alienator is skilled in Judo, unlike the Grenade, and easily gets out of an attempt at a half nelson the Grenade tries and is soon on top of the Grenade.  “At this range the sonic ring is a wasted move.”  Thinks the Green Alienator.  The Green Alienator spurts the Grenade repeatedly with his poison ring. 


The Green Alienator figures if he can get in all ten spurts then even a pretty invulnerable opponent will be killed.  Super heroes that laugh at a spray of machine gun bullets are often vulnerable to poison, especially a lot of poison.  The Grenade was killed by the first spurt and the other nine spurts were a waste of poison.  The Grenade is uniquely invulnerable to explosive blasts and not invulnerable to poison at all. 


Ironically, if the Grenade had used his super power and just blasted the Green Alienator, the Green Alienator would probably have been killed since he was not wearing all his spider silk clothes and his head was totally vulnerable.  Even with full armor, the Green Alienator would probably have been knocked out by even a low level explosive blast by the Grenade.  It is precisely for these sorts of situations that the Green Alienator wants a personal force field.  The Green Alienator gets up and runs to his personal teleporter and teleports himself back to his vessel. 


The Green Alienator hacks into the computer systems of Earth -93060 and is shocked to find he has killed a member of the foremost super hero team of this Earth and he still doesn’t have the plutonium needed to make a quick getaway.  The super hero team is called the Strangers and they even have a Superman type character called Ultra.  “Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap!”.  The more he reads, the more he panics.  The team has some real power houses.  “I am not just fighting Superman but the Justice League as well, don’t panic don’t panic”. Thinks the Green Alienator but he knows he is in deep crap. 


The Green Alienator knows that a basic fact of super hero universes is that if you kill the team member of a super hero group then that group will literally do anything to get the killer!  Anything!  The usual super hero protocols of niceness and fairness don’t apply in this situation.  The Strangers even have multiverse travel experience and could conceivably chase him to another Earth, his top getaway strategy.


“Oh craaaaaaaaaap!”,  Thinks the Green Alienator.

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