Godzilla versus Zombie Elephants Stick Puppet ESL Lesson

Godzilla versus Zombie Elephants Banner Resized

The following is a fun lesson that I can up with to use with my ESL students.  I tried to write a story that would excite my students.  My students love zombies.  My students love characters like Godzilla.  Godzilla versus Zombie Elephants was a natural!

I found some clip art online.  I used a paint program to reverse the images so I had a front and back version of the clip art.  I resized the images so they more or less fit a single page.  I want the students at the back to be able to see the characters.  I printed the images on card stock paper.  I then glued the images to some Japanese fans I found at Daiso.  The fans are about the same cost as a popsicle.  I don’t need the extra calories of eating the popsicle.  The fans are a lot more durable and better looking than popsicles.  I wrote a script of the story.

At the end of the story, the students were asked to do a semantic map about Godzilla followed by a semantic map lesson about the zombie elephants as a group.  The initial probing questions focused on the strengths, weaknesses and appearance of first Godzilla and then the zombie elephants.

The Story of Godzilla versus the Zombie Elephants

Once upon a time zombie elephants appeared seemingly out of nowhere.  The natives fled in terror from their former friends.  The zombie elephants could not turn humans into zombies but could turn other elephants into zombies through a bite.  Soon all the elephants in the land would be zombies and that would be the end of the world.  Suddenly in the horizon, Godzilla appeared and stomped on the zombie elephants one by one.  The zombie elephants tried to bite Godzilla but their teeth were too weak to penetrate the thick leathery hide of Godzilla.  No one knows if the zombie elephants could have infected Godzilla and no one wants to find out.  Imagine the terror a zombie Godzilla would cause the world!  The tusks of the zombie elephants also broke against the skin of Godzilla.  The few zombie elephants that survived Godzilla first attack were then destroyed by Godzilla’s atomic breath!


A Word document with Godzilla and the zombie elephant graphics that can be printed on card stock can be downloaded at:


WereVerse Universe Baby!

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