Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Clothes

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs explains human behavior by positing there is a hierarchy of needs and that we deal with more basic needs before moving on to the next set of needs. Clothes serve a multitude of needs and this article will analyze how clothes satisfy these needs.


Humans have the basic need of not being too cold or too hot. Clothing protects us from the elements. This is clothing’s original purpose. Clothes augment our basic need for shelter. This need is met pretty easily and in an industrialized culture with ubiquitous air conditioning and heating, other needs that are higher up the hierarchy are more important. However, when the zombies take over then gear that fulfills this basic will become more important and modern technology allows for clothes that can protect us in ways our ancestors could never have imagined. Outdoor clothes that are outrageously expensive protect us from the elements but also allow us to get more respect and handle our esteem needs. The hunter buying clothes at Walmart is probably looking for value. The person shopping for outdoor gear at the North Face may actually be more motivated by esteem needs than physiological needs. I deal with this subject at BEST Zombie Gear by Category.


Human have the need to feel safe. Clothes can protect us from the elements but other humans are generally far more dangerous. The first thing early humans figure out is that if someone tries to bash your head in then a helmet is probably a good idea. The arms race to create more effective body armor continues to this day. Wearing militaristic clothing in a safe developed country may actually be a way to meet belongingness needs. Wearing expensive border line body armor type clothing in a safe country is probably a way to meet esteem needs.


Humans have the need to be loved and to belong to a social group. Clothing can be an expression of love and the most obvious expression of love of this sort is jewelry. Uniforms are top down expressions of belonging. Fashion tribes are overtly down top expressions of belongingness. Gang wear may be forced on members and be top down or be more like a fashion tribe depending on the gang.


Humans want respect and status. Clothes can become totally removed from their original physiological function and become means of garnering respect. Clothes can become a form of conspicuous consumption that confers respect and status to the wearer. High fashion serves esteem needs and the more expensive and impractical the better!


The person is focused on realizing their potential and therefore comes up with a system to spend less time worrying about fashion. Many productive people wear the same set of clothing every day in order to be more productive. The foremost example was Steve Jobs who wore his signature black turtleneck with jeans and sneakers every single day. The outfit formula is one way to spend less time on clothes and more time on more important endeavors.

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Comic Book Merged Humans

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While working on my List of Superpowers (200+), one of the more interesting superpowers I added, that was not on my previous list of 150 superpowers, was the ability to merge human beings into a single being (power 99). Writing about this superpower brought back a lot of memories. I first read Childhood’s End when I was a teenager and the book kind of scared the crap out of me because there was something deeply true about the novel. In Childhood’s End the Overlords look like demons. Our fear of demons is a premonition of a fate in which humans become a single organism. Childhood’s End is a novelistic version of the Omega Point put forth by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. The recent TV series version of Childhood’s End also got me thinking about the subject of MERGED HUMANS!   This article will explore (1) how humans have been merged, (2) why humans have been merged and different (3) types of merging in comic books.

1.0) How would you create merged humans?

 1.1) Cybernetic

One way of merging human is via a combination of biological and technological means. This merging can be done for various ends. Transhumanism, or H+ for short, suggests we use emerging technologies such as genetic engineering and/or intelligence augmentation (IA) and artificial technology in tandem in order to enhance human potential. There are different flavors of transhumanism including: Abolitionism, Democratic transhumanism, Extropianism, Immortalism, Libertarian transhumanism, Postgenderism, Singularitarianism, and Technogaianism.

The flavor missing from the list is the flavor you see in any number of science fiction movies in which emerging technologies are used to enhance humans to serve the interests of the state which are generally military. Captain America is enhanced to fight Nazis as super soldier. In the future, the very same Marvel Comics super solider program is used to create Nuke (Marvel), a cyborg. I actually find the comic book version of a post human future more “realistic” than the H+ version. Enhanced humans will require deep pockets which only the state has and not the politically correct. The Kree Empire decides to use cyborg technology to create the Supreme Intelligence! The most famous cyborg collective intelligence is of course the Borg (Star Trek). The Borg have the amazing ability to assimilate both technological and biological uniqueness and then add them to the collective.

1.2) Superorganisms

A superorganism is an organism that consists of other organisms. In the case of superorganisms, humans are merged via biological means rather than cybernetic means. In one scenario, aliens may arrive and have the ability to merge humans via biological means and humans lose their identity as individual i.e. they become the fictional version of eusocial. The Invasion of the Body Snatchers is the seminal movie of this type. The comic book version of an alien that takes over humans is Starro (DC) and Starro uses little star fish that attach themselves to the head of humans including even Superman to take them over an make them part of a collective intelligence.

1 Comic Book Merged Humans - Starro - Justice League of America 190

Marvel decided to make a montage of the The Stepford Wives and The Midwich Cuckoos and created the Stepford Cuckoos (Marvel) who are quintuplets with a telepathic hive mind. Marvel also created the Uni-Mind (Marvel).  The Eternals are a race that has all the powers of Superman, more or less, and can merge into a single Uni-Mind due to their Eternal physiology rather than via technological means. There is a loss of individual identity but only temporarily. The Overmind (Marvel) is an alien belonging to the Eternals of Eyung and the receptacle for entire population of several hundred million minds. The individual minds have been totally erased.   The High Evolutionary use some sort of compound to accelerate human evolution and creates the Entity (Marvel) in What If -The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 but individuality is retained while powers are amalgamated.

The comic book writer, Alan Moore has the Swamp Thing accidently become a collective intelligence in Swamp Thing V2 #61 (1987). The Swamp Thing creates a plant based superorganism. Alan Moore always uses a unique POV to make an old topic interesting. The problem of unmerging the collective is seen from the POV of those merged first and the Green Lantern who wants to save the merged innocents and tries different solutions. Compare this POV driven approach to storytelling to how the Uni-Mind, Ubersaurus and Mangog are summarily unmerged.

Comic Book Merged Humans - Swamp Thing V2 #61 (1987) - Page 10 Comic Book Merged Humans - Swamp Thing V2 #61 (1987) - Page 14 Comic Book Merged Humans - Swamp Thing V2 #61 (1987) - Page 16

In Memetic (Boom), aliens use a meme of sloth with a hypnotic spiral in the background in order to create merged humans.

Comic Book Merged Humans - Memetic #3 (of 3) (2014) - Page 29 Comic Book Merged Humans - Memetic #3 (of 3) (2014) - Page 30 Comic Book Merged Humans - Memetic #3 (of 3) (2014) - Page 31 Comic Book Merged Humans - Memetic #3 (of 3) (2014) - Page 32

1.3) Technological Singularity

In the technological singularity scenario, computers create even better computers and those better computers create even better computers and on and on until computers quickly reach a level of artificial intelligence (AI) that soon totally surpasses human intelligence. This article is about merging humans not AI so let’s assume computers don’t like waste and merge humans into the machine. In “real” life, I think super computers would either ignore us or eliminate us but conquering us or more salaciously conquering our women seems to sell more books and tickets!

In the comic book version of the technological singularity the computers mostly conquer humans or try to eliminate us but we put up a really good fight. Brainiac (DC) is the number one comic book robot that goes this route. Brainiac shrinks cities so he can study them the way a youngster studies an ant farm. The concept is totally insane but a lot of fun and allows for a slew of Kandor related stories since this is the city Brainiac “saved” from the destruction of Krypton. If there is no Kandor then there is no Superman Emergency Squad! Finally, if there is no Superman Emergency Squad then you can’t have a fight between them and Supergirl in Action 276.

2 Comic Book Merged Humans - Supergirls vs the Superman Emergency Squad - Action 276

Ultron (Marvel) used to want to eliminate humans but lately he has started to merge humans.

3 Comic Book Merged Humans - Age of Ultron - The Complete Event (2014) - Page 272

A similar plot twist happened in the Terminator franchise. In Terminator Genisys, Skynet turns John Connor, the leader of the human resistance, into a Terminator! I suppose both 1.1 and 1.3 are examples of cyborg technology from a technological point of view but I would say if you as a human are mostly computer and more importantly it was done to you by a computer than it’s still an expression of technological singularity and a very important difference in terms of novelistic conflict.

1.4) Unknown Means

In the case of the Omega Point, the role of biological and technological merging of humans is not specified and/or irrelevant. Merged humans provide theological answers so the ends not the means are more relevant. In Childhood’s End one assumes scientific means are used but as in the case of the Omega Point, the details of how this merging happens is not specified. Odin creates Mangog (Marvel) using magic but magic isn’t much of an explanation. Mostly I just don’t want to make a whole category just for Mangog!

2.0) Why would you create merged humans?

2.1) Evolutionary Imperative

Merging human is just the right thing to do! Come on humans as individuals suck! You know it! I know it! We are going to destroy ourselves in the next twenty minutes anyway so we might as well merge and go up the evolutionary ladder. Do you think microbes liked being part of a larger multicellular body? Of course not! It’s the next stage and we will be happier for going up the ladder. The Borg know assimilation is just the right thing to do! Teilhard de Chardin doesn’t suggest there is a choice but God is behind the plan so it must be the right thing to do.

2.2) Governance

Two brains are better than one and two thousand brains are probably better than two. The Kree Empire use technology to create the Supreme Intelligence which is an amalgam of the best and brightest minds of Kree history. The Supreme Intelligence is created to create a cosmic cube but refuses but is kept around anyway for governance. The Eternals merge into a Uni-Mind temporarily to make big decisions.

2.3) Military

Merged humans might have military applications. Maybe the Borg didn’t create a hive mind mostly for military purposes but they do tend to kick Starfleet around without much trouble. Even the Q (Star Trek) don’t mess with the Borg. The Overmind (Marvel) and the Ubersaur (Astro City) were created specifically for combat!

2.4) Punishment

“Hell is other People”, according to Sartre. Odin is obviously a big fan of Sartre and decided the best way to punish a people was to merge them into a single entity called Mangog. Mangog in turn almost destroys his kingdom. Odin’s merging makes no sense whatsoever but this is often the case with the Marvel version of Odin! However, the idea of a criminal feeling the pain of their victim does make some sense. In The Crow, protagonist Eric Draven makes villain Top Dollar feel 30 hours of his (Eric’s) murdered girlfriend Shelly’s pain in one moment.

3.0) Type of Merging

There are at least three possibilities when it comes to merging (3.1) Mind only, (3.2) Body mostly (lack of super intelligence) and (3.3) Mind and Body. The type of merging is sadly neglected in one of the most popular fan boy fights: What would happen if the Uni-Mind fought the Supreme Intelligence. The Uni-Mind can fly and seems to be an amalgam of the Eternals physically not just mentally (3.3). The Uni-Mind, unlike the Supreme Intelligence, is more like a thousand Supermans in one big body. Actually the Uni-Mind hasn’t really shown any super intelligence feats but has vast psionic powers and is used for governance sporadically so one assumes there is some sort of super intelligence at work.

The Supreme Intelligence is probably more intelligent because more minds make up the Supreme Intelligence than the Uni-Mind. However, physically the Supreme Intelligence physically is a collection of computers and brains and can only control three androids to fight (3.1). However, the Supreme Intelligence does have vast psionic powers. The Supreme Intelligence is one of the great manipulators of the Marvel Universe and ruthlessly created the Nega-Bomb to force the evolution of the Kree race while not letting the Kree know about its genocidal plan directed at the Kree themselves for a larger end! The Supreme Intelligence can access all the information of the Kree Empire, process that information and come up with extremely complex plans that have been successful in the past.

Minus prep, the Uni-Mind wins in a conflict with the Supreme Intelligence. The Uni-Mind is powerful enough to just fly through Kree space and blast the Supreme Intelligence to death. The Supreme Intelligence has some psionic powers but not to the same extent as the Uni-Mind. Without prep then the conflict is more or less Superman versus a computer installation!

If there is prep then the Supreme Intelligence has the vast resources of the interstellar Kree Empire and superior intelligence to use those resources. This would be Superman versus a computer installation which is guarded by an insane level of military resources and they know you are coming and of course they can come after you first! The Kree Empire did create the Inhumans as their answer to the Celestial created Eternals and if they can create a super race then surely they can create weapons to take out a super race.

The Supreme Intelligence can send out an armada that conquers worlds, Sentries, giant robots with vast destructive potential, and specialized weaponry designed to take out Eternals merged or not. The Supreme Intelligence is the brain of the Kree Empire. The Uni-Mind is more agile as a body and brain in one package but the Supreme Intelligence has a body which is the Kree Empire at its disposal with prep. Also, the Supreme Intelligence is more redundant. The Supreme Intelligence is a vast network and the pieces can be replaced with more brains and more computers. The Supreme Intelligence is more of a distributed network. The Uni-Mind is a single entity flying in the sky. A really powerful entity but one target when it’s all said and done. The Uni-Mind was been taken out by a single blast from a Celestial in the past!

Comic Book Merged Humans - Uni-Mind vs Celestials - Thor #300 - Page 25

The Overmind (Marvel) received vast psionic powers due to his merging but not the physical powers of the millions that he is the merged version of or super intelligence.

What if there is a physical merging but not a merging of minds (3.2)? You merge beings to get super strength. There are major disadvantages to having an amalgam body lacking super intelligence or psionic powers. Mangog is a savage creature of unbelievable strength and is much stronger than Thor. However, Mangog is easily taken apart by Odin. Super intelligence could have given Magog the ability to create a defense against Odin.

4 Comic Book Merged Humans - Thor #157 - Page 28

Ubersaurus (Astro City), in a manner similar to the Eternals, uses the inherent super powers of their alien physiology to create a collective being that has a collective body but the Ubersaurus doesn’t appear to be all that smart and is easily defeated by some sort of ray that a super intelligent being would have anticipated (3.2). If the Ubersaurus had psionic powers then it might have erected some sort of psionic force field to stop the ray.

5 Comic Book Merged Humans - Ubersaur - Astro City #30 (2016) - Page 19


The Swamp Thing becomes a physically impressive specimen but the merging leaves him in a state of shock.  A merged creature minus super intelligence or psionic defenses is easily unmerged with the right technology and this seems to be the main weakness of this type of merging.

I am going to argue that the Borg are an example of 3.3 but the Borg have their little version of 3.3 which makes them very interesting. Do the Borg as a hive mind have super intelligence? The Borg can store and process huge amounts of information as a hive mind that consists of countless assimilated species. The Queen of the Borg serves some sort of information processing nexus function that is not totally explained in the Star Trek universe. The Borg can adapt to all sorts of technology almost instantly and if this isn’t super intelligence certainly this ability mimics super intelligence.

However, stratagems by Starfleet do seem to work against the Borg and Borg intelligence seems to have blind spot when it comes to individuals. The Borg do not so much assimilate individuals as civilizations so individuals are ignored and an individual might be able to slip past Borg defenses and do damage to the Borg that is disproportionate to the apparent potential of the individual. A Borg, Hugh is infected with a computer virus and the Enterprise crew is pretty sure their stratagem will work if Hugh is assimilated again. The human equivalent would be blankets with Small Pox given to Native Americans and a being with super intelligence would see through such a trick easily. The Borg have assimilated humans so this particular historical example would be in their data base. The Borg are like an idiot savant in some ways. Their knowledge is deep and detailed but their thought sometimes lacks common sense. The Borg are more robotic and slow moving and slow thinking than human and agile of mind and body.

The Borg can create a custom nexus similar to the Borg Queen that deals with particular problems. The Borg created a nexus called Locutus out of Captain Picard in order to take out the Federation. This custom made nexus seems to give the Borg the advantages of both a hive mind and a quicker more agile individual mind in one package. I see Locutus as being a custom made chip designed for a particular problem. The Borg as a collective are a cybernetic system that is smart enough to create a cybernetic expert system when needed and by assimilating Captain Picard avoid the knowledge acquisition problem.

Do the Borg have some sort of ability to merge their humanoid bodies? The Borg as a cube ship seem to have some sort of ability to draw on the physical reserves of all the individual Borg in the cube ship for regeneration from attacks that would destroy any Starfleet ship (3.3). Individual Borg outside of the cube ship do not have this ability.

I would say the Entity is an example of 3.3 taken to a higher level than any other being in comic book history. The Entity can destroy both Eternity and Death physically because it’s an amalgam of most of the Marvel Universe superheroes who have also been evolved. Even the merged humans, not super humans, can disintegrate a Celestial with just a thought!

Comic Book Merged Humans - What If The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 - Page 18 Comic Book Merged Humans - What If The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 - Page 25 Comic Book Merged Humans - What If The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 - Page 26 Comic Book Merged Humans - What If The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 - Page 27 Comic Book Merged Humans - What If The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 - Page 28 Comic Book Merged Humans - What If The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 - Page 29 Comic Book Merged Humans - What If The Avengers Lost the Evolutionary War V2 #1 - Page 30

In conclusion the topic of merged humans in comic books appears to be simple but actually has a lot of components that make the topic more interesting.


2015 Annual Report

See the fireworks Hugh Fox III created by blogging on Check out their 2015 annual report.

Source: See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2015 annual report.

BEST Zombie Gear by Category

BEST Zombie Gear by Category Blood Spatter

The focus of this article is to identify the BEST gear by category to survive Z day regardless of cost. This article is not about the best value. A lot of the gear listed here is extremely expensive but that’s often the case with the best product of any type! Looking at the best is not a bad idea even if you are going to get something less expensive. You become familiar with the specs of the best and then search for something that has similar specs but is a better value.

1) Backpack

Eberlestock X3 LoDrag Pack is designed to carry your long gun around better than any other backpack in the world! Unlike a soldier, much less a camper, you might be roaming for months or even years in a zombie world and if you lose your rifle and/or shot gun then you lose your life. I have been a nomad my whole life and have learned the hard way that if you are on the move and can’t pack it well then you are you are going to lose it! In the pre-zombie world this applies to your passport more than anything else (Passport Pocket for Cargo Pants).

Eberlestock X3 Low Drag Pack with scabbard

2) Clothing

If you in a zombie world then you are doing lots of things that damage your hands including gathering wood, chopping through brush, breaking into stores to get supplies and punching out people that don’t understand English. An injured hand means you are severely incapacitated so you need to protect your hands with gloves. Also, I am pretty sure a punch to the head of zombie can do the job in many instances but you need the right gloves for the job! Punch that zombie with Blackhawk Men’s S.O.L.A.G. HD Glove with Kevlar.

Blackhawk S.O.L.A.G. HD gloves with KEVLAR

Zombies don’t shoot! Zombies bite! Guess who else bites? Sharks! A shark suit is designed with bites in mind and is light weight compared to anti-ballistic body armor.

Neptunic’s NeXt Generation Sharksuit

Neptunic Sharksuits tests 2006

The Sharksuit is well suited for zombies but not for a non-zombie world. There are some interesting variations in body armor including Dragon Skin and Liquid Body Armor.

body armor dragon skin

Liquid body armour proves to be bullet proof

3) Communication

Ham radio is the best way to communicate with the world when the phone cell towers go silent. However, there is a lot more than just gear involved and Ham radio requires an investment in time to learn how to use and maintain the equipment. Also, Ham radio flunks the portability test.

The second route is focus on communication with friends and loved ones using a Walkie Talkie. However, until the cell phones go dead you want to use your cell phone! Why choose? The Motorola i355 (Nextel) is both a cell phone and a Walkie Talkie.

Emergency Communications: Motorola i355 Review

4) Fire Starters

When it comes to zombies you can never have too many knives! Maybe the zombies attack when you are making a fire! The Tool Logic SL3 Tactical Folding 1/2 Serrated Knife with Magnesium Fire Starter is a fire starter and a knife in one package!

Tool Logic SLP2 Tactical Folding 1/2 Serrated Knife With LED Flashlight, Magnesium Fire Starter and

5) Fishing Gear

I am assuming you already have rifle and/or shot gun so you have hunting game covered. However, there are an awful lot more fish in the world than game and fishing makes a lot less noise than shooting game! What needs to be understood is that your fishing to survive not have fun and nets allow for passive trapping unlike fishing poles and take up a lot less space so throw out the fishing pole and go with a fishing net. The Survival Gill Net Best Glide ASE is compact and durable!

Best Glide Survival Fishing or Gill Net – Scout Prepper

6) Light

The MPOWERD Luci is an inexpensive solar charged lantern that can produce 80 lumens of light for a 15 square feet area.

MPOWERD Luci Light Review

7) Medical Kit

I think gear needs to be related to your overall strategy. The number one plan should be to get to a beach and head for an islet. Hopefully you identified the islet and prepositioned your supplies. The Adventure Medical Marine 300 Kit deals with many scenarios you would handle on the seas and also deals with wounds.

Adventure Medical Marine 300 Medical Kit mfg#0115-0300

8) Multi-Tool Kit

One big division between multi-tools is big ones that need fit on your belt and little ones that fit on your key ring. If you are going to go big then go all the way with the Power Tech Fire Talon. The Power Tech Fire Talon is tough and most of all has two LED lights so you can work at night!

“How To” Video for the Power Tek Fire Talon Multi-Tool

The best small multi tool is the Titanium Utility Ring because it doesn’t look like a multi-tool and lets you play James Bond when the bad guys take you captive. Additionally, a punch is all the more effective with any ring on and this ring, with one of the blades out, will do even more damage.

Gear Review : Custom “Man Ring” Multitool

9) Survival Tent

There is no sense surviving the zombies but dying of exposure to the elements. The Trango 3.1 tent from Mountain Hard Wear is portable and extremely sturdy.

Mountain Hardwear Trango 3-Person Camping Tent

10) Transportation

The zombies arrive and you need to get out to an unpopulated area fast! Cities are great pre-Z Day but Z-Day means all those people in the cities are just going to be thousands of zombies that will soon be millions of zombies, if you wait too long! The problem is the roads are bumper to bumper. If at all possible then your plan should be to go to the sea shore and get to an uninhabited islet from the sea shore. As mentioned before, you had this strategy all alone and prepositioned supplies on the islet so you can travel light. If only you had a boat that fit in your small garage or cargo area of your truck, is easily transported to the seashore and is easy to use! WoKart does the job!

Hugh Fox WoKart Resized

WoKart YouTube

Not all of us have the luxury of being next to the sea shore so you are going to hit the road. Redundancy is good especially when it comes transportation. I would start with a truck to get me out of the city for starters because I can fit plenty of supplies in the cargo space but I would also like some sort of off road vehicle in that cargo space if the road becomes impassable. That’s where the Defender HD8 XT comes in handy.

Introducing the 2016 Can-Am Defender HD8 and HD10

11) Water Purifier

You can only really last a 2-3 days without water. There is a theory that the reason there are so many Chinese is because early on they boiled water while the West did not boil water.   If you drink bad water then sooner or later you will get sick and even die and people need to drink a lot of water. There are several excellent products out there but I would go with the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System because the system only weighs two ounces and most of all the product can filter 100,000 gallons despite the low weight. In contrast the very popular LifeStraw Survival Water Filter only filters 264 gallons and is also about two ounces.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter Kit – Preparedmind101

12) Weapons (Melee)

Sure you can get a cheap machete at Walmart but don’t go crying to mommy when the handle shatters and the wood shards cut your hand in the middle of a zombie fight. You need sturdy equipment that isn’t going to break and that’s what the Gerber Apocalypse Kit promises.

Gerber 30-000601 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

13) Weapons (Ranged)

You did your research and realized that the best fire arm is a shotgun. You need to hit the head and might not have time to aim carefully. If price is no object then the Beretta 1301 tactical shotgun is probably the best tactical shotgun out there.

Beretta 1301 Tactical – Overview

Suddenly you are surrounded by fifty zombies! You aren’t going to shoot your way out of this one even with a tactical shotgun! I bet you wish you had a flame thrower and guess what you can turn your shot gun into a flame thrower with Dragons Breath! This is one dangerous weapon and you will burn a lot of zombies but if you aren’t careful you might burn yourself as the video below shows:

Dragons Breath Shot From Saiga-12 BE SAFE WITH THIS UNIQUE 12GA SHELL!

The shot gun is great but boy it’s noisy and sometimes you want to take out the zombies from afar quietly and that’s when the PSE Tactical Crossbow comes in handy!

PSE Tactical Assault Crossbows TAC15, TAC10, TAC15i, & TAC10i in HD

What do you think? I welcome comments from readers!

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Passport Pocket for Cargo Pants

Passport Pocket for Cargo Pants Captioned

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case I think this is absolutely true! If the picture above explains the topic then just move on! Generally I carry my passport around my neck in a passport holder but sometimes I don’t want to look like a tourist. Stolen passports are worth a fortune so you want a little extra security for the pocket that holds your passport. I came up with a clever idea for upgrading my Molecule classic cargo pants and adding a snap hook to one of the pockets in order to put my passport in a safer compartment.

I use cable ties to attach snap hooks to things like backpacks all the time.

Snaphook on backpack

The challenge here was adding a “thingy” the snap hook could clip onto. It is more convenient and cheaper to cannibalize key rings for both the “thingy”, which is actually a double-eye swivel ring, and snap hook than running around town trying to find these parts separately. I really like the classic cargo pant model because you have two pockets per leg. There is back zippered flat pocket that works for flat objects such as passports and also front button-close, bellow pocket you can use for bulkier items which is a foldable reusable bag in my case. I attached the double-eye swivel ring to the back of the button-down flap of the front pocket.  If you cut a cable tie then there is a sharp edge which I get rid of by using a barbecue lighter to melt the edge.  The pull tab of the zipper of the back flat pocket has a large hole that makes it super easy to attach the snap hook using the cable tie.

Molecule cargo pants zipper pull tabFinished Project!Finished project


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Is Kobe Lobster A Needless Extravagance?

Kobe Lobster Label

Above is the label of an exciting new product and comments about the label and the product are welcomed and will be forwarded to the appropriate channels.  Elitists around the world have long argued that the best beef in the world is Kobe beef. One of the distinctive characteristics of Kobe beef is that the cattle are feed apples and beer. The cows are also given daily massages!

This may be how Kobe Beef is made

Happy cows seem to be better tasting cows and Kobe beef sells for 500$ a kilo! The same people who brought you Kobe beef are now thinking of branching into lobster which will be branded as Kobe Lobster. Because of my blog, I was part of an exclusive focus group that tasted Kobe Lobster in a Japanese restaurant in Bangkok. The management of Kobe Lobster wanted to find out what trend setters around the world think of their new product and are presumably having similar focus groups around the world.

The lobster are currently being massaged on a daily level. The people at Kobe are not sure if this practice will continue since the lobster don’t seem to care for the massages and the lobsters have been known to take a nip at the fingers of the massagers with their claws.

The lobster are underwater in tanks so they cannot hear music but classical music is piped in via boom boxes that are pressed against the glass. Presumably, the vibrations make the lobsters happier and therefore better tasting lobster. The Kobe lobsters are also shown peaceful ocean video that presumably should make the lobsters feel more at home. A Kobe lobster is given about five times more space per tank than a normal lobster.

The Kobe people tried giving the lobsters beer and apples but this caused the lobsters to die! The Kobe people then hired a team of animal psychologists and marine biologists to find out what diet makes lobsters happy and to answer the deeper question, “What makes a lobster happy?” I did ask what diet makes lobsters happy and I was told that this is a trade secret.

I have to admit the lobster that I ate was very tasty. I am not sure if Kobe lobster is tastier than normal lobster but it was tasty. It takes about 500 dollars to raise a single lobster the “Kobe way” and this is reflected in the price. Kobe lobster will not be sold by the pound like other lobster but by the lobster.  A single Kobe lobster will run you 1,000 dollars if and when this product hits the market!  Kobe lobster’s are guaranteed to be at least ten pounds so the lobster is only 100 dollars a pound which is far less than the cost of Kobe beef!  My own free meal was contingent on my writing an article about Kobe Lobster on my blog which I have done here.

I enjoyed the whole experience but later started to wonder if this is the best use of the Earth’s resources? Wouldn’t the 500 dollars being spent to make happier lobsters be better spent on making happier people or better yet less starving people?

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Vixens with Superpowers

My last name is “Fox” and therefore all things fox related are on my radar. A female fox is a vixen. Some fictional vixens have superpowers! So the question has to be asked, who is the most powerful super vixen?

Crimson Fox (DC)

Crimson Fox (DC) – There have been two super heroines with this name at DC but both have had the same superpowers including super speed, super agility and the ability to emit pheromones.


Daji – Daji is an evil fox spirit and has extreme cunning and the ability to possess humans. Daji is especially infamous for creating various evil creations. In her fox form, she sometimes has super human strength and speed. The story of Daji is hundreds of years old.

Kuma Lisa

Kuma Lisa – Kuma Lisa is a Bulgarian and Russian trickster with extreme cunning.

Silver Fox (Marvel)

Silver Fox (Marvel) – Silver Fox has the power of super healing.

Vixen (DC)

Vixen (DC) – Vixen is a DC superheroine who can mimic the power of any animal and is not really a fox related character except for her name and has to be disqualified from the contest.

Daji can possess Crimson Fox or Silver Fox and there really isn’t anything they can do about this sort of attack since they don’t have any psychic powers. Kuma Lisa as an archetype trickster and might have some resistance to mind control as a more or less supernatural being. Daji did have temples to her which were suppressed during the Song dynasty. Temples tend to give supernatural beings more power and Kuma Lisa may have a chocolate bar named after her but no temples. Daji could also attack her in her fox form which is probably quite powerful. Lastly, Daji is also by far the most ancient member of the group and fox spirits just get more powerful with age like vampires.

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