Fox Pub Signs Poster


Fox Pub Signs 1 Portrait Large 39x73 inches

My last name is Fox and I like having some sort of Fox pub sign over the bar area of my apartment but I also move around a lot and a heavy wooden, much less a metal pub sign, doesn’t fit my current international lifestyle.  I went ahead and made a super large poster that is a little more fun and a lot more portable.  Just download the jpeg above and get it printed in a printing shop that handles posters.  If you print the jpeg as a vinyl banner then can hang the banner using the grommets of the banner on 3M hooks and you will not damage the wall of your apartment in the least. The size of the above jpeg is approximately 39 x 73 inches. The poster below is smaller (55 x 23) and has a landscape as opposed to a portrait orientation. Enjoy!

Fox Pub Signs 2 Landscape 55x23 inches


Hokusai Parody Poster

Hokusai Parody Super Poster

The above poster reflects my interest in Japanese art but with a light touch.  Just download the jpeg, take it to the right print shop and you have something funny and tasteful for your wall.

Annotated Tarot Cards: Over Sized, Regular Sized and Free Poster!

Tarot Cards Oversized Cards and Meanings on Cards Pic Resized

I often teach small groups around a table how to use the Tarot and needed oversized Tarot cards with the key words printed on the cards as a teaching aid.  You can buy oversized Tarot cards or you can buy Tarot cards with the keyword meanings printed on the cards.  What I couldn’t find was a Tarot deck that was both oversized and had the keywords printed on the cards so I made my on deck!  You can point to the keywords (14 point font size) and explain the keywords to a group with the oversized deck.

You can download the cards as a PDF file for only a buck at:

You can download regular sized cards using the same format as the cards above for only a buck at:

Free 27 by 72 inch poster below:

Annotated Tarot Cards Poster 27x72 Inches


I have a section of my blog devoted to Fortune Telling.

List of XBox 360 Four Player Games



Key: + = rank of 8.5 or more, – = rank of < 5


Aegis Wing

Alien Homnid HD – Live +

Avatar: The Burning Earth

Baja Edge of Control

Band of Bugs

Battle Star Galactica

Beijing 2008 –

Bomberman Live – Live +

Burnout 3: Takedown

Call of Duty 3

Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty: World at War +


Cars Mater-National

Castle Crashers

Colin McRae: DIRT

Command & Conquer 3

Commanders Attack of the Genos

Conflict Denied Ops

Dead Block

Dead or Alive 4

Def Jam: Icon


Earth Defense Force 2017

Eets Chowdown – Live

Elements of Destruction – Live

Every Party

Fantastic Four –

Far Cry Instincts Predator

Fatal Inertia

Feedin Frenzy 2 – Live

FIFA 06: Road to Fifa World Cup

FIFA Street 3

Fuzion Frenzy 2


Gears of War

Geometry Wars 2


Golf: Tee it Up


Guilty Gear 2 –

Hail to the Chimp

Halo 3 +

Hardwood Spades

Heavy Weapon – Live

Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank

Karaoke Revolution: American Idol

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

Kung Fu Panda

Left 4 Dead


Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal –

Lost Cities

LOTR – Battle for Middle-Earth II

Mad Tracks –

Madagascar 2

Madden NFL 07

Madden NFL 08

Marathon: Durandul – Live

Marvel Ultimate Alliance +

Monster Madness

Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia

N+ – Live




Need for Speed Undercover

NHL 08


Perfect Dark Zero +

Pirates vs Ninjas – Live –

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

Ratatouille –

Rayman: Origins Rayman Raving Rabbits

Rock Band

Rock Band 2

Rocketmen – Live

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil

Rocky and Bullwinkle –


Rumble Roses XX

Scene iT: Box office smash

Scente iT: Lights, Camera, Action

Scott Pilgrim vs the World

SEGA Superstars Tennis

Skate 2

Small Arms – Live

Smash Court Tennis 3

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

Splinter Cell: Double Agent +

SpongeBob SquarePants Underpants Slam – Live

Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting

Street Trace: NYC

Summer Athletics

Surf’s Up

Tales of Vesperia +


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Live

Tenchu Z

Tenchu: Shadow Assault

Tetris Evolution

The Lord of the Rings Conquest

Thrillville: Off the Rails

Tiberium Wars

Ticket to Ride

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07

TMNT: The Video Game

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground

Top Spin 2

Track & Field – Live

UEFA Euro 2008


Uno Rush – Live

Viva Pinanta Trouble in Paradise

Viva Pinata +

Viva Pinata Party Animals



Wits and Wagers –

Worms (2007 video game)

Worms 2: Armageddon You’re in the Movies –

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Orange Werefox in Danang, Vietnam



Orange Werefox at Dreamworld, Thailand

Slideshow at:


Chinese Do’s and Don’ts

Chinese Do’s and Don’ts Resized


1) Do address a business associate with their professional title.

2) Do bargain.

3) Do be prepared for random people approaching to you and asking to practice their English.

4) Do be punctual.

5) Do beckon someone by waving them over to you with your palm down.

6) Do carry around a business card of the hotel you are staying in.

7) Do eat all of the rice in your bowl.

8) Do eat what your host offers and orders, including alcohol; it’s rude to refuse.

9) Do fill your companion’s tea cup when it’s empty.

10) Do give your host a gift.

11) Do greet the eldest person in a Chinese family first.

12) Do keep calm when dealing with officials, especially if tense situations arise.

13) Do learn how to use chopsticks correctly.

14) Do present important things to people with both hands.

15) Do present your gift with two arms, and if you are given a gift, receive it with two arms.

16) Do refuse a gift several times before accepting it.

17) Do remove your shoes when entering a Chinese home.

18) Do say hello (ni hao) in Chinese.

19) Do think twice about sharing your opinion especially at formal meetings.

20) Do toast with the word ganbei (“empty glass”).

21) Do touch your glass below that of the eldest person in the group when toasting.

22) Do try to understand indirect communication.



1) Don’t be offended when asked if you’re married.

2) Don’t criticize someone in public.

3) Don’t discuss the three T’s (Taiwan, Tiananmen, Tibet) in class, if you are the teacher.

4) Don’t engage in public displays of affection.

5) Don’t expect to tip everywhere you would tip in Western culture.

6) Don’t give clocks, knives, scissors, white or yellow flowers, or pears as gifts.

7) Don’t immediately put the card away in your pocket or bag.

8) Don’t leave your chopsticks upright in your bowl or tap your bowl with them.

9) Don’t open the gift upon receiving it unless it is insisted upon. Instead, open it later.

10) Don’t point or use your finger (this gesture is used for dogs).

11) Don’t point the bottom of your shoes/feet at someone.

12) Don’t point the spout of the teapot at anyone.

13) Don’t point with your index finger. Instead, use an open hand.

14) Don’t pour your own drink first.

15) Don’t put sugar or milk in your tea.

16) Don’t say “no”.  Instead say “maybe” or “you will think about it”.

17) Don’t shake your feet, lest you shake away all of your luck.

18) Don’t take the last bit of food in a serving plate.

19) Don’t touch someone’s head.

20) Don’t wear bright colors or shorts for business meetings.

21) Don’t whistle or snap your fingers to get someone’s attention.

22) Don’t wrap a gift in white wrapping paper.

23) Don’t write anything in red ink unless you’re correcting an exam.

24) Don’t write on the business card unless you are told to do so.

Handout at: