List of Gods (3,000+)

1Name  – Gender – Location Description of powers and functions
A Goddess Chaldean Goddess of the Moon
Aahmes-nefertari Goddess Egypt An Egyptian Queen, circa 1540 B.C.E., who was elevated to goddess stature as a protector/punisher of humans.
Aakuluujjusi Goddess Inuit
Aasith Goddess Egypt
Ab Kin Xoc Maya
Abaangui Guarani
Aba-khatun Goddess Russia
Abaris Greek
Abas Greek
Abassi, Efik, Nigeria, Africa
Abderus Greek
Abeguwo Goddess Oceania
Abeona Goddess Roman
Abere Goddess Oceania
Abiku African
Abnoba Goddess Celtic
Abraxas Roman
Abuk Goddess Dinka Africa
Abundantia Goddess Roman
Acamas Greek
Acantha Goddess Greek
Acat Maya
Acaviser Goddess Roman
Acca GoddessRoman
Acca Larentia Goddess Roman
Achall Goddess Irish
Achall Goddess Ireland
Achelois Goddess Greek
Achelous Greek
Achilles Greek
Achimi African
Achiyalatopa Zuni American Indian
Achtan Goddess Irish
AchtanGoddess Ireland
Achtland Goddess Celtic
Acis Greek
Aclla Goddess Inca
Acna Goddess Maya
Actaeon Greek
Acuecueyotlcihuatl Aztec
Adad Babylonian
Adamanthea Goddess Greek
Adamisil Wedo Goddess Haiti
Adapa Babylonian
Adaro Oceania
Adekagagwaa Iroquois
Adeona Goddess Roman
Aditi Goddess Asian
Adityas Asian
Admeta Goddess Roman
Admete Goddess Greek
Admetus Greek
Adonis Greek
Adrammelech Babylonia
Adrastus Greek
Adriambahomanana Africa
Adroa Lugbara
Adsagsona Goddess Celtic
Adsullata Goddess
Adu Ogyinae Ashanti Africa
Adro African
Adroa African
Adroanzi Africa
Aeacus Greek
Aebh Goddess Celtic
Aed Celtic
Aédon Goddess Greek
Aedos Goddess Roman
Aega Goddess Greek
Aegeria Goddess Roman
Aegeus Greek
Aegina Goddess Greek
Aegir Norse
Aegis Greek
Aegisthus Greek
Aegyptus Greek
Aello Goddess Greek
Aeneas Greek
Aeneas Roman
Aeolus Greek
Aero Goddess Greek
Aeron Celtic
Aerope Goddess  Greek
Æs Sídhe Celtic
Aesculapius Asclepius Greek
Aesir Norse
Aestas Goddess Roman
Aether Greek
Aethra Goddess Greek
Aetna Goddess Roman
Aeval Goddess Ireland.
Afekan Goddess Oceania
Agaman Nibo Goddess Haiti
Agamedes Greek
Agamemnon Greek
Agasaya Goddess Semite
Agave Goddess Greek
Agdos Goddess Asia Minor
Agé Dahomey Africa
Aglaia Goddess Greek
Aglauros Goddess Greek
Agni Hindu God of fire
Agrona Goddesss Wales
Agwe Goddess Benin Africa
Agwe Goddess Haiti
Agweta GoddessHaiti
Ah Chuy Kak Maya
Ah Cun Can Maya
Ah Kinchil Maya
Ah Puch Maya
Ah Uaynih Goddess Guatemala
Ah Uaynih Goddess Haiti
Ah Wink-ir Masa Goddess Guatemala
Aha Njoku, Ibo, Africa
Ahat Goddess Egypt A cow goddess
Ahau Chamahez Maya
Ahaw Kin Maya Sun God
Ahemait Goddess Egypt An Egyptian underworld goddess who is part lion, part hippopotamus, and part crocodile, and who eats the souls of the unworthy dead
Ahmakiq Maya
Ahnt Alis Pok’ Goddess
Ahnt Kai Goddess
Aho Njoku Africa
Aholi Hopi American Indian
Ahriman Persia
Ahsonnutli Navajo
Ahti Goddess Egypt A malevolent goddess, depicted with the head of a wasp and the body of a hippotamus.
Ahti Finland God of streams, lakes and seas
Ahuic Goddess Aztec
Ahulane Maya
Ahura Mazda Persia
Ahurani Goddess Persia
Ai Tupua’i Goddess Oceania
Ai-ada Turkey
‘Aiaru Goddess Oceania
Aibell Goddess Ireland
Aibheaog Goddess Ireland
Aida Wedo Goddess Benin Africa
Aida Wedo Goddess Haiti
Aide Goddess Irish.
Aidin Goddess Ireland
Aigamuxa Africa
Aige Goddess Ireland
Aigiarm Goddess Mongolia
Ailinn Goddess Ireland
Aille Goddess Ireland
Aille Ireland
Ailuros Goddess Egypt A cat-deity of ancient Egypt, also called Bastet.
Ain  Goddess Ireland
Ainé Goddess Celtic
Aine Goddess Ireland
Ainia Goddess Greek
Airesekui Huron
Airmed Goddess Irish
Airmed Goddess
Aja Goddess Babylonia
Aja Yoruba Africa
Aje Goddess Yoruba Africa
Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone Japan God of Thunder
Ajok Lotuko Africa
Ajtzak American Indian
Ajysyt Goddess Siberia
Aka Goddess Turkey
Aker Egypt
Akert-khentet-auset-s Goddess Egypt
Akewa Goddess Argentina
Akhet Goddess Egypt Goddess of the seasons and sunset, sometimes called Goddess of the Nile
Akhushtal Goddess Maya
Akonadi Goddess Ghana Africa
Akongo Africa
Akuj Africa
Akusaa Goddess Egypt Goddess of Sunset, wife of Atum
Akycha American Indian
Ala, Goddess, Ibo, Africa
Ala Muki Goddess Oceania
Alaghom Naom Tzentel Goddess Maya
Alalahe Goddess Oceania
Alastor Greek
Alator Britain
Alberich Norse
Albina Goddess Roman
Albina Goddess Britain
Albion Greek
Albunea Goddess Roman
Alcestis Goddess Greek
Alcibie Goddess Greek
Alcimedes Greek
Alcippe Goddess Greek
Alcippe Greek
Alcmaeon Greek
Alcmene Goddess Greek
Alcyon Goddess Greek
Ale Africa
Alecto Goddess Greek
Alectrona Goddess Greek
Alectryon Greek
Alemona Goddess Roman
Alfhild Goddess Scandinavia
Alfs Germanic
Alinga Goddess Australia
Alkaia Goddess Greek
Alkonost Goddess Russia
Al-Lat Goddess Arabia
Alla Africa
Allowat Sakima Latvia
Almha (Almu) Goddess Ireland
Almoshi Goddess Russia
Alourous Africa
Alpan Goddess Etruscan
Alphito Goddess Greek
Altan-Telgey Goddess Mongol
Altjira Australian Aboriginal
Altria Goddess Roman
Alu Babylonia
Alvis Germanic
Ama Goddess Russia
Ama no Uzume Goddess Japan
Amaethon Britain
Amalthea Goddess Greek
Amalthea Greek
Ama-no-Uzume Fertility Goddess
Amaterasu Goddess Japan Sun Goddess
Amatsu Mikaboshi Japan God of Evil
Amaunet Goddess Egypt Mother goddess, called the “Hidden One”. She is the personification of the life-bringing northern wind. She belongs to the Ogdoad of Hermopolis. Within this group of gods her consort is the god Amun. She is referred to as ‘the mother who is father’ and in this capacity she needs no husband. Amaunet was regarded as a tutelary deity of the Egyptian pharaohs and had a prominent part in their accession ceremonies. She is portrayed as a snake or a snake-head on which the crown of Lower Egypt rests.
Ambika Goddess Hindu
Ambrosia Greek
Amelia Goddess Haiti
Amemet Goddess Egypt Goddess of the underworld, listed in the Book of the Dead
Ament Goddess Egypt Ancient Hawk Goddess. Libyan/Egyptian Goddess of the West. She lived in a tree at the edge of the desert where She watched the gates of the underworld and welcomed the newly deceased. She appears with an ostrich feather on Her head.
Amenti Egypt (Amentet) An Egyptian goddess, the personification of the West (amenti), as well as the western areas where the sun sets and where the entrance to the underworld reputedly lies. Here she welcomes the deceased who enter the city of the dead.
Amit Goddess Egypt Fire goddess of Tuat (the underworld).
Amma Goddess Norse
Amma Dogon Africa
Ammavaru Goddess Hindu
Ammit Goddess Egypt Part crocodile, part lion, and part hippopotamus, she is a goddess of the underworld.
Ammut Egypt Goddess
Amn Goddess Egypt Another goddess of the underworld.
Amon Egypt
Amor Roman
Amotken Salish
Amphitrite Goddess Greek
Amphitryon Greek
Amset Egypt
Amymone Goddess Greek
An Sumeria
Anagtia Goddess Roman
Anahita Goddess Persia
Ananke Goddess Greek
Ananse Africa
Anansi  Ashanti West Africa
Ananta Shesha Hindu
Anapel Goddess Russia
Anath Anat Goddess Phoenician Ugarit War goddess
Anatha Goddess Egypt Goddess of love and war. Also known as a mountain goddess.
Anatis Goddess Egypt A goddess of the moon.
Anatu Goddess Mesopotamia
Anaxarete Goddess Greek
Anceta Goddess Roman
Anchises Greek
Andraste Goddess Britain
Andriamahilala Africa
Androgyne Greek
Andromache Goddess Greek
Andromache Greek
Andromeda Goddess Greek
Andromeda Goddess Greek
Androphonos Greek
Angerboda Goddess Scandinavia
Angerona Goddess Roman
Angina Goddess Roman
Angita Goddess Roman
Angitia Goddess Greek
Angpetu Wi American Indian
Angus Celtic
Angwusnasomtaka Hopi American Indian
Anieros Goddess Roman
Anima Mundi Goddess Roman
Anius Greek
Anjea Goddess Australia
Anka Goddess Egypt A creator goddess, wife of Khnum.
Ankhtith Goddess Egypt Goddess depicted as a serpent with the head of a woman.
Ankt Goddess Egypt A spear-carrying Egyptian war goddess.
Anna Livia Plurabelle Goddess
Anna Perenna Goddess Etruscan
Annapurna Hindu
Annis Goddess Britain
Annwn Britain
Anshar Father of heaven
Antaboga Indonesia
Antaeus Greek
Antaios Egypt
Antandre Goddess Greek
Anteros Greek
Anteros Roman
Antevorta Goddess Roman
Anthat Goddess Egypt
Antianara Goddess Greek
Antianara Goddess Greek
Antibrote Goddess Greek
Anticlea Goddess Greek
Antigone Goddess Greek
Antinuous Greek
Antiope Goddess Greek
Antiope Goddess Greek
Anu Goddess Ireland
Anu Babylonian The god of the highest heaven
Anu Celtic
Anubis Egypt Embalming, friend of the dead
Anuket Goddess Egypt (Anukis) (“the clasper”, “the embracer”) The goddess personifying the Yonic source of the Nile Flood, whose symbol was the cowrie. The bringer of food, the creator of all good things, The filler of granaries, patroness of the poor and needy. She was depicted wearing a feather headdress. In Upper Egypt, around Elephantine, Anuket was worshipped as the companion (generally the daughter) of Khnum and Sati. Her sacred animal was the gazelle. She was believed to be the dispenser of cool water, and wore a feathered crown on her human head. She was later merged with Nepthys.
Anunitu Goddess Babylonia
An-Zu Goddess Assyria
Aobh Goddess Ireland
Aoife Goddess. Scotland
Apate Goddess Greek
Apep Egypt Serpent of the underworld, enemy of Rs
Aphareus Greek
Aphrodite Goddess Greek Goddess of beauty, love
Apis Egypt
Apis Egypt
Aplu Estruscan
Apollo Greek, Roman God of poetry, music, the sun
Apoyan Tachi Zuni
Apozanolotl Goddess Aztec
Appiades, The Goddess Roman
Appias Goddess Roman
Apsu Babylonian The ruler of gods and underworld oceans
Apunga Goddess Australia
Arachne Goddess Greek
Arahuta Goddess New Zealand
Ararat Goddess Anatolia
Arbha Goddess British Isles
Ardwinna Celtic
Arebati Pygmy Africa
Arenmetia Goddess Britain
Ares Greek God of war
Arete Goddess Greek
Arethusa Goddess Greek
Areto Goddess Greek
Aretz Goddess Israel
Argante Goddess Britain
Argonaut Greek
Argos Greek
Argus Greek
Argus Greek
Ariadne Goddess Greek
Arianrhod Goddess Wales
Arianrhod Wales
Aricia Goddess Roman
Ariki Goddess New Zealand
Arinna Goddess Hittite
Arion Greek
Arnamentia Goddess Britain
Arnamentia Goddess Britain
Arne Goddess Greek
Arohirohi Goddess New Zealand
Arria Goddess Roman
Arsinoë Goddess Greek The wet-nurse of Orestes (the son of Agamemnon), or according to some, she is the mother of Asclepius by Apollo. She has also been referred to as the wife and sister of King Ptolemy Philadelphos, deified and identified with both Aphrodite and Isis. A temple was built for her at Zephyrion on the Egyptain coast.
Artemis Goddess Greek Goddess of the hunt
Artio Goddess Britain, Switzerland
Artio Celtic
Aruna Goddess Hindu
Aryong Jong Goddess Korea
Asase Yaa Goddess Ashanti Ghana Africa
As-ava Goddess Russia
Ascanius Roman
Asclepius Greek
Asgaya Gigagei Cherokee
Asherali Goddess Canaan
Ashiakle Goddess Ghana Africa
Ashnan Goddess Sumeria
Ashtoreth Goddess Egypt Moon goddess and goddess of war. She is depicted with the head of a lion. Probably devolved from the Syrian Astarte.
Ashtoreth Phoenician
Ashur Assyria National god of the Assyrians
Ashvins Hindu
Askr and Embla Norse
Assa Goddess Ireland
Astarte Goddess Phoenicia
Asteria Goddess Greek
Asteria Goddess Greek
Astraea Goddess Greek
Astraeos Greek
Astrea Goddess Roman
Asura, The Hindue
Aswini, The Hindu Gods of sunrise and sunset
Atai, Efik, Africa
Ataokoloinona Africa
Atalanta Goddess Greek
Atanea Goddess South Pacific
Atar Goddess Iran
Ate Goddess Greek
Atea Polynesian
Ategina Lusitani
At-Em Goddess Egypt Goddess of time.
Aten Egypt Sun’s rays
Athena Goddess Greek Goddess of wisdom, defensive war
Athirat Goddess Canaan Ugarit Mother goddess
Athor Goddess Egypt The personification of Mother Night, the primordial element covering the infinite abyss.
Athtart Goddess Canaan Ugarit Goddess of fertility
Atl Aztec
Atlacamani Goddess Aztec
Atlacoya Goddess Aztec
Atlas Greek
Atlatonin Goddess Aztec
Atreus Greek
Atropos Goddess Greek
Attis Roman
Atum Egypt Creator deity
Auchimalgen Goddess Chile
Au-Co Vietnamese
Audjal Goddess Caroline Islands
Aukert A name for the Underworld which is sometimes personified as a goddess.
Auilix Maya
Aunt Nancy Africa
Aura Goddess Greek
Aurita Goddess Roman
Aurora Goddess Roman
Ausaas Goddess Egyptian The wife of Harakhti, one of the manifestations of Horus.
Ausaitis Lithuania
Auseklis Latvia
Auset Referred to by the Greeks as Isis – the Oldest of the Old, from Whom all things arose, Eternal Savior of the race of men. She was the Egyptian throne, the pharaohs sat on her lap, protected by Her arms or wings. She was worshipped throughout the Greco-Roman world as well as in Egypt where she was known as Au Set, the Lady of the Moon, the Mother of the Crops. She was made Offerings of baskets of grain, and was guarded by sacred serpent. The swallow was her sacred bird, the sycamore, tamarisk and water lily her sacred plants, bloodstone and turquoise her sacred stones. The One Who is All held dominion over life and death, marriage, healing, handicrafts and writing, fertility and immortality. The Daughter of Nut, the Sky and Geb, the Earth, She was born in the swamp land of the Nile. The ankh is the symbol of the union of AuSet (Isis) and Osiris. Her wings and solar disc nestled between lunar bovine horns denotes her protection of the Pharaohs (the male spirit) and her promise of rebirth.
Austeja Lithuania
Autolycus Greek
Autonoe Goddess Greek
Auxesia Goddess Greek
Averna Goddess Roman
Avernales Goddess Roman
Averruncus Goddess Roman
Aversa Goddess Roman
Awonawilona Goddess Pueblo Zuni
Aya Goddess Mesopotamia
Ayaba Goddess Dahomey Africa
Ayauhteotl Goddess Aztec
Ayida Goddess Haiti
Ayizan Goddess Haiti
Ayt’ar Russia
Azacca Haiti
Aziri Goddess Africa
Azra’ll Africa
Azrail Africa
Ba Goddess China
Baal Bel Phoenicia
Ba’Alat Goddess Phoenicia
Baatsi Africa
Baau Goddess Phoenicia
Baba Yaga Goddess Slavic
Babalu Aye, Africa
Babaluaya Africa
Babayanmi Africa
Babamik Goddess Oceania
Bacabs Maya Gods of the four direction
Bacchantes Goddess Greek
Bacchus Roman God of wine
Bachue Goddess Chibcha
Backlum Chaam Maya
Badb Goddess Ireland
Badb Goddess Irish
Badba Goddess Ireland
Badh Goddess Ireland
Ba Dima Africa
Badimo Africa
Baimae Australian Aboriginal
Bainleannan Goddess Ireland
Bakha Egypt
Balac Maya War God
Balam Maya Protector god
Balder Norse
Balios Greek
Balor Goddess Irish
Bamapana Australian Aboriginal
Ban Naomha Goddess Ireland
Ban Nighechain Goddess Scotland
Banaitja Australian Aboriginal
Banb (Bandha) Goddess Ireland
BanbaGoddess Irish
Bandonga Lusitani
Banga Africa
Bangputtis Baltic
Banka-MundiGoddess Hindu
Banna Goddess Ireland
Bansch Goddess Ireland
Banshee Gaelic
Banshees Goddess Ireland
Barghest England
Baron Samedi Goddess Haiti
Bast or Bastet, Goddess Egypt Goddess of cats
Bathkol Goddess Israel
Baubo Goddess Greek
Baucis Roman
Bayani Africa
Bayanni Goddess Africa
Be Find Goddess Ireland
Beag Goddess Ireland
Bean Nighe Goddess Ireland, Scotland
Bean Sidhe Goddess Ireland
Bebhionn Goddess Ireland
BebhionnGoddess Irish
Bebo Goddess Ireland
Bec Fola Goddess Ireland
Becuma Goddess Ireland
Beelsamin Phoenicia
Befana Goddess Italy
Begoe Goddess Roman
Beiwe Goddess Lappland
Belatucadros Celtic
Bele Alua Goddess Africa
Belenus Celtic
Beli Mawr Celtic
Belisama Goddess Celtic
Belit-Seri Goddess Babylonia
Bellerophon Greek
Bellona Goddess Roman
Belobog Slavic
Bendis Goddess Thracian
Benten Goddess Japan
Benvarry Goddess Isle of Man
Benzai-Ten Japan Goddess of money, eloquent persuasion, knowledge, one of seven gods of fortune
Beowulf Germanic
Bergelmir Germanic
Berserk, Berserker Norse
Bertha Goddess Norse
Beruth Goddess Phoenicia
Bes Egypt God-Demon of protection, childbirth and entertainment
Bestla Goddess Scandinavia
Bhairav iGoddess Hindu
Bheara Celtic Ireland
Bia Ashanti
Bia Greek
Biame Australia
Biblys Goddess     Greek
Biddy Mannion Goddess Ireland
Bidhgoe Goddess Ireland
Bifrost Norse
Bikeh Hozho Goddess Navajo
Bila Goddess Australia
Bilé Celtic
Billing Germanic
Birog Goddess Ireland
Bishamon-ten Japan God of happiness and war, one of the seven gods of fortune
Blanaid Goddess Ireland
Blathnat Goddess Ireland
Blodeuwedd Goddess Wales
Bo Find Goddess Ireland
BoaliriGoddess Australia
Boann Goddess Ireland
Boann Goddess Irish
Bobd Goddess Ireland
Boibhniu Celtic
Bolbe Goddess Greek
Boldogasszony Goddess Russia
Bolon tza cab Ruling god of all
Bomo Rambi Goddess Africa
Bona Dea Goddess Roman
Bona Goddess Roman
Bone of Ull Norse
Boötes Greek
Bor Norse
Boreas Greek
Bormonia Goddess Roman
Bormanico Lusitani
Bors Celtic
Borvo Gaul
Bragi Norse
Brag-srin-mo Goddess Tibet
Brahma Hindu The creator
Bran Britain
Branwen Goddess Ireland
Branwen Goddess Wales
Breath of Wind Goddess Iroquois
Breg Goddess Ireland
Breksta Goddess Lithuania
Bremusa Greek
Bres Gaelic
Bri Goddess Ireland
Briareus Greek
Bride Goddess Scotland
Brigandu Goddess Celtic France
Brigantia Goddess Celtic Briton
Brighid Goddess Gaelic
Brihaspati Asian
Brimo Goddess Greek
Brisa Goddess Greek
Briseis Goddess Greek
Britomartis Goddess Greek
Brize Goddess Greek
Brizo Goddess Greek
Brome Goddess Greek
Bronach Goddess Irish
Brono Norse
Brontes Greek
Brownie Scotland
Broxa Jewish
Brunhild, Goddess Germanic
Buk Africa
Buku Africa
Bumba Africa
Bunjil Australian Aboriginal
Bubastis Goddess Egypt
Bubona Goddess Roman
Budhi Pallien Goddess Hindu
Bugady Musun Goddess Siberia
Buk Goddess Africa
Buku Africa
Bunbulama Goddess Australia
Bunzi Goddess Africa
Buri Norse
Buring une Goddess Oceania
Busiris Egypt
Butes Greek
Byblis Goddess Roman
Bylgja Goddess Norse
Cabiri Greek
Caca Goddess Roman
Cacus Greek
Cacus Roman
Cadmus Greek
Caduceus Greek
Caelestis Goddess Middle East
Caenis Goddess Greek
Caer Goddess Ireland
Caer Goddess Irish
Caerus Greek
Cagn Mantis Africa
Cailleach Beara Goddess Scotland
Cailleach Bheur Goddess Ireland
Cailleach Bolus Goddess Ireland
Cailleach Corca Duibhne Goddess Ireland
Cailleach Mor Goddess Scotland
Cailleach Goddess Irish
Cairbre Celtic
Caireen Goddess Ireland
Cairpre Celtic
Caishen China
Cakulha Maya
Calais Greek
Calchas Greek
Caligo Goddess Greek
Calliope Goddess Greek
Callipygos Goddess Greek
Callirhoe Goddess Greek
Callisto Goddess Greek
Calybe Goddess Roman
Calyce Goddess Greek
Calypso Goddess Greek
Cameira Goddess Ireland
Camenae Roman
Camilla Roman
Camise Goddess Roman
Camozotz Maya
Campe Greek
Campestres Goddess Celtic
Camulus Gaul
Candace Goddess Egypt
Candelifera Goddess Roman
Candi Goddess Hindu
Candit Goddess Africa
Canente Goddess Roman
Canidia Goddess Greek
Canola Goddess Ireland
Canopus Lakota American Indian
Caoineag Goddess Britain
Caradawc Celtic
Cardea Roman
Cariocecus Lusitani
Carlin Goddess Scotland
Carlin Goddess Scotland
Carman Goddess Ireland
Carman Goddess Irish
Carmenta Roman
Carna Roman
Carravogue Goddess Ireland
Cartimandua Goddess Britain
Carya Goddess Greek
Cassandra Goddess Greek
Cassiopeia Goddess Greek
Cassios Goddess Phoenicia
Castalia Goddess Greek
Castor and Pollux Greek
Catequil Inca
Cathubodia Goddess Britain
Cathubodva Celtic
Cecrops Greek
Ceibhfhionn Goddess Irish
Celaneo Goddess Greek
Cenn Cruaich Gaelic
Centaur Greek
Centaur Greek
Cephalus Greek
CerGoddess Greek
Cerberus Greek
Cerberus Greek
Cercopes Greek
Cercyon Greek
Ceres Goddess Roman Goddess of the harvest
Cernunnos Celtic
Cerridwen Goddess Wales
Cerynean Greek
CessairGoddess Irish
Cethe Celtic
Cethlion Goddess Irish
Cetlenn Celtic
Ceto Goddess Greek
Cghene, Isoko, Africa
Chac Maya Rain God
Chalchiuhtlicue Goddess Aztec Goddess of lakes and streams
Challalamma Goddess Hindu
Chandra Hindu
Chang Fei China
Chang Hsien China
Chang Pan China
Chango Africa
Ch’ang Tsai China
Chang-O Goddess China
Chantico Goddess Aztec
Chao San-Niang Goddess China
Chao T’eng-k’ang China
Chaos Greek
Chaos Goddess Middle East
Chariboea Goddess Greek
Chariot Greek
Charis Goddess Greek
Charites Goddess Greek
Charon Greek
Charybdis Goddess Greek
Chedi Bumba Africa
Chelone Goddess Greek
Chem Egypt
Chemosh Moab
Chen Kao China
Ch’eng Huang China
Cheng Huan-ho China
Cheng San-Kung China
Chernobog Slavic
Chi Po China
Chibiabos Algonquin
Chichevache German
Chien-TiGoddess China
Chih Jih China
Chih Nu Goddess China
Ch’ih Sung-tzu China
Chih-Nii Goddess China
Chimaera Greek
Chimata-No-Kami Japan God of crossroads, highways, footpaths
Ching Ling Tzu China
Ch’ing Lung China
Chin-hua Niang-niang China
Chinnintamma Goddess Hindu
Chio Yuan-Tsu China
Chione Goddess Greek
Chiron Greek
Chiuta Tumbuka Africa
Chloe Goddess Greek
Chloris Goddess Greek
Chonganda Africa
Chonso Egypt
Chou Wang China
Chryseis Goddess Greek
Chryses Greek
Chu Niao China
Chu Ying China
Chuang-Mu Goddess China
Chu-jung China
Chuku, Ibo, Africa
Chun T’iGoddess China
Chung Ling-yu China
Chung Liu China
Chung-kuei China
Chung-li Ch’üan China
Chup-Kamui Goddess Japan
Cian Celtic
Cihuacoatl Goddess Nahua
Cilissa Goddess Greek
Cinei-new Goddess Russia
Cinteotl Aztec God of maize
Circe Goddess Greek
Cislobog Slavic
Cleite Goddess Greek
Cleone Goddess Greek
Clio Goddess Greek
Cliodna Goddess Gaelic
Cloacina Goddess     Roman
Cloelia Roman
Clûd Goddess Celtic
Clymene Goddess Greek
Clytemnestra Goddess Greek
Clytie Goddess Greek
Coatlicue Goddess Aztec
Cocidius Britain
Coinquenda Goddess Roman
Collatina Goddess Roman
Colleda Goddess Serbia
Comitia Goddess Roman
Comus Roman
Conair Celtic
Conall Cernach Irish
Conchobar Celtic
Conciliatrix Goddess Roman
Concordia Roman
Condatis Britain
Consentes Dii Roman
Consus Roman
Copia Goddess Roman
Copil Aztec
Copreus Greek
Coranians Celtic
Corb Celtic
Cormac Celtic
Coronis Goddess Greek
Corra Goddess Scotland
Corunetes Greek
Corvus Celtic
Corythus Greek
Cottus Greek
Cotys Goddess Greek
Cotys Goddess Middle East
Cotytto Goddess Greek
Coventina Goddess Britain
Coyolxauhqui Goddess Aztec  The Moon
Cratos Greek
Creidhne Celtic
Creon Greek
Cressida Greek
Creusa Goddess Greek
Crius Greek
Crnobog Slavic
Cronus Greek
Crotus Greek
Cu Roi Irish
Cuba Goddess Roman
Cuchulainn Celtic
Cuda Goddess Britain
Culsa Goddess Roman
Cumhau Maya
Cunina Goddess Roman
Cunnembeille Goddess Australia
Cupid Roman God of love
Cupra Goddess Roman
Cura Roman
Curetes Greek
Curto-ara Goddess Russia
Cyane Goddess Roman
Cybele Goddess Middle East
Cybele Goddess Roman
Cyclopes Greek
Cygnus Greek
Cyone Goddess Greek
Cyrene Goddess Greek
Da Dahomey, Africa
Dabog Vid, Daba Slavic
Dactyls Greek
Daedalus Greek
Daena Goddess Middle East
Daevas Babylonia
Dag Goddess Scandinavia
Dagda Celtic
Dagda’s Cauldron Celtic
Dagda’s Harp Celtic
Daghdha In Dagda Celtic
Dagon Ugarit Mesopotamia God of Earth
Dagwanoenyent Goddess American Indian
Dahut Goddess Britain
Daikoku-ten Japan One of the seven gods of fortune
Dair Celtic
Dais Goddess Greek
Dajbog Slavic
Dakini Goddess Hindu
Dali Goddess Russia
Damia Goddess Greek
Damkina Goddess Sumeria Earth mother
Damma Gaul
Damocles Greek
Damon and Pythias Greek
Damona Goddess Gaul
Dan Africa
Dana Anu Goddess Celtic
DanaeGoddess Greek
Danaus Greek
Danu Goddess Ireland
Danu Goddess Greek
Daphne Goddess Greek
Daphnis Greek
Darago Goddess Philippines
Daramulum Australian Aboriginal
Darzamat Latvia
Därzu-mäte Goddess Russia
Dawen Goddess Ireland
Dayang-Raca Goddess Borneo
Dazhbog Slavic
Dazimus Goddess Middle East
De ai Goddess Micronesia
Dea DiaGoddess Roman
Dea Domnann (goddesss) Ireland
Dea Marica Goddess Roman
Debena Goddess Russia
Dechtere Goddess Irish
Dechtire Goddess Ireland
Decuma Goddess Roman
Dee Goddess Scotland
Deianira Goddess Greek
Deianira Goddess Greek
Deidamia Goddess Greek
Deidre Goddess Celtic
Deimos Greek
Deiphobe Goddess Greek
Deiphobus Greek
Deirdre Goddess Ireland
Delka Latvia
Delphinus Greek
Delphyne Goddess Greek
Demeter Goddess Greek Goddess of the harvest, nature
Demogorgon Greek
Dendrites Greek
Deng Africa
Denka Dinka African
Deohako Goddess American Indian
Derceto Goddess Greek
Derimacheia Goddess Greek
Derinoe Goddess Greek
Derketo Goddess Middle East
Dervonnae Goddess Europe
Despoena Goddess Greek
Deucalion Greek
Deva Goddess Britain
DevanaGoddess Russia
Devas Asian
Deverra Goddess Roman
Devi Goddess Asian
Devona Goddess Ireland
Dewi Nawang Sasih Goddess Sundanese
Dewi Shri Goddess Bali
Dewi Wales
Dharma Hindu
Dhat-Badan Goddess Yemen
Dhisana Goddess Hindu
Di Jun Goddess China
Dia Griene Goddess Scotland
Dia Griene Goddess Scotland
Dia Goddess Roman
Diana Goddess Roman Goddess of the hunt
Diancecht Irish
Dido Goddess Greek
Dido Goddess Roman
Dievs Latvia
Diiwica Goddess Russia
Dike Goddess Greek
Dil Goddess Ireland
Dil Goddess Irish
Dilga Goddess Australian Aboriginal
Dilmun Sumeria
Diomedes Greek
Dione Goddess Greek
Dionysus Greek God of wine
Dirce Goddess Greek
Dis Pater Roman
Disciplina Goddess Roman
Discordia Goddess Roman
Ditaolane Africa
Diti Goddess Hindu
Diviriks Lithuania
Diwya Goddess Greek
Djanggawul Goddess Australian Aboriginal
Djigonasee Goddess American Indian
Dobhinia Goddess Ireland
Doda Goddess Serbia
Dogai Oceania
Dolya Goddess Russia
Domfe Africa
Domnu Goddess Ireland
Domnu Celtic
Don Goddess Wales
Donar Germanic
Dongo Africa
Doon Buidhe Goddess Arts
Doris Goddess Greek
Dornoll Goddess Ireland
Dragon Ancient
Dragoni Russia
Draupadi Goddess Hindu
Draupnir Norse
Druantia Goddess Britain
Druantia Goddess Celtic
Dryads Goddess Greek
Dryope Goddess Greek
Duberdicus Lusitani
Dubh Goddess Ireland
Dubh Lacha Goddess Ireland
Dubiaku Africa
Dugnai Goddess Lithuania
Dumuzi Sumerian
Dunne Enin Goddess Siberia
Durga Goddess Hindu
Duttur Goddess Middle East
Dxui Africa
Dyaush Hindu
Dyaus-pitar Hindu Cognate of the Roman god Jupiter
Dyinyinga Africa
Dysnomia Goddess Greek
Dzalarhons Goddess American Indian
Dziewona Poland
Dziva Africa
Ea Babylonian God wisdom
Eadon Goddess Irish
Eagenci Seneca
Ebisu/Yebisu Japan One of the seven gods of fortune
Ececheira Goddess Greek
Echenais Goddess Greek
Echidna Greek
Echidna Goddess Greek
Echo Goddess Greek
Edda Goddess Norse
Edinkira Goddess Africa
Edji Goddess Russia
Edusa Goddess Roman
Efreisone Greek
Egeria Goddess Roman
Egungun-oya Goddess  Yoruba Africa
Eidothea Goddess Greek
Eidyia Greek
EileithyiaGoddess Greek
Eingana Goddess Australian Aboriginal
Eir Goddess Norse
Eireisone Goddess Greek
Eirene Goddess Greek
Eka Abassi Goddess Africa
El   Phoenician
Elais Goddess Greek
Elate Goddess Greek
Elathan Celtic
Electra Goddess Greek
Electryon Greek
Elen Goddess Wales
Elena Goddess Russian
Eleos Goddess Greek
Eleuthera Goddess Greek
Elle Goddess Norse
Embla Goddess Norse
Emer Goddess Irish
Emma-O Japan
Empanda Goddess Roman
Empusa Goddess Greek
Enceladus Greek
Enda semangko Goddess Oceania
Endovelicus Lusitani
Endukugga Sumeria
Endymion Greek
Enekpe Goddess Africa
Enki Sumeria
Enlil Babylonian God of weather and storms
Ennugi Mesopotamia
Enodia Goddess Greek
Enurta  Mesopotamia God of War
Enyo Goddess Greek
Eos Goddess Greek Goddess of dawn
Epeus Greek
Ephialtes Greek
Epigoni Greek
Epimenides Greek
Epimetheus Greek
Epione Goddess Greek
Epona Goddess Celtic
Equestris Goddess Roman
Erathipa Australian Aboriginal
Erato Goddess Greek
Erc Celtic
Erce Goddess Slavic
Erda Goddess German
Erebus Greek
Erectheus Greek
Erecthonius Greek
Eremon Celtic
Eri Goddess Irish
Erichthonius Roman
Erigone Goddess Greek
Erinnyes Goddess Greek
Eris Goddess Greek Goddess of discord
Erishkigal Goddess Sumeria
Eriu Goddess Irish
Ermutu Goddess Egypt
Eros Greek
Erysicthon Greek
Erytheia Goddess Greek
Eseasar Goddess Africa
Eshara Goddess Chaldean
Eshmun Canaan
Eshu Fon
Estanatelhi Navajo American Indian
Esu Yoruba Africa
Esus Gaul
Etain Goddess Irish
Etan Celtic
Eteocles Greek
Ethausva Goddess Roman
Ethne Goddess Irish
Ethniu Celtic
Etugen Goddess Mongol
Eumaeus Greek
Eumenides Goddess Greek
Eumolpus Greek
Eunomia Goddess Greek
Eunostos Goddess Greek
Euphrosyne Goddess Greek
Europa Goddess Greek
Eurus Greek
Euryale Goddess Greek
Eurybia Goddess Greek
Eurycleia Goddess Greek
Eurydice Goddess Greek
Eurylochus Greek
Eurynome Goddess Greek
Euryphaessa Goddess Greek
Eurystheus Greek
Euterpe Goddess Greek
Euthymus Greek
Eutychia Goddess Greek
Evadne Goddess Greek
Fa Africa
Fachea Goddess Irish
Fafnir Scandinavian
Fagus Gaul
Falvara Russia
Fama Goddess Roman
Fan K’uei China
Fand Goddess Celtic
Faran Songhay Africa
Farbanti Norse
Fatouma Goddess Africa
Faumea Goddess Polynesia
Fauna Goddess Roman
Faunus Roman
Faustulus Roman
Fea Goddess Celtic
Febris Goddess Roman
Februa Goddess Roman
Februlis Goddess Roman
Februus Roman
Fecunditas Goddess Roman
Fedelma Goddess Irish
Fei Lien China
Feidiline Goddess Irish
Felicitas Goddess Roman
Feng PhoPho Goddess China
Fengbo China
Fengi Goddess Norse
Fenris Norse
Ferghus Irish
Feronia Goddess Roman
Fideal Goddess Scotland
Fides Goddess Roman
Finchoem Goddess Irish
Findabar Goddess Irish
Finn Irish
Finvarra Celtic
Fiongalla Goddess Irish
Fionnuala Irish
Firanak Goddess Persia
Fithir Goddess Irish
Fjalar Norse
Fjorgyn Goddess Norse
Flidais Goddess Irish
Flora Goddess Roman
Fluonia Goddess Roman
Fodla Goddess Gaelic
Fons Goddess Roman
Fornax Goddess Roman
Forseti Norse
Fortuna Goddess Roman
Fraud Goddess Roman
Fravashi Goddess Persia
Frey Norse
Freyja Goddess Norse
Frigg Goddess Norse
Fu Hsing China
Fudo Japan
Fudo-Myoo Japan
Fuji Goddess Japan
Fukurokuju Japan One of the seven gods of fortune
Fulgora Goddess Roman
Fulla Goddess Norse
Fu-Pao China
Furies, The Goddess Roman
Furina Goddess Roman
Furrina Goddess Roman
Fylgja Norse
Gabija Goddess Russia
Gaea Goddess Greek Goddess of earth
Galanthis Goddess Greek
Galatea Goddess Greek
Galeru Australian Aboriginal
Galiana Goddess Roman
Galinthias Greek
Gamab Khoikhoi
Ganesa Hindu
Ganesh Hindu God of wisdom, intelligence, education, prudence
Ganga GoddessHindu
Ganiklis Lithuania
Ganymeda Goddess Greek
Ganymede Greek
Gaol, Iroquois, American Indian
Gaomei Goddess China
Garm Norse
Garuda Hindu
Gatamdug Goddess Mid-East
Gauri Hindu
Gauri-Sankar Goddess Hindu
Gawaunduk Goddess Ojibwa, American Indian,
Geb Egypt God of the Earth
Gebeleizis Dacian
Geezhigo-Quae Goddess Ojibwa, American Indian,
Gefion Goddess Norse
Gefjon Scandinavian
Geirrod Norse
Gekka-O Japan
Gendenwitha Goddess Iroquois, American Indian
Genea Goddess Phoenicia
Genetaska Goddess Iroquois, American Indian
Genita Mana Goddess Roman
Genos Phoenicia
Geofon Goddess Britain
Geras Goddess Greek
Gerd Goddess Scandinavian
Geryon Greek
Gestinanna Goddess Egypt
Giane Goddess Roman
Gidja Australia
Giltine Goddess Russia
Ginnunggap Norse
Gioll Norse
Girdle of Thor Norse
Giri Devi Goddess Sri Lanka
Giriputri Goddess  Bali
Gjallahorn Norse
Glauce Goddess Greek
Glaucus Greek
Glaucus Roman
Gleipnir Norse
Gleipnir Scandinavian
Gleti Goddess, Dahomey,  Africa
Glispa Navajo American Indian
Gna Goddess Norse
Gnome Greek
Gnowee Goddess Australian Aboriginal
Godar Scandinavian
Goga Goddess Oceania
Goibhniu Celtic
Gohone, Iroquois, American Indian
Goidel, Celtic
Goilveig, Goddess, Scandinavia
Goleuddydd, Goddess, Wales
Gondul Goddess Norse
Gonlod Goddess Scandinavia
Gonzuole Goddess Africa
Gopis Goddess Hindu
Gordius Greek
Govannon Wales
Grainne Goddess Irish
Grendel Norse
Grhadevi Hindu
Grian Goddess Wales
Groa Goddess Scandinavia
Gryphon Mid-East
Gu Dahomey Africa
Gua Africa
Guan Di China
Gucumatz Maya
Gujeswari Hindu
Gula Goddess Babylonia
Gulltopr Norse
Gulu Dinka Africa
Gum Lin China
Gunab Africa
Gungnir Norse
Gwendydd Goddess Wales
Gwyar Goddess Wales
Gwyllion Goddess Wales
Gwyn ap Nudd Celtic
Gyges Greek
Gyhldeptis, Haida
Habetrot Goddess Britain
Hachiman Japan
Hadad Canaan Weather god
Haddu Ugarit Commonly called Baal, rain and storm god
Hades Greek God of underworld
Haemon Greek
Hagno Goddess Greek
Hagones Seneca
Hahgwehdaetgan, Iroquois, American Indian
Hahgwehdiyu, Iroquois, American Indian
Hak Goddess Egypt
Halia Goddess Greek
Halirrhothius Greek
Halsodyne Goddess Greek
Hanghepi Wi American Indian Dakota
Hannahanna Hittite
Hanuman Hindu
Hao Ch’iu China
Haokah Lakota American Indian
Hapi Egypt One of the four sons of Horus
Hapimou Egypt
Hapy Egypt God of the Nile and fertility
Hari-Hara Hindu
Hariti Goddess Buddhist
Harmonia Goddess Greek
Harmothoe Goddess Greek
Harpalyce Goddess Greek
Harpies Goddess Greek
Harpocrates Egypt
Harpocrates Greek
Harpy Greek
Hast Goddess Egypt
Hastsehogan American Indian Navajo
Hastseoltoi Goddess Navajo, American Indian
Hastsezini American Indian Navajo
Hathor Goddess Egypt Goddess of love and music
Hatti Goddess Middle East
Haumea Polynesian
Haumia New Zealand
Hawenniyo Senneca
Hea Goddess Middle East
Hebe Goddess Greek Wife of Hercules
Hecate Goddess Greek Goddess of witchcraft, crossroads
Hecuba Goddess Greek
Hedetet Goddess Egypt
Heget Egypt Goddess of childbirth
Hegemone Goddess Greek
Heimdall Norse
Heitsi-eibib Khoikhoi
HeketGoddess Egypt
Hel Goddess Norse
Helen Goddess Greek
Helena Goddess Greek
Helia Goddess Greek
Helios Greek God who drives the sun
Helle Goddess Greek
Hellen Greek
Hemera Goddess Greek
Heng Huron, American Indian
Heng-o Goddess China
Hephaestus Greek God of smiths
Hera Goddess Greek Chief goddess, goddess of marriage
Heracles Herakles Greek
Hercules Roman
Hermaphroditus Greek
Hermes Greek Messenger of the gods
Hermod Norse
Hero and Leander Goddess Greek
Herse Goddess Greek
Hesperia Greek
Hesperides Greek
Hesperos Goddess Greek
Hestia Goddess Greek Goddess of the hearth
Hettsui No Kami Goddess Japan
Hiiaka’ Goddess Polynesia
Hilaeira Goddess Greek
Himalia Goddess Greek
Hina Goddess Oceania
Hine Polynesia
Hine titama Goddess New Zealand
Hippasus Greek
Hippe Goddess Greek
Hippocampus Roman
Hippodameia Goddess Greek
Hippodamia Goddess Greek
Hippolytus Greek
Hippomenes Greek
Hippona Goddess Roman
Hiribi Goddess Canaan
Hisagita-imisi American Indian, Creek
Hlin Goddess Scandinavia
Hnossa Goddess Scandinavia
Ho Po Ping-I China
Hoa-Tapu Tahiti
Hodur Norse
Hogni Norse
Holda Goddess Norse
Ho-Masubi Goddess Japan God of fire
Honir Norse
Hora Goddess Roman
Horae Goddess Greek
Horos Slavic
Horta Goddess Roman
Horus Egypt Falcon headed god
Hosia Goddess Greek
Hostilina Goddess Roman
Hotei-osho Japan One of the seven gods of fortune
Hotogov Goddess Russia
Hotoru American Indian Pawnee
Hou Chi China
Hou T’uGoddess China
Houri, The Goddess Middle East
Hov-ava Goddess Russia
Hresvelgr Norse
Hsi Ling-ssu Goddess China
Hsi Shih China
Hsi Wang Mu Goddess China
Hsiao Wu China
Hsieh Tien-chun China
Hsien Nung China
Hsien Se China
Hsi-shen China
Hsu Ch’ang China
Hsuan Wen-hua China
Huang Ti China
Huang T’ing China
Huehueteotl Aztec hearth, the fire of life
Huitzilopochtli Aztec sun, fire and war
Hugi Norse
Hulka Devi Goddess Hindu
Humban Middle East
Hun Nal Maya
Hunah Ku Maya
Hunahpu Maya
Hunin Norse
Huo Pu China
Hurakan Maya
Hu-shen China
Hyacinthus Greek
Hyades Goddess Greek
Hybla Goddess Roman
Hybris Goddess Greek
Hygieia Goddess Greek
Hygieia Goddess Roman
Hymen Greek
Hymen Roman
Hymir Norse
Hyperion Greek
Hypnos Greek
Hypsiple Goddess Greek
Iambe Goddess Greek
Ianthe Goddess Greek
Iapetus Greek
Iarila Goddess Russia
Iaso Goddess Greek
Iaso Goddess Roman
Ichneumon Egypt
Idas Lyncaeus Greek
Idises Goddess Germanic
Idliragijenget Goddess Inuit
Idlirvirisong Eskimo
Idomeneus Greek
Idun Goddess Norse
Iduna Goddess Norse
Igaluk Inuit
Iku Africa Nigeria
Ilamatecuhtli Goddess Aztec earth, death and the milky way
Ilankaka Goddess Africa
Ilia Goddess Roman
Ilithyia Goddess Greek
Ilmarinen Celtic
Imana Africa
Imhotep Egypt God of wisdom, medicine and magic
Imoa Goddess Polynesia
Ina Polynesian
Inari Japan God of rice
Incubus Medieval
Indra Hindu God of weather and war
Ingridi Goddess Australia
Innana Goddess Sumeria
Intercidona Goddess Roman
Interduca Goddess Roman
Inti/Punchau, Incan, Peru
Invidia Goddess Greek
Inyx Goddess Greek
Io Oceania
Io Goddess Greek
Iole Goddess Greek
Ioskeha Iroquois
Ipalnemohuani Aztec
Iphigenia Goddess Greek
Iphimedeia Goddess Greek
Iphis Greek
Iphito Goddess Greek
Iris Goddess Greek
Irus Greek
Iruwa Africa Kenya
Ishkur Mesopotamia
Ishtar Goddess Babylonian Goddess of love
Isis Egypt Goddess Goddess of magic, sister of Nephthys
Ismene Goddess Greek
Isten Hungary
Ite Goddess Oglala
Ithm Goddess Canaan
Itzamna Maya Reptile creator god
Itzlacoliuhqui-Ixquimilli God of hard stone
Ix Chel Goddess Mayan Moon Goddess
Ixion Greek
Izanagi Goddess, Japan Creator goddess
Izanami Japan Creator god
Jabme-akka Goddess Norse
Jagganath Hindu
Jamshid Jamshyd Persia
Ja-neb Goddess Russia
Janas Goddess Sardinian Goddess of death
Janus Roman God of beginnings and ends
Jarina Goddess Brazil
Jaro Slavic
Jedza Goddess Russia
Jen An China
Jocasta Goddess Greek
Jormungandr Norse
Jotunheim Norse
Jubbu-jang-sangne Goddess Brazil
Judur Goddess Norse
Juga Goddess Roman
Julana Australia
Julunggul Goddess Australian Aboriginal
Jumala Finland
Junkgowa Goddess Australia
Juno Goddess Roman Chief goddess, marriage
Juok, Shilluk, Dahomey, Africa
Jupiter Roman Chief god, sky
Jurojin Japan One of the seven gods of fortune
Jurupari Guarani
Justitia Goddess Roman
Juturna Goddess Roman
Juventas Goddess Roman
Jyeshtha Goddess Hindu
Kaakwha Seneca
Kabta Sumeria
Kadi Goddess Assyria
Kagutsuchi Japan God of fire
Kajsa Goddess Norse
Kaldas Goddess Russia
Kali Goddess Hindu
Kalma Goddess Finland
Kalma Goddess Finland
Kaltes Goddess Russia
Kamado-no-kami Shinto Japan
Kami Japan
Kamrusepas Hittite
Kanaloa Polynesian
Kanati Cherokee
Kane Milohai Polynesian
Kapo Goddess Oceania
Kara Goddess Norse
Karora Australia
Karta Latvia
Karttikeya Japan
Katsinas Acoma
Kava Oceania
Kawa-No-Kami Japan
Kaya-Nu-HimaGoddess Japan
Keng Yen-cheng China
Keretkun Russia
Kerres Goddess Roman
Ketq Skwaye Goddess Huron
Kewkwaxa’we Kwakiutl
Khadau Russia
Khepry Egypt Scarab beetle, embodiment of the dawn
Khnum Egypt Creator deity
Khonsu Egypt
Khonvoum Pygmy Africa
Khursun Iran
Kibuka Dinka Africa
Kidili Australian Aboriginal
Kiki Goddess Babylonia
King Wan China
Kingu Babylonia Husband of Tiamat
Kinich Ahau Maya
Kinich Kakmo Maya
Kintu Dinka Africa
Kishar Mesopotamia Father of earth
Kishelemukong Latvia
Kishijoten Goddess Japan
Kishi-Mojin Goddess Buddhism Japan
Klotes Goddess Greek
Ko Hsien-Weng China
Kokopelli Hopi American Indian
Koledo Slavic
Kolga Norse
Kolias Goddess Greek
Kolpia Middle East
Komodia Goddess Greek
Kon Incan Peru
Konori Oceania
Kore Goddess Greek
Kornjunfer Germanic
Koros Goddess Greek
Kostrubonko Russia
Kothar-u-Khasis Goddess Canaan
Kouei China
Kovas Lithuania
Kratesis Goddess Greek
Krishna Hindu Eighth avatar of Vishnu
Krtya Goddess Hindu
Krumine Lithuania
Ku Oceania
Kuan Ti China
Kubera Hindu
Kubjika Goddess Hindu
Kuei-ku Tzu China
Kuklikimoku Polynesia
Kukulcan Feathered serpent god
KulsuGoddess Roman
Kun Aymara
Kunitokotatchi Shinto Japan
Kuo Tzu-i China
Kupala Goddess Slavic
Kupalo Goddess Russia
Kura-Okami God of rain
Kvasir Norse
Lachesis Goddess Greek
Lactura Goddess Greek
Lada and Lado Baltic
Ladon Greek
Laelaps Greek
Laertes Greek
Laestrygones Greek
Lagua Haida
Lahar Goddess Babylonian
Lai Cho China
La’idamlulum Kule Goddess
Laka Goddess Polynesian
Lakshmi Goddess Hindu Goddess of fortune, luck, beauty and fertility
Lalal Goddess Roman
Lamastu Middle East
Lamia Greek
Lampus Greek
Lao Lang China
Laodamia Goddess Greek
Lara Goddess Roman
Lares Roman
Larunda Goddess Roman
Lasa Goddess Roman
Lasa-Rakuneta Goddess Roman
Latinus Goddess Roman
Latis Goddess Britain
Laulaati Oceania
Laverna Goddess Roman
Lavinia Goddess Roman
Leda Goddess Greek
Legba Dahomey Africa
Lei Kung China
Lei Tsu China
Leib-Olmai Lapland
Leiriope Goddess Greek
Lemurs Roman
Lennaxidaq Goddess
Leshy Slavic
Le-tkakawash Goddess
Leto Goddess Greek
L’etsa’aplelana Goddess Bella Coola
Leucothea Goddess Greek
Li Lao-chun China
Li T’ien China
Lia Goddess Australia
Libanza Africa
Libentina Goddess Roman
Liber Roman
Libera Goddess Roman
Liberalitas Roman
Libertas Goddess Roman
Libitina Goddess Roman
Lif and Lifthrasir Goddess Norse
Lignaco Dex Goddess Roman
Limentina Roman
Lina Goddess Greek
Linda Goddess Norse
LipseGoddess Greek
Lir Gaelic
Lisa Dohomey Africa
Lituolone Africa
Liu Meng China
Liu Pei China
Lleu Wales
Lo Shen Goddess China
Lo Yu China
Loa Goddess Haiti
Lofn Goddess Norse
Loha Goddess
Lohasur Devi Hindu
Loki Norse
Loko Yoruba Africa
Lono Polynesian
Loo-wit Goddess
Lorelei Goddess Germanic
Losna Goddess Roman
Lo-Tsu Ta-Hsien China
Lu Hsing China
Lua Goddess Roman
Luandinha Goddess Brazil
Luchtaine Celtic
Lucifera Goddess Roman
Lucina Goddess Roman
Ludd Britain
Lufn Goddess Norse
Lugh Celtic
Luna Goddess Roman
Lung Yen China
Luonnotar Goddess Norse
Lupa Goddess Roman
Lu-pan China
Luperca Goddess Roman
Lupercus Roman
Lupi Aymara
Lutinus Roman
Lyco Goddess Greek
Lycos Greek
Lymnades Greek
Lympha Goddess Roman
Lynceus Greek
Maahes Egypt
Maan-emo Goddess Norse
Ma’at Goddess Egypt Goddess of truth, balance and order
Mabon Celtic
Mac Da Tho Irish
Macaw Woman Goddess Maya
Macha Goddess Irish
Machaon Greek
Macris Goddess Greek
Macuilxochitl Aztec Mixtec
Madalait Goddess Australia
Madder-Akka Goddess Lapland
Magna Mater Goddess Roman
Magni Norse
Mahiuki Oceania
Mahucutah Maya
Maia Goddess Greek
Maia Goddess Roman The good goddess, spring
Maina Luyia Africa
Majestas Roman
Makara Goddess Australia
Make Make Oceania
Ma-Ku Goddess China
Malophoros Goddess Greek
Mama Cocha Goddess Incan Peru
Mama Quila Godess Incan Peru
Mambo Lovedu Africa
Mamlambo Zulu Africa
Mana Goddess Roman
Manannan mac Lir Celtic
Manasha Goddess Hindu
Manco Capac Inca
Manes Roman
Mang Chin-I Goddess China
Mang Shen China
Manger-Kunger-Kunja Australian Aboriginal
Mani Scandinavian
Mania Goddess Roman
Manticore Persia
Mantis !Kung
Manu Hindu
Mao Meng China
Mara Latvia
Marduk Babylonian National god of the Babylonians
Mari Goddess Middle East
Marica Goddess Roman
Marici Goddess Japan
Marina Slavic
Marjatta Goddess Norse
Marpessa Goddess Greek
Marruni Melanesia
Mars Roman God war
Mars Cariocecus Lusitani
Marsyas Greek
Marwe Goddess Chaga Africa
Marzana Poland
Masauwu Hopi
Massim Biambe Congo Africa
Mater Matuta Goddess Roman
Matergabiae Lithuania
Math ap Mathonwy Wales
Mati Syra Zemlya Goddess Slavic
Matrona Goddess Celtic
Matrona Goddess Roman
Maui Polynesian
Mawu Dahomey Africa
Maya Goddess Hindu
Mayahuel Goddess Maya Goddess of maguey
Mayavel Hindu
Maymom God of Hades
Mbaba Mwana Waresa Zulu Africa
Mboze Goddess Africa
Mebeli Goddess Congo Africa
Medb Goddess Irish
Medea Goddess Greek
Medeine Lithuania
Meditrina Goddess Roman
Medusa Goddess Greek
Megaera Goddess Greek
Mehturt Goddess Egypt
Meiboia Goddess Greek
Meilichia Goddess Greek
Melampus Greek
Melanius Greek
Meleager Greek
Melgart Canaan
Melinoe Goddess Greek
Melissa Goddess Greek
Melletele Baltic
Mellona Goddess Roman
Melobosis Goddess Greek
Melpomene Goddess Greek
Melu Oceania
Memnon Greek
Men Shen China
Menalippe Goddess Greek
Menehune Oceania
Menelaus Greek
Menhit Goddess Egypt Goddess of war
Meni Middle East
Menrva Etruscan
Mens Goddess Roman
Menthu Egypt
Mentor Greek
Menu Menulis Baltic
Mephitis Goddess Roman
Mercury Roman Messenger of the gods
Mermaid Ancient
Merodach Middle East
Merope Goddess Greek
Meru Hindu
Meskhenet Goddess Egypt
Messia Goddess Roman
Metis Goddess Greek
Metra Goddess Greek
Metsarhatija Goddess Finland
Miao Hu China
Mictlantecuhtli Death
Mida Goddess Greek
Midas Greek
Mider Celtic
Midgard Scandinavian
Mielikki Finland Tapio’s wife
Mi-lo Fo China
Mimir Norse
Mimir Norse
Mimir’s Head Norse
Min Egypt
Min Egypt
Minepa Macoua Africa
Minerva Roman Goddess of wisdom, civilization
Ming Shang China
Minnehaha Goddess Blackfoot
Minos Greek
Minotaur Greek
Mir-susne-khun Russia
Miseria Goddess Roman
Misor Middle East
Mithra Hindu God of honesty, friendship, contracts
Mlakukh Goddess Roman
Mnemosyne Goddess Greek
Modgud Goddess Norse
Modron Goddess Wales
Moeuhane Oceania
Mogons Britain
Moirae Goddess Greek
Mokkuralfi Norse
Molae, The Goddess Roman
Moloch Canaan
Molpadia Goddess Greek
Molpadia Goddess Greek
Momu Goddess Scotland
Momus Greek
Moneta Goddess Roman
Monju-Bosatsu Japan
Mont Egypt God of War
Moombi Goddess Kikuyu Africa
Mor Celtic
Morgen Goddess Celtic
Mormo Goddess Greek
Moros Greek
Morpheus Greek
Morrigan Goddess Celtic
Mors Roman
Morta Goddess Roman
Mot Phoenician Ugarit God of death
Mothir Goddess Norse
Mukasa Buganda Africa
Mulhhalmoni Goddess Korea
Muliebris Goddess Roman
Muluku Macoua Africa
Mulungu East Africa
Mummu God mists
Munin Norse
Munthukh Goddess Roman
Muses Goddess Greek
Mushdama Mesopotamia
Muspelheim Norse
Mut Goddess Egypt
Muta Goddess Roman
Muyingwa Hopi American Indian
Mwambu Luyia Africa
Myesyats Slavic
Mylitta Goddess Babylonian
Myrddin Celtic
Myrmidons Greek
Myrrha Goddess Greek
Mystis Goddess Greek
NaamahGoddess Canaan
Nabia Lusitani
Nabu Babylonian God of the scribal arts
Nabudi Goddess Australia
Naenia Goddess Roman
Nagas Hindu
Naiads Goddess Greek
Nai-No-Kami Japan God of earthquakes
Nairyosangha Iran
Nambi Goddess Buganda Africa
Nammu Goddess Sumeria
Namtar Babylonian
Namtaru Assyria
Nana Buluku Goddess Fon Africa
Nanabozho Native American, Chippewa
Nanan-Bouclou Africa
Nan-chi Hsien-weng China
Nankil’slas Haida
Nanna Goddess Norse
Nanna Sumeria
Nanook Inuit
Nantosuelta Goddess Gaul
Nantosvelta Lusitani
Naoise Irish
Napaea, The Goddess Greek
Naraka Hindu
Narcissus Greek
Nascio Goddess Roman
Nastasija Goddess Russia
Nastrand Norse
Naunet Egypt The primal waters
Nausicaa Goddess Greek
Nausithoe Goddess Greek
Ndauthina Fiji
Ne Te-reere Goddess Micronesia
NeaeraGoddess Greek
Nebo Middle East
Neb-Ti Goddess Egypt
Necessitas Goddess Roman
Nectar Greek
Neda Goddess Greek
Nehalennia Goddess Gaul
Nehallenia Goddess Holland
Neith Goddess Egypt The great mother goddess
NelaimaGoddess Russia
Nemain Celtic
Nemea Goddess Greek
Nemean Lion Greek
Nemesis Goddess Greek
Nemetoma Goddess Celtic
Nemon Goddess Celtic
Nephthys Goddess Egypt Mother of Anubis
Neptune Roman God of the sea
NereidsGoddess Greek
Nereus Greek
Nergal Babylonian
Nerine Goddess Roman
Nerio Goddess Roman
Nerrivik Inuit
Nesaru Arikara
Nethuns Etruscan
Nevinbimbaau Melanesia
Ng ai Masai Africa
Ngendei Oceania
Nicothoe Goddess Greek
Nidaba Goddess Sumeria
Nidhogg Norse
Nike Goddess Greek
Ninhursag or Nintu Goddess Sumerian
Ninlil Sumeria
Ninsar Goddess Sumeria
Nintu Goddess Babylonia Mother of all gods
Ninurta Sumeria
Ni-O Buddhist
Niobe Goddess Greek
Niord Norse
Nirriti Goddess Hindu
Nishanu Arikara
Nissa Goddess Greek
Niu Wang China
Nobu Oceania
Nodens Britain
No-Il Ja-Dae Goddess Korea
Nona Goddess Roman
Norov Russia
Nortia Goddess Roman
Notos Greek
Nott Goddess Norse
Nox Goddess Roman
Nu Wa Goddess China
Nuada Celtic
Nu-kua Goddess China
Numakulla Australian Aboriginal
Numeria Goddess Roman
Numina Roman
Numi-tarem Russia
Nundina Goddess Roman
Nut Goddess Egypt Goddess of heaven and the sky
Nyalitch, Dinka, Africa
Nyambe, Western Tropics, Africa
Nyankopon, Ashanti, Africa
Nyasaye Africa
Nyia Slavic
Nyx Goddess Greek
Nzame Africa
Oba Yoruba Africa
Obatala Yoruba
Oberon Britain
Oboto Goddess Africa
Occupirn Baltic
Oceanides, The Goddess Greek
Oceanus Greek
Ocypete Goddess Greek
OdduduaGoddess Puerto Rico
Odin Norse
Odudua-Orishala Yoruba Africa
Odyne Goddess Greek
Oenghus Irish
Oeno Greek
Oenone Goddess Greek
Ogmios Celtic
Ogoun Haiti
Ogun Yoruba Africa
Ogyrvran Celtic
Oisin Irish
Oklatabashin Choctaw
O-Kuni-Nushi Japan God of sorcery and medicine
Olokum Goddess West Indies
Olokun Yoruba Africa
Olorun Yoruba Africa
Olosa Goddess Puerto Rico
Ometeotl God/Godess Aztec God of heaven
Omoigane Japan
Omphale Goddess Greek
Onagh Celtic
Onatha, Iroquois, American Indian
Oncaea, Goddess, Greek
Oneroi, Greek
Ophion, Greek
Ophiuchus, Greek
Ophthalmitis Goddess Greek
Opigena Goddess Roman
Ops Goddess Roman
Ora Goddess Russia
Orbona Goddess Roman
Orestes Greek
Orion Greek
Orisha Nla Yoruba Africa
Ornis Greek
Oro Oceania
Orseis Goddess Greek
Orunmila Yoruba Africa
Osanyin Africa
Oshe Yoruba Africa
Oshun Goddess West Indies
Oshunmare Yoruba Africa
Osiris Egypt God of the underworld, fertility and agriculture
Ossa Goddess Greek
Osun Goddess Africa
Ot Goddess Russia
Otso Finland King of the forest
Otrere Goddess Greek
Ottar Norse
Quetzalcoatl Aztec breath of life
Outgard Norse
Ove Oceania
O-Wata-Tsu-Mi, Japan God of the sea
Oya Goddess Yoruba Africa
Oya Goddess West Indies
Pa Cha Goddess China
Pa Goddess Canaan
Pa Goddess China
Pacha Camac Incan Peru
Paen Greek
Pah Pawnee American Indian
Pai Chung China
Pai Liu-Fang China
Pai Yu China
Paiowa Goddess Yana
Paka’a Oceania
Palamedes Greek
Palato Goddess Roman
Pales Goddess Roman
Pallas Goddess Greek
Pallor Goddess Roman
Palpinkalare Goddess Australia
Pamphile Goddess Greek
Pan Greek God of sheperds
P’an Niang Goddess China
Pana Goddess Inuit
Panacea Goddess Greek
Panacea Goddess Roman
Panas Goddesses Sardinian Goddesses of reproduction
Panatis Goddess Greek
P’an-Chin-Lien Goddess China
Pandia Goddess Greek
Pandora Goddess Greek
Pandrosos Goddess Greek
Panope Goddess Greek
Pao Yuan-ch’uan China
Papa Goddess Polynesian
Parashurama Hindu
Parca Goddess Roman
Paregoros Goddess Greek
Parjanya Hindu
Parmaceia Goddess Greek
Parnassides, The Goddess Greek
Parthenope Goddess Roman
Partholon Irish
Parvati Goddess Hindu Wife of Shiva
Pasht Goddess Egypt
Pasiphae Goddess Greek
Patella Goddess Roman
Patollo Baltic
Patrimpas Lithuania
Patroclus Greek
Paurnamasi Goddess Hindu
Pax Goddess Roman
Pazuzu Babylonia
Pecunia Goddess Roman
Peitho Goddess Greek
Pekko Finland God or Goddess God or Goddess of fields and agriculture
Pele Goddess Polynesia
Pelonia Goddess Roman
Penates Roman
Penelope Goddess Greek
Penia Goddess Greek
Penthus Greek
Pereplut Goddess Slavic
Peri Persia
Perkele Finland
Perkons Latvia
Perkunos Baltic
Persephone Goddess Greek Daughter of Demeter, queen of the dead
Perseus Greek
Pertunda Goddess Roman
Perun Slavic
Phaea Goddess Greek
Phaedra Goddess Greek
Phan Ku China
Phantasos Greek
Phebele Congo Africa
Pheme Greek
Phemonoe Goddess Greek
Philemon Roman
Philoctetes Greek
Philotes Goddess Greek
Phobetus Greek
Phobus Greek
Phoebe Goddess Greek
Phorcys Greek
Phospherus Greek
Phthonus Greek
Physis Goddess Greek
Phytalus Goddess Greek
Phytia Goddess Greek
P’i Chia-Ma China
Picus Roman
Pien Ho Hindu
Pietas Goddess Roman
Pikullos Baltic
Pikuolis Lithuania
Pilnytis Lithuania
Piluitus Goddess Russia
Pinga Inuit
Pipleia Goddess Greek
Pithys Goddess Greek
Pleiades Goddess Greek
Ploto Goddess Greek
Pluto Roman God of the underworld
Plutus Greek God of wealth
Po Yan Dari Goddess Cambodia
Poena Goddess Roman
Poene Goddess Greek
Polyhymnia Goddess Greek
Polynices Greek
Polyphemus Greek
Polyxena Goddess Greek
Pomona Goddess Roman
Portunus Roman
Porus Roman
Poseidon Greek God the sea
Poshjo-akka Goddess Scandinavian
Postvorta Goddess Roman
Pothos Greek
Potina Roman
Potrimpos Baltic
Prajapati Hindu
Praxidice Goddess Greek
Praxidike Goddess Roman
Priam Greek
Priapus Greek
Priapus Roman
Prishiboro !Kung
Prithivi mata, Goddess Hindu The Eaerth goddess
Procrustes Greek
Prometheus Greek
Proserpina Goddess Roman Queen of the underworld
Prosymna Goddess Greek
Proteus Greek
Protogenia Goddess Greek
Protogonus Greek
Psamathe Goddess Greek
Psyche Goddess Roman
Ptah Egypt Creator deity
Puchan Asian
Pudicitia Goddess Greek
Pudicitia Goddess Roman
Pukkeenegak Goddess Eskimo
Punchau/Inti Incan Peru
Punjdel Australian Aboriginal
Purandhi Goddess Hindu
Purusha Hindu The Cosmic-Man
Puskaitis Lithuania
Puta Goddess Roman
Pwyll Celtic
Pygmalion Greek
Pygmies Greek
Pyrene Goddess Greek
Pyrrha Goddess Greek
Python Greek
Qadshu Goddess Syria
Qakma Goddess Bella Coola
Qetesh Goddess Egypt
Quan Yin Goddess China
Quat Melanesia
Quetzalcoatl Aztec
Quies Goddess Roman
Quirinus Roman
Quiritis Goddess Roman
Quootis-hooi Goddess Chinook
Ra The sun
Radagast Slavic
Radha Goddess Hindu
Ragno Goddess Hopi
Raiden Japan
Rainha Barba Goddess Brazil Belem
Raksava Hindu
Rakshas Hindu
Rama Hindu
RanGoddess Norse
Rana Nedia Goddess Lapland
Rangi Maori Polynesian
Ranno Egypt
Rapithwin Persia
Rashnu Iran
Rati Goddess Bali
Rati Goddess Hindu
Rati-mbati-ndua Oceania
Ratri Goddess Hindu Vedic
Ratu-Mai-Mbula Fiji
Rauni Goddess Finland Ukko’s wife, goddess of fertility
Ravi, Surya Hindu The sun gods
Re Egypt
Renenet Goddess Egypt
Resheph Mikal Phoenician
Rhacius Greek
Rhadamanthys Greek
Rhaecus Greek
Rhea Silvia Goddess Roman
Rhea Goddess Greek Mother of the six Olympians
Rhene Goddess Greek
Rhesus Greek
Rhiannon Goddess Wales
Rhode Goddess Greek
Rhodope Goddess Greek
Rhodopis Goddess Greek
Rhodos Goddess Greek
Rhoecus Greek
Rhoetus Greek
Rigosamos Celtic
Rimmon Middle East
RindGoddess Germanic
Ripheus Greek
Robigo Goddess Roman
Robigus Roman
Rod Slavic
Rodasi Goddess Hindu Vedic
Roma Goddess Roman
Romulus and Remus Roman
Rongo Maori Polynesian
RoskvaGoddess Norse
Rosmerta Gaul
Rota Goddess Scandinavian
Rua Tahiti
Ruahatu Oceania
Rudras, The, Hindu Storm deities
Rudrani Goddess Hindu
Rugaba Africa Uganda
Rugiviet Slavic
Rukko Goddess Mandan
Rultennin Russian
Rumia Dea Goddess Roman
Rumina Goddess Hindu
Rumina Goddess Roman
Rumor Greek
Rumor Goddess Greek
Runcina Goddess Roman
Runeocesius Lusitani
Rusalki Goddess Slavic Russian
Rusina Goddess Roman
Sabazius Greek
Sadarnuna Goddess Sumeria
Sadb Celtic
Saga Goddess Norse
Sagbata Dahomey Africa
Sakpata Dahomey, Africa
Salacia Goddess Roman
Salamis Goddess Greek
Salmacis Goddess Greek
Salmaone Goddess Greek
Salmoneus Greek
Salus Goddess Roman
Samantha-Bhadra Goddess Tibet
Samon Greek
Samon Greek
Samundra Goddess Hindu
San Kuan China
Sanape Goddess Greek
Sangarius Greek
Sang-rgyas-mkhá Goddess Tibet
Saning Sri Goddess Java
Sanjna Goddess Hindu
Sao Goddess Greek
Sao-ch’ing Niang Goddess China
Saoshyant Iran
SapentiaGoddess Roman
SapphoGoddess Greek
Sarasvati Goddess Hindu Goddess of intelligence, consciousness and cosmic knowledge
Sargon Mesopotamia
Sarpedon Greek
Sarudahiko China
Sati Satis, Satet Goddess Egypt
Sati Goddess Hindu
Saturn Roman Father of Jupiter
Satyr Greek
Satyrs Greek
Saule Goddess Latvia
Saurus Greek
Savitar Hindu
Scabies Goddess Roman
Scamander Greek
Scamandrius Greek
Schedius Greek
Schoeneus Greek
Sciapodes Greek
Sciron Greek
Scotia Goddess Greek
Scylla and Charybdis Goddess Greek
Scythes Greek
Sebek Egypt
Secia Goddess Roman
Sedna Goddess Inuit
Segetia Seja Goddess Roman
Seker Egypt
Sekhet Goddess Egypt
Sekhmet Goddess Egypt Goddess of war and battles
Selene Goddess Greek Goddess who drives the moon
Selinus Greek
Selket Goddess Egypt
Selu Goddess Cherokee
Semargl Slavic
Semele Goddess Greek
Semiramis Goddess Greek
Senecta Goddess Greek
Sengdroma Goddess Tibet
Sengen-Sama Goddess Japan Goddess of the Mt. Fujiyama
Sentia Roman
Sequona Goddess Celtic
Serapis Egypt
Serestus Greek
Sergestus Greek
Serket Egypt
Seshat Goddess Egypt
Sessrumnir Germanic
Set Egypt God of storms
Setekh Egypt
Sgeg-mo-ma Goddess Tibet
Shagpona Yoruba Africa
Shahar Canaan
Shai Egypt
Shakuru Pawnee
Shalim Canaan
Shamash Babylonian God of the sun, justice
Shang Chien China
Shang Ti China
Shango Yoruba Africa
Shapshu Goddess Canaan
Shashti Goddess Hindu
She chi China
Sheger Canaan
Shen Hsui-Chih China
Shen Nung China
Sheng Mu Goddess China
Shih Liang China
Shilup Chito Osh Choctaw
Shina-To-Be Japan Goddess of wind
Shina-Tsu-Hiko Japan God of wind
Shiu Fang China
Shiva Hindu The destroyer
Shony Celtic
Shoten Japan
Shou-lao China
Shu and Tefnut Egypt
Shun I Fu-jen Goddess China
Shuzanghu Hindu
Si Goddess Peru
Sibyls Goddess Greek
Siden Goddess Greek
Sidero Goddess Greek
Sien-Tsang Goddess China
Sif Goddess Norse
Signy Goddess Norse
Sigurd Germanic
Sigyn Goddess Germanic
Silenus Greek
Silenus Greek
Silvanus Roman
Simargl Slavic
Sin Babylonian Moon god
Sinis Greek
Sinon Greek
Sinope Goddess Greek
Sint Holo, Native American, Chippewa
Sio Humis Hopi
Sirêne Goddess Haiti
Sirens, The Goddess Greek
Siris Goddess Babylonian
Sirona Goddess Gaul
Sisyphus Greek
Sitala Shatala Goddess Hindu
Sithon Greek
Siva Shiva Hindu Hindu
Sjofn Goddess Norse
Skadi Skade Goddess Norse
Skanda Hindu
Skidbladnir Norse
Skirnir Norse
Skuld Goddess Scandinavia
Sleipnir Norse
Smotef Egypt
Smyrna Myrrh Goddess Greek
Snotra Goddess Norse
Snouf Egypt
Sobek Egypt Crocodile god
Sogbo Dahomey, Africa
Sojobo Japan King of the tengu
Sol Roman
Solois Greek
Soma Asian
Soma Hindu The lunar deity
Somnus Roman
Sopatrus Greek
Sophax Greek
Sophrosyne Goddess Greek
Sopona Yoruba Africa
Soteira Goddess Greek
Sottef Egypt
Souconna Goddess Celtic
Sparta Goddess Greek
Speio Goddess Greek
Spercheius Greek
Spermo Greek
Sphinx Egypt Greek
Sraddha Goddess Hindu
Sraosha Iran
Sreng Celtic
Ssu-ma Hsiang-ju China
Staphylus Greek
Stentor Greek
Sterope Goddess Greek
Stheneboea Goddess Greek
Sthenelus Greek
Stilbe Goddess Greek
Strenia Goddess Roman
Strenua Goddess Roman
Stribog Slavic
Strymo Goddess Greek
Strymon Greek
Stymphalian Birds Greek
Styx Goddess Greek
Suada Roman
Sualtam Celtic
Succubus Medieval
Sucellus Lusitani
Sudjaje Slavic
Sulis Goddess Britain
Summanus Roman
Sun Ssu-miao China
Sung-Chiang China
Sunna Goddess Norse
Sun-Pin China
Sunrta Goddess Hindu
Supai Inca
Sura Goddess Hindu
Surabhi Goddess Hindu
Surtr Norse
Surya Hindu
Susa-no-wo Japan God of storms and thunder, snakes and farming
Svantovit Slavic
Svarazic Slavic
Svarog Slavic
Svasti-devi Goddess Hindu
Svetovid Slavic
Swaigstigr Baltic
Syleus Goddess Greek
Sylvanus Roman
Syme Goddess Greek
Syn Goddess Norse
Syrinx Goddess Greek
Syrus Greek
Ta’aroa Tahiti
Ta’axet, Haida
Taautos Phoenicia
Tabliope Greek
Tages Roman
Tagni Roman
Tailtiu Celtic
Taiowa Hopi American Indian
Tajika-no-mikoto Japan
Taka-Mikazuchi Japan God of thunder
Taka-Okami Japan God of rain
Talaus Greek
Talos Talus Greek
Talthybius Greek
Talus Greek
Tamakaia Oceania
Tammuz Babylonian
Tan Chu China
Tana Roman
Tanagra Greek
Tane Maori
Tane Oceania
Tanemahuta Polynesian
T’ang Ming Huang China
Tangaroa Maori
Tangaroa Polynesian
Tanit Canaan
Tanit Roman
Tankun Korean
Tano Togo Africa
Tantalus Greek
Tanus Roman
Tao Kung China
Taphius Greek
Tapio Finland God of forest and wild animals
Taranis Gaul
Tarhuhyiawahku Iroquois
Tarpeia Roman
Tarquinius Priscus Roman
Tarquinius Superbus Roman
Tartarus Greek
Taru Middle East
Tasimmet Hittite
Tauret Egypt
Taurt Goddess Egypt
Tawa Pueblo
Tawhaki Oceania
Tawiri-ma-tea Maori
Taygeta Greek
Taygete Greek
Tch’e-yeou China
Teashub Anatolia
Tecciztecatl Aztec
Techne Greek
Tecmessa Greek
Tefnut Goddess Egypt Goddess of order, justice, time, heaven, hell, weather
Tekkeitserto Eskimo
Telamon Greek
Telamos Greek
Telchines Greek
Telecleia Greek
Teledamos Greek
Teledice Greek
Telegonus Greek
Telemachus Greek
Telephassa Greek
Telephus Greek
Telepinu Hittite
Teles Greek
Telesphorus Greek
Telesphorus Roman
Telesto Greek
Telete Greek
Tellus Mater Roman
Telphusa Greek
Telphusia Greek
Tempestates Roman
Tengri Mongolia
Tengu Japan Minor trickster deities
Teoyaomqui Aztec
Tepeyollotl Aztec God of earthquakes
Tepoztecatl Aztec God of discord
Tereus Greek
Terminus Roman
Terpsichore Greek
Tesana Roman
Tethys Greek
Teucer Greek
Teutates Celtic
Tezcatlipoca Aztec
Thalassa Greek
Thaleja Greek
Thalia Greek
Thallo Greek
Thalna Roman
Thamyris Greek
Thanatos Greek
Thanit Goddess Sardinian Goddess of Earth and fertility
Thaumas Greek
Theban Pantheon Egypt
Thebe Greek
Theia Greek
Theisoa Greek
Thelchtereia Greek
Thelxiepeia Greek
Themis Greek
Themisto Greek
Themisto Greek
Theophane Greek
Therimachos Greek
Thermia Roman
Thersites Greek
Theseus Greek
Thespius Greek
Thessalos Greek
Thetis Greek
Thiassi Norse
Thoë Greek
Thoeë Greek
Thokk Norse
Tho-og Tibet
Thoon Greek
Thoosa Greek
Thor Norse
Thoth Egypt God of the moon, writing geometry, wisdom, medicine, music, astronomy, magic
Thrasymedes Greek
Thriae Greek
Thrud Germanic
Thrym Germanic
Thunderbolt Multi
Thunor Germanic
Thyestes Greek
Thyia Greek
Thyrsus Greek
Tia Haida
Tiamat Babylonian Dragon goddess
Tiberinus Roman
Tieholtsodi Navajo
T’ien Fei China
Tien Mu China
Tiki Oceania
Tilo Mozambique Africa
Tinia Etruscan
Tinirau Polynesia
Tiphys Greek
Tirawa Atius Pawnee
Tiresias Greek
Tishtrya Iran
Tisiphone Greek
Titanides, The Greek
Titanis Greek
Titans Greek
Tithonus Greek
Tityus Greek
Tiwara Pawnee American Indian
Tiwaz Germanic
Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli dawn
Tlaloc Aztec rain, lighting
Tlazolteotl Aztec
Tñairgin Russia
Tobadzistsini Navajo
Toci Goddess Aztec earth
Tohil Maya
Toho Hopi American Indian
Tokoloshi Africa
Tomituka Australia
Tonacatecuhtli Aztec God of food
Tonantzin Aztec
Tonatiuh Nahuatl
Tongoenabiagus Lusitani
Tonenile Navajo
Topétine Peru
Tore Pygmy Africa
Torngasoak Inuit
Torone Greek
Tozi Aztec
Trebaruna Lusitani
Triglav Slavic
Triton Greek
Tritopatores Greek
Trivia Roman
Troll Iceland
True Jaguar Maya
Tsai Shen China
Ts’an Nu China
Ts’ang Chien China
Tsao Chun China
Tsao-Wang China
Tsehub Middle East
Tsentsa Huron
T’shai-Shen China
Tsichtinako Acoma
Tsilah Haiti
Tsohanoai Navajo
Tsui’goab Khoikhoi
Tsuki-yomi Japan God of the moon
Tu Maori
Tu Oceania
Tuatha Dé Danann Celtic
Tuchulcha Roman
Tuetatesa Gaul
Tuli Oceania
Tulsi Hindu
Tung Chun China
T’ung Chung-chung China
T’ung Lai-yu China
Tung Lu China
T’ung Ming China
Tunkan Ingan Dakota, AmericanIndian
Tuoni Goddess Finland Goddess of the underworld
Turan Roman Etruscan
Turiacus Lusitani
Turi-a-faumea Polynesia
Tursa Roman
Tuulikki Finland
Tvashtar Hindu
Tyche Greek
Tylwyth Celtic
Typhon Greek
Tyr Norse
Tzu-ku China
Ua Goddess Egypt
Uadjet Goddess Egypt
Uat Goddess Egypt
Ucalegon Greek
Uchtsiti American Indian
Udaios Greek
Udjat Egypt
Ui Tongo Goddess Tibet
Uitzilopochtli Aztec
Uka no Mitanna Goddess Japan
Uke-mochi Goddess Japan Goddess of food
Ukko Finland God of heaven and thunder
Ukupanipo Polynesian
Ulanji Australian Aboriginal
Ulgen Siberia
Ull Norse
Uma Goddess Hindu
Umbria Roman
Umi nal-gami Goddess Okinawa
Umm s-Subyan Goddess Egypt
Umvelinqangi Zulu Africa
Unen-em-hetep Goddess Egypt
Ungamilia Goddess Australia
Uni Goddess Etruscan
Unkulunkulu Zulu Africa
Unxia Goddess Roman
Urania Goddess Greek
Uranus Greek Primordial god of the heavens, father of the titans
Urd Goddess Scandinavia
Urien Celtic
Urjani Goddess Hindu
Ursule Goddess Haiti
Urt-hekau Goddess Egypt
Ushas, Goddess Hindu
Uso-Dori Goddess Japan
Utgard Norse
Uther Pendragon Celtic
Utixo Africa
Utnapishtim Babylonian
Utu Sumerian
Uzume Goddess Japan
Vach Goddess Hindu
Vacuna Goddess Roman
Vahagn Armenia
Valeria Goddess Roman
Valetudo Roman
Vali Norse
Vanir Norse
Vanth Goddess Roman
Var Goddess Norse
Varuna Hindu God the oceans and rivers
Vayu, Hindu God of the wind
Vata Hindu
Vaticanus Roman
Vayu Hindu
Veiovis Roman
Veles Russia Slavic
Venilia Goddess Roman
Venticordia Goddess Roman
Venus Goddess Roman Goddess of beauty
Vergiliae, The Goddess Roman
Veritas Goddess Roman
Verplaca Goddess Roman
Vertumnus Roman
Vesna Slavic
Vesta Goddess Roman Goddess of the hearth
Victoria Goddess Roman
Vidar Norse
Vierge Goddess Haiti
Viracocha Inca
Virbius Roman
Virginia Goddess Roman
Virgo Virginensis Goddess Roman
Virilis Goddess Roman
Virtus Goddess Roman
Vishnu Hindu The sustainer
Vishvakarman Hindu
Visvamitra Hindu
Visvedevas, The Hindus
Vitiris Britain
Vivasvat Hindu
Volturnus Roman
Volumna Goddess Etruscan
Voluptas Goddess Roman
VorGoddess Norse
Vritra Hindu
Vulcan Roman God of the forge
Waghai Devi Goddess Hindu
Wahini-Hal Goddess Polynesia
Wah-Kah-Nee Goddess American Indian
Wak Africa
Wakahiru-Me Goddess Japan Goddess of the dawn sun
Wakan-Tanka American Indian
Waldmichen Goddess Germanic
Walo Goddess Australian Aboriginal
Walutahanga Goddess Melanesia
Wamara Africa
Wang Ta-hsien China
Wang-Mu-Niang-Niang Goddess China
Wantu Su Africa
Waramurungundi Goddess Australia
Wari-Ma-Te-Takere Goddess Polynesia
Wati Australia
Wave Maidens Goddess Scandinavia
Wawalag Sisters Goddess Australian Aboriginal
Weiwobo Goddess China
Wele Africa
Wemicus American Indian, Chippewa
Wen-ch’ang China
Wepwawet Egypt
Were Africa
Whaitiri Goddess Polynesia
White Buffalo Woman Goddess American Indian
Whope Lakota American Indian
Wigan Goddess Philippines
Windigo American Indian
Winonah Goddess American Indian
Wi Lakota American Indian
Wisagatcak American Indian
Wodan Germanic
Woto Africa
Wuluwaid Australia
Wuragag Australia
Wuriupranili Goddess Australia
Wurrunna Australia
Wurusemu Goddess Hittite
Wu-tai Yuan-shuai China
Xanthippe Goddess Greek
Xantho Goddess Greek
Xanthus Xanthos Greek
Xatel-Ekwa Goddess Hungary
Xbalanque God of the jaguar
Xenia Goddess Greek
Xenodamos Greek
Xenodike Goddess Greek
Xevioso Dahomey, Africa
Xi Balba Maya God death
Xi Hou Goddess China
Xi Wangmu Goddess China
Xibalba Maya
Xilonen Goddess Aztec
Xipe Totec Aztec God of spring
Xiu Wenyin Goddess China
Xiuhtecuhtli Aztec
Xmucane Goddess Maya
Xochipili Aztec God of flowers
Xochiquetzal Goddess Aztec Goddess of love
Xoli-Kaltes Goddess Hungary
Xolotl Aztec
Xpiyacoc Maya
Xpuch and Xtah Goddess Maya
Xuthus Greek
Yabme-Akka Goddess Scandinavian
Yacatecuhtli Aztec
Yainato-Hnneno-Mikoi Goddess Japan
Yaluk Maya
Yam Canaan
Yama Hindu God of death
Yama-no-kami Goddess Japan
Yama-no-karni Goddess Japan
Yamm Ugarit
Yangombi Africa
Yansan Yoruba Africa
Yanwang China
Yaoji Goddess China
Yaotl Aztec
Yaparamma Goddess Hindu
Yarih Middle East
Yarilo Slavic
Yarovit Slavic
Yaw Ugarit God of the sea
Yaya-Zakurai Goddess Japan
Yayu Hindu
Yeba Ka Navajo
Yebaad Goddess Navajo
Yebisu/Ebisu, Japan One of the seven gods of fortune
Yeitso Navajo
Yemanja Imanje Goddess Brazil
Yemaya Goddess Caribbean
Yemayah Goddess Africa
Yen-Lo China
Yen-Lo-Wang China
Ygg Norse
Yggdrasil Scandinavian
Yhi Goddess Australia
Yi China
Yima Persia
Ymir Iceland
Ymoja Goddess Africa
Ynakhsyt Goddess Siberia
Yolkai Estasan Goddess Navajo
Yondung Halmoni Goddess Korea
Yu Ch’iang China
Yu China
Yu Huang China
Yuki-Onne Goddess Japan
Yum Cimih Maya
Yum Kaax Maya Corn God
Yum-chen-mo Goddess Tibet
Yun-T’ung Goddess China
Yurlungur Australian Aboriginal
Yu-Tzu Goddess China
Zaba Hurrite
Zababa Kish
Zacynthus Greek
Zagreus Greek
Zaka Goddess Haiti
Zalmoxis Greek
Zam Persia
Zambi Angola Africa
Zamolxos Dacian
Zana Goddess Roman
Zanahary Zanaharibe Madagascar
Zaoshen China
Zaramama Goddess Peru
Zarathustra Persia
Zaria Slavic
Zarpandit Goddess Assyro-Babylonian
Zasster-madmar-mo Goddess Tibet
Zatavu Madagascar
Zazavavindrano Goddess Madagascar
Zelus Greek
Zeme Goddess Russia
Zempat Prussia
Zemyna  Goddess Lithuania
Zephyrus Greek
Zetes and Calais Greek
Zethus and Amphion Greek
Zeus Greek God of sky, air, thunder, king of the gods
Zeuxippe Goddess Greek
Zeuxo Goddess Greek
Zhang Xi Goddess China
Zhinu Goddess China
Zhongguei China
Zibelthiurdos Thracian
Zigu Shen Goddess China
Zinkibaru Africa
Zinsi Dahomey, Africa
Zinsu Dahomey, Africa
Zipaltonal Goddess Nicaragua
Zirna Goddess Roman
Zisa Goddess German
Zisun Goddess China
Ziusudra Sumerian
Ziva Siva Goddess Slavic
Zizilia Goddess Russia
Zonget Goddess Siberia
Zorya Goddess Slavic
Zu Imdugud Assyria
Zumiang Nui Goddess Hindu
Zurvan Persia
Zvezda Dennitsa Goddess Slavic
Zvoruna Goddess Lithuania
Zywie Goddess Russia

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