Fox Cowboy School

0Fox Cowboy School

Unforgiven Literary Elements

Welcome to the Fox Cowboy School!  In this school you will learn to be a cowboy!  The student will be able to discuss cowboy lore.

1.0) What is your cowboy name?

1Your Cowboy Name

2.0) Why do you want to be a cowboy!

3.0) How do cowboys shoot?

Hugh Fox and Gun Collection

3.1) Fast Draw

3.2) Trick Shooting

3.3) What is gun spinning?


4.0) What are some cowboy knots?

How To Tie The Honda Knot (Lasso Knot)

How to Tie a Lasso

Parts of a Rope


5.0) How do you lasso a cow?

6.0) What is the Code of the West?


7.0) What sort of cowboy boots are there?

8.0) How do cowboys talk?

8.1) Cowboy Vocabulary

8.1Cowboy Vocabulary 1


8.1Cowboy Vocabulary 2

8.2) Cowboy Slang

8.2Cowboy Slang Resized

Photos at:


Worksheet for this lesson at Scribd:


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