Cosplay Holiday Celebrations

I just love wearing costumes so I have come up with all sorts of holiday reasons to wear a costume. Below is a list of holidays that I celebrate in costume!

Holiday: Christmas
Costume: Santa Claus
Date:  The week before Christmas (December 25th)!
HalloweenCostume(s): Evil Werefox & Zombies
Date: October 31
Holiday: Independence Day
Costume: Uncle Sam
Date: July 4th
Holiday: Inari Ōkami Festival
Costume: Cute Werefox
Date: The Inari festival in Kyushu is celebrated during
the first full Moon in November.  This is generally the second week in November. Inari is the kami of fertility, rice, agriculture, industry and most importantly foxes!  Therefore that’s my excuse for running around with a fox
  Is any other reason needed?
 Saint Patrick’s Day
Costume: Leprechaun
Date: March 17’s_Day
SongkranCostume: Hawaiian Lei(s)
Date: April 13-15
World UFO Day
Costume: Insect Man of the 32nd CenturyDate: July 2

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