Real Women Have Curves: Cultural Comparison

Hugh Fox III San Antonio

The students will compare and contrast Mexican American and Anglo Americans in the following areas: Body Image, Comfort Zone, Education, Egalitarianism, Nuclear versus Extended Family, Gender Roles (Machismo), Individualism, Modernism versus Traditionalism, and Work Ethic.

1) Body Image

That’s What She Said | Beauty And Body Image

Media & The Distortion of Body Image

Thigh Gap Surfaces as Teenage Girls New Image Obsession | Good Morning America | ABC News

2) Comfort Zone

BREAKING OUT of the Comfort Zone!

3) Education

Machismo: A cultural barrier to learning

Mexican American Educational Issues

4) Egalitarianism

Egalitarianism Meaning

5) Nuclear vs. Extended Family

6) Gender Roles

Mexican American Machismo in the Vietnam War

7) Individualism

Cultural Differences: Individualism and Collectivism

Cultural Dimension: me or we

8) Modernism vs. Traditionalism

9) Work Ethic

Work Smart vs. Work Hard


Work Smart: Stop Multitasking and Start Doing One Thing Really Well




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