Real Steel – Conflict

There are several levels of conflict in the movie Real Steel.  The students will break into groups and describe the conflict(s) in the category given and describe the resolution if any of that conflict.

Group 1: Family Conflict

Group 2: Socio-Economic Conflict

Group 3: Machine vs. Machine

Group 4: Man vs. Machine

Group 5: Subculture Conflict

Group 6: Man vs. Man

Class Discussion

 1) What was the most important conflict in the story and why?

2) What is the most important conflict in real life and why?

3) Which field(s) study family conflict?

4) Which field(s) study socio-economic conflict?

5) Which field(s) study machine vs. machine conflict?

6) Which field(s) study subculture conflict?

7) Which field(s) study man vs. man conflict?

Answers 3-7

3) Family therapy, psychology

4) Sociology, Marxism

5) Robotics, future studies

6) Sociology

7) Psychologists, philosophers, writers


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