Avengers – 5w’s

The students will apply the 5w’s to the Avengers.

The Five W’s

1.0) Iron Man

1) Robert-Downey-Jr-as-Iron-Man

Superhero Origins: Iron Man (Redux)

1.1) Who created Iron Man?

1.2) What superpowers/skills/weapons does Iron Man have?

1.3) What weaknesses does Iron Man have?

1.4) Where and when does Iron Man become a super hero?

1.5) Why does Iron Man join the Avengers?

2.0) Captain America

2) Chris Evans as Steve Rogers Captain America

Superhero Origins: Captain America

2.1) Who created Captain America?

2.2) What superpowers/skills/weapons does Captain America have?

2.3) What weaknesses does Captain America have?

2.4) Where and when does Captain America become a super hero?

2.5) Why does Captain America join the Avengers?

3.0) The Hulk

3) Mark Ruffalo as Dr. Bruce Banner Hulk

Superhero Origins: The Hulk (Redux)

3.1) Who created the Hulk?

3.2) What superpowers/skills does the Hulk have?

All Hulk Smash Scenes(2003-2012) HD 1080p

3.3) What weaknesses does the Hulk have?

Hulk transformation Movies -1978-2003-2008-2012- [hulk transformation]- Compilation

3.4) Where and when does the Hulk become a super hero?

Superhero Origins: The Hulk (Redux)  

3.5) Why does the Hulk join the Avengers?

4.0) Thor

4) Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Superhero Origins: Thor

4.1) Who created Thor?

4.2) What superpowers/skills/weapons does Thor have?

4.3) What weaknesses does Thor have?

4.4) Where and when does Thor become a super hero?

4.5) Why does Thor join the Avengers?

5.0) Hawkeye

6) Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton Hawkeye

Superhero Origins: Hawkeye

5.1) Who created Hawkeye?

5.2) What skills/weapons does Hawkeye have?

5.3) What weaknesses does Hawkeye have?

5.4) Where and when does Hawkeye become a super hero?

5.5) Why does Hawkeye join the Avengers?

6.0) Black Widow

5) Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff Black Widow


Superhero Origins: Black Widow

6.1) Who created the Black Widow?

6.2) What skills/weapons does the Black Widow have?

6.3) What weaknesses does the Black Widow have?

6.4) Where and when does the Black Widow become a super hero?

6.5) Why does the Black Widow join the Avengers?

7.0) Nick Fury

7) Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury


Superhero Origins: Nick Fury

7.1) Who created Nick Fury?

7.2) What skills/weapons does Nick Fury have?

7.3) What weaknesses does Nick Fury have?

7.4) Where and when does Nick Fury become a super hero?

7.5) Why does Nick Fury form the Avengers?

8.0) Loki

6) Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Supervillain Origins: Loki

8.1) Who created Loki?

8.2) What superpowers/skills/weapons does Loki have?

8.3) What weaknesses does Loki have?

8.4) Where and when does Loki become a super villain?

8.5) Why does Loki fight the Avengers?

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